Corporate publications

This page provides links to our corporate publications - our Statement of Intent and Annual Report - and Occasional Papers.

Statement of Intent

Our Statement of Intent describes our contribution to improving the well-being of New Zealanders, which is summarised in our purpose, to grow New Zealand for all.

Statement of Intent 2018 – 2022 [PDF, 875 KB]

Previous Statements of Intent

Statement of Intent 2015 – 2019 [PDF, 601 KB] 

Statement of Intent 2014 – 2018 [PDF, 618 KB] 

Annual Report

Our Annual Report shows our progress against our targets and outcomes for the year ended 30 June 2018.

Annual Report 2017-18 [PDF, 11 MB] 

Annual Report 2017–18 [PDF, 11 MB] (Accessible report)

Previous Annual Reports

Annual Report 2016–17 [PDF, 5.7 MB]

Annual Report 2015–16 [PDF, 3.5 MB]


Last updated: 12 December 2018