Formalised training opportunities for regulators.

NZQA Level 3 – 6 Qualification programmes

There are 4 regulatory practice qualifications in the New Zealand Qualifications Framework. These are managed by Te Pūkenga. Please refer to the Te Pūkenga website for more information and/or to register for any of the below qualifications.

Regulatory Practice(external link) – EarnLearn, Te Pūkenga

Below is a brief outline of each qualification, for full details please refer to the Te Pūkenga website.

Core Knowledge (NZQA Level 3)

For anyone who works in, or wants to work in, a regulatory organisation. This qualification covers a broad range of topics relevant to regulation in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Operational Knowledge (NZQA Level 4)

For anyone who carries out operational regulatory work or supports those who do. This qualification is slightly more in depth than level 3 and includes modules on legal knowledge (powers, obligations, applying legislation, offences, evidence) and carrying out regulatory practice.

Operational Practice (NZQA Level 4)

The Operational Practice qualification builds on what was learnt in the Operational Knowledge qualification and takes the theory into the practical realm. Note you must have completed Operational Knowledge level 4 to be able to apply for this qualification.

Specialised Operational practice in Audit, Inspection, or Investigation (NZQA Level 5)

For anyone who carries out operational regulatory work such as front-line regulatory staff members. This qualification contains practical and theory elements.


For any questions, or to register for level 3 – 5 qualifications, please contact Te Pūkenga.

NZQA Qualifications (Level 3-5) – Te Pūkenga:


Postgraduate Certificate in Public Management for Regulatory Practitioners

The Postgraduate Certificate in Public Management (PGPCM) for Regulatory Practitioners is delivered by Te Herenga Waka - Victoria University Wellington.

The PGPCM has been designed for public officials who are already in, or about to enter, middle/upper, service, and regional management or analysis/advisory roles. Applicants are usually nominated by regulatory agencies and are individuals with promise and/or capability in their organisations, including the medium/long-term potential to rise to upper regional and senior management.

For acceptance into the PGCPM an applicant must:

  • Be supported by their employer for participation (‘Nomination’); AND
  • Have a bachelor’s degree (NZQA Level 7) in any discipline from a New Zealand (or overseas equivalent) university (‘Graduate entry’); OR
  • Have substantial experience in the New Zealand public sector (central or local government) and/or sub-bachelor’s or professional qualifications (‘Special Entry’).

For more information and/or to register please contact Academic Programme Leader, Associate Professor Amanda Wolf or the Professional Programmes Recruitment Manager, Rosie Evans:



Last updated: 25 March 2024