New Zealand-Aotearoa Government Tourism Strategy

The New Zealand-Aotearoa Government Tourism Strategy sets out a more deliberate and active role for government in tourism; te puāwai tonu o Aotearoa i te tupu tonu o te ao tāpoi – to enrich New Zealand-Aotearoa through sustainable tourism growth.

Cabinet Paper – Report back on New Zealand-Aotearoa Tourism Strategy consultation [PDF, 3.3 MB]

The government wants tourism growth to be productive, sustainable and inclusive. Our goals are:

  • Tourism supports thriving and sustainable regions
  • Tourism sector productivity improves
  • New Zealand-Aotearoa delivers exceptional visitor experiences
  • Tourism protects, restores and champions New Zealand-Aotearoa’s natural environment, culture and historic heritage
  • New Zealanders’ lives are improved by tourism
Tourism Strategy

Implementing the Tourism Strategy

The outcomes we want to achieve sit under five broad themes. We have set out a plan for each of the areas to make sure we’re able to put the Tourism Strategy into action. They are:

  • Te Ōhanga – The Economy
  • Te Taiao – The Environment
  • Ngā Manuhiri O Te Ao, O Aotearoa Anō Hoki – International and domestic visitors
  • Tātou o Aotearoa me ō tātou hapori – New Zealanders and our communities
  • Ngā Rohe – Regions

We have developed a work programme and actions across the five outcomes. We have also prioritised four top actions for the government that will deliver across multiple outcomes. The top priority actions for the Government’s stewardship role that will deliver across multiple outcomes are:

The top priority actions for the Government’s stewardship role that will deliver across multiple outcomes are:

  • Coordination across the tourism system
  • Long-term sustainable funding mechanisms
  • Destination management and planning
  • Better data and insights

What people had to say

To make sure we got the Tourism Strategy right, we ran a public consultation over summer 18/19.

Over 250 people provided feedback. Several recurring themes centred on delivering the benefits of tourism for New Zealand and New Zealanders and helped in framing the final Strategy.

What next?

We’ll be working to make sure the direction set out by the Tourism Strategy is put into action. The action plans and four priority areas will help to guide our future work.

We’ll report back each year to show what progress we’ve made, and the difference the Tourism Strategy is having to everyday New Zealanders.

Last updated: 23 May 2019