Telephone/Video Interpreting Service

A new Telephone/Video Interpreting Service for government agencies replaced Language Line on 1 October 2019.

This service is provided by ezispeak and helps government agencies to communicate with clients with limited English through telephone/video interpreters available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, in over 180 languages.

Learn about the service features(external link) — ezispeak website

See the full list of languages provided [PDF 1.1MB](external link) — ezispeak website

Check for eligibility

The Telephone/Video Interpreting Service is available to participating government agencies through a government contract.

All agencies generally entitled to purchase services under collaborative contracts (e.g. central government departments, crown entities, local government authorities and district health boards) are eligible to join this contract.

If you are unsure about your eligibility to join this contract, you should visit the Government procurement website and if necessary apply for eligibility.

Find out if your agency is eligible(external link) — New Zealand Government Procurement and Property

Join the Telephone/Video Interpreting Service through the government contract

If you are new to the Telephone/Video Interpreting Service and would like to join, you need to check the eligibility information first.

If you are eligible, complete the request form and return it to

Video Interpreting Service request new participating agencies [XLSX, 18 KB]

If you have already joined the Telephone Interpreting Service through the government contract and would like to access video interpreting services, complete the request form and return it to

Video Interpreting Service request existing participating agencies [XLSX, 17 KB]

New Zealand government agencies signed up to telephone and video interpreting

See the list of agencies below:

Access telephone/video interpreting services separately from the government contract

If you are an agency outside government and are unable to join the government contract directly, you can contact:

  • ezispeak about accessing telephone interpreting services separately from the government contract.
  • The agency you may be contracted by or engaging with, as participating agencies can make telephone/video interpreting services available to ineligible organisations. However, they need to cover the costs directly as they would be unable to on-charge the service to you.
  • Other providers of telephone interpreting services.

The TIS/VIS provided by ezispeak provides telephone/video interpreters in over 180 languages including te reo Māori, but excluding New Zealand Sign Language.

For New Zealand Sign language Interpreting Services and other associated services, please visit the NZ Relay website(external link).

How to use the Telephone/Video Interpreting Service

Learn more about how to use the Telphone/Video Interpreting Service

Last updated: 10 September 2021