Formalised training for regulators across all levels of the sector, and qualifications from NZQA Level 3 to the Post Graduate Certificate in Public Management.

Qualification programmes

New Zealand has a suite of 5 regulatory practice qualification programmes. These are for people who carry out regulatory work or support others to do so, across all levels.

Below is an outline of each qualification, intended audience, what the qualification includes and how it is delivered.

For any questions, or to register for the following qualifications please email: 

To register your interest in the postgraduate certificate please email: Verna.Smith@vuw.ac.nz

For any other questions please contact the G-REG team on g-reg@mbie.govt.nz.

The importance of these qualifications to the regulatory sector

The formal qualifications play a critical role in developing capability across the regulatory sector.

Why the qualifications are important for the regulatory sector

  • They set out the skills and knowledge that people carrying out regulatory work need and provide pathways to attain them.
  • They help people carrying out regulatory work to think about their work and how it can be improved.
  • They help people build their careers with recognised, transferrable credentials.
  • They help organisations employ people with recognised, useful skillsets. Their qualified new employees hit the ground running and bring useful knowledge and experience into the organisation.


In this section

Core knowledge (NZQA Level 3)

For anyone who works in, or wants to work in, a regulatory organisation.

Operational knowledge (NZQA Level 4)

For anyone who carries out operational regulatory work or supports those who do.

Operational practice (NZQA Level 4)

For anyone who carries out operational regulatory work.

Specialised operational practice in Audit, Inspection, or Investigation (NZQA Level 5)

For those working at a senior level to carry out audits, inspections, or investigations.

Postgraduate certificate in public management for regulatory practitioners

For regulatory officials already in or about to enter middle/upper, service, and regional management or analysis/advisory roles.

Contact us

If you have any questions or would like to discuss the qualifications further please feel free to contact us as follows.

General Enquiries – G-REG Team:

NZQA Qualifications (Level 3-5) – Te Pūkenga:

Postgraduate certificate in public management – Victoria University:

Some commonly asked questions have been answered below for you.

Advice on which qualification is best for you

If you are unsure which qualification is best suited to you, please email regcomp@earnlearn-tepukenga.ac.nz to further discuss your experience and role.

Logging in to the learning management system

The learning management system is where some modules are released and stored.

If you are struggling to log in, please attempt to reset your password using the “Forgotten your username or password?” link under the log in button.

If you’re still having trouble, please contact the Skills Te Pūkenga contact centre on 0800 327 648 (0800 EARN IT) or email regcomp@earnlearn-tepukenga.ac.nz to reset your password.

Certificates or acknowledgement of completion

If you have not received a certificate or acknowledgement of completion, please email regcomp@earnlearn-tepukenga.ac.nz