Peer Advisory

Peer Advisory is a way to facilitate peer-learning, share experience, expertise, knowledge and provide additional and broad support to an agency working on a specific issue, problem, or opportunity.

As of 1 May 2024, the Government Regulatory Practice Initiative has transferred to the new Ministry for Regulation. G-REG’s information will continue to be available on the MBIE website while the transition occurs. Any questions can be directed to

Peer Advisory overview

This aim of the Peer Advisory Service is to facilitate peer-learning, share experience, expertise, knowledge and provide additional and broad support to an individual, team, or agency (central and/or local government) working on a specific issue, problem, or opportunity.

This can be as simple as G-REG connecting you to a particular person, agency, or type of expertise you might be seeking – or in a more formal context, it can involve the engagement of a panel to work on a specific action and deliver a specific output.

G-REG will share with the community (as appropriate) themes discussed, examples shared, and insights that emerge. With permission of the sponsoring agency, we may also share documents reviewed or other outputs delivered.

G-REG will also respond to emerging themes and issues through its other products and initiatives.

Sometimes Peer Advisory might look like a cup of coffee with someone who’s experienced something similar (or different). Or bringing together a select group to reflect on formal Reviews and their wider implications.

Previously we’ve convened panels to test draft regulatory strategies, and discussions about how those strategies interact with other key organisational and system documents; and to provide feedback into a Regulatory Stewardship resource prepared by The Treasury.

How to request Peer Advisory support

Your first point of contact is the G-REG Secretariat team on:

A member of the team will pick up your enquiry and be in touch to discuss your requirements further.

If you wish to engage a Peer Advisory panel, we’ll usually proceed as follows:

  1. An initial discussion with you (the Sponsor), the Director G-REG, and a Panel Convenor.

    The Convenor might be someone you have already identified, or someone G-REG can suggest – a senior regulatory professional who has the mana and expertise to facilitate a round-table discussion on your issue.

    The 3 of us will then identify what kind of engagement will work best in your context and develop a high-level design.

  2. Based on this design the G-REG Secretariat will do all that’s needed to engage a panel, set up virtual and or in person session(s), and communicate any preparation required or documentation to be shared.

    G-REG can also provide support and note-taking for scheduled sessions.

  3. Post-engagement the Sponsor, Convenor and Director meet again to ensure we’ve achieved the objective(s), and identify next steps, including the best method for sharing insights with the community.

Become a member of the Peer Advisory community

If you would like to contribute – either by being available for individual referrals, or participating on a panel, please email the following address to register your interest:


Below are some testimonials from members of the regulatory sector who G-REG have provided Peer Advisory support to.

Before we started the peer learning discussion I did wonder how we would fill the allocated 2 hours, but by the end I felt we could have probably talked for longer! It was great to hear how other agencies approach the health and safety of their field officers.

Whilst we didn’t learn anything ground-breaking or new, the discussion reinforced the fact that we are all facing the same issues. It was also great to hear that the panel felt that council has a pretty comprehensive approach to health and safety of its staff.

Our key takeout was that we all agreed that agencies need to recognise that the softer people skills of our staff are just as important as their technical knowledge – and particularly so when they need to diffuse a stressful situation with a customer.

Manager Public Health Group, Wellington City Council.

We appreciated the opportunity to share our eTOM with the panel and hear their perspectives. We found the experience very encouraging. As the panel discussion highlighted, embedding the eTOM successfully requires tailored messages so everyone understands what the eTOM means for their role. This is what we’re working on now as we begin implementation.

Senior Manager, Policy, Practice, Guidance and Education.

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Last updated: 11 March 2024