Knowledge exchange

G-REG enables peer-to-peer support and knowledge exchange across the regulatory sector through our Peer Advisory engagements, and domain-specific Communities of Practice, and curation of resources.

Knowledge exchange is about connecting members of the G-REG community with each other. We do this through our Peer Advisory engagements where people can connect to request support in approaching an opportunity or challenge, peer review of key documents or developing strategies and plans.

Our Communities of Practice offer up a space for members to connect across shared domains of interest, to share information and resources, trouble shoot any issues and collaborate on opportunities.

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Peer Advisory

Peer Advisory is a way to facilitate peer-learning, share experience, expertise and knowledge and provide additional and broad support to an agency working on a specific issue, problem, or opportunity.

Communities of Practice

Join a G-REG community of practice to expand your networks, share ideas, and grow your professional knowledge and skills.

Chair in Regulatory Practice, 2017-2022

Dr Jeroen van der Heijden was the Chair in Regulatory Practice and a Professor of Public Governance at the Victoria University of Wellington from 2017 to 2022. He worked closely with G-REG to improve regulatory practice and regulatory stewardship in New Zealand and elsewhere.

Last updated: 01 September 2023