Future of Work Tripartite Forum

The future of work is being shaped by four broad global megatrends: technology change, demographic change, globalisation and climate change. These global trends create both risks and opportunities for New Zealand.

The Future of Work Tripartite Forum (The Forum), which first met in August 2018, is a partnership between the Government, Business New Zealand as representatives of business groups, and the New Zealand Council of Trade Unions as representatives of unions. The Forum aims to support New Zealand businesses and workers to meet the challenges and opportunities presented in a rapidly changing world of work, and provides a place for these three social partners to discuss issues and work together to identify and implement solutions.

The Forum’s Strategic Assessment released in November 2019 outlines the key priorities that need to be addressed to build labour market and economic resilience, and to prepare New Zealand’s businesses and workforce for the future of work megatrends. The 5 broad strategic priorities for the Forum are:

  • Creating more adaptive and resilient institutions
  • Raising workplace productivity and wages
  • Responsive skills systems enabling learning for life
  • Helping workers find and keep decent jobs
  • Protecting vulnerable workers

Having strong social dialogue on these issues has strengthened employee and employer voice on important cross-cutting issues. The Forum meets three times a year and is supported by officials from MBIE and the Treasury. All documents for the Forum that were released earlier than February 2020 can be found on the Treasury website.

Forum documents released prior to February 2020(external link)

Background documents  

Future of Work Tripartite Forum meeting 23 March 2020 (cancelled due to COVID-19)

Future of Work Tripartite Forum meeting agenda - 23 March 2020 [PDF, 182 KB]

Future of Work: Status update [PDF, 186 KB]

Joint BusinessNZ and CTU memo on support for displaced workers [PDF, 189 KB]

Outline of engagement with social partners [PDF, 55 KB]

Government presentation on Industry Transformation Plans [PDF, 952 KB]

Government presentation on support for displaced workers [PDF, 331 KB]

Social partner presentation on support for displaced workers [PDF, 139 KB]

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Last updated: 18 August 2020