Migration research and evaluation

This section contains the most recent editions of our set of ongoing migration monitoring reports.

In this section

Migrant Youth Information Project

The Migrant Youth Information Project was a one-off research project which resulted in 2 publications in 2017.

Migration Trends report

Migrant Trends 2016-2017 is the 17th in an annual report series examining trends in temporary and permanent migration to and from New Zealand.

Pacific Migrants Trends report

This report looks at the migration trends of migrants from the Pacific over the last 5 years using Immigration New Zealand data.

Regional Migration Trends report

The Regional Migration and Labour Force Trend reports provide an annual overview of migrant population and the impact migrants have on each region’s labour market.

Immigration New Zealand customer satisfaction survey

Immigration New Zealand undertakes monthly surveys of visa applicants to help evaluate and improve its customer service.

Immigration New Zealand advisers' survey

Our advisers' survey evaluates the level of customer service provided by Immigration New Zealand branches worldwide.

Migrant and community experience of migration

We regularly survey migrants about their experiences of life in New Zealand and New Zealanders about their perceptions of migrants.