Digital Policy

By supporting and investing in tech, we can promote economic growth and employment in New Zealand. We can boost the tech sector by attracting and retaining the skills and expertise needed to help tech firms grow.

The Digital Policy team is focused on advising Ministers on the impact of new digital technology (e.g. artificial intelligence) and supporting New Zealand’s local digital technology sector (e.g. game development and TechStep which aims to raise awareness and interest in digital-related careers).

TechStep(external link)

Artificial intelligence

MBIE is supporting thinking on a strategic approach to Artificial Intelligence (AI) in New Zealand and an associated cross-portfolio work programme that could help us deliver better outcomes for New Zealanders. Specifically in the science, innovation and technology area, MBIE is also scoping new work on an AI Roadmap and AI risk management-based guidance for businesses.

Game development sector rebate

The Game Development Sector Rebate scheme (GDSR) is a $40 million per year scheme to support the development and growth of New Zealand's game development sector.

The GDSR is a rebate on eligible expenditures of eligible firms, at a rate of 20%. A firm’s rebate payment will be capped at $3 million per annum and the minimum qualifying expenditure per annum is $250,000. 

MBIE has policy responsibility for the GDSR while NZ On Air administers this rebate.

Game Development Sector Rebate scheme(external link) — NZ On Air

Centre of Digital Excellence

The Centre of Digital Excellence (CODE) supports the growth of the creative sector through funding of gaming development, creating pathways into the gaming industry and building the capability of those within the gaming sector. CODE was established in Dunedin in 2019 as a regional development initiative. Our further funding support has enabled CODE to expand its operations to a national level.                                         

Previous work

Digital Technologies Industry Transformation Plan