State Services Commission Inquiry into the use of external security consultants

In March 2018 the State Services Commissioner appointed Doug Martin to conduct an inquiry into the use of external security consultants by Southern Response Earthquake Services Limited and MBIE.

The terms of reference(external link) were later widened and Simon Mount QC was appointed to assist Mr Martin with the inquiry. The inquiry considered (amongst other things) the circumstances of, and reasons for, any engagement by Crown Agencies of external security consultants, including but not limited to Thompson and Clark Investigations Limited.

The information provided to the inquiry by MBIE is published on this page. Some information has been redacted consistent with the Official Information Act 1982, and where this has occurred the relevant grounds are indicated on each document. MBIE also provided copies of relevant corporate documents.

MBIE welcomes the inquiry’s report, accepts the findings and will be implementing all recommendations.

Read the inquiry's full report(external link)

As part of MBIE’s response to the inquiry, we undertook to review the way in which we plan and operationalise our responsibilities in relation to the non-interference provisions in the Crown Minerals Act. We have now published the review Terms of Reference [PDF, 452 KB] which consider the governance and membership of “Operation Exploration” (more formally known as the National Plan for Implementation of the Non-Interference Provisions in the Crown Minerals Act 1991) and the Mineral Exploration Joint Intelligence Group, which is part of Operation Exploration.

Read Simon Murdoch's report:

External review into how the non-interference provisions of the Crown Minerals Act are effected [PDF, 1 MB]

Correspondence between MBIE and State Services Commission about the inquiry

Documents released to SCC inquiry