College of Assessors

The assessment of Endeavour Fund proposals is performed by independent national and international assessors contracted to our virtual "College of Assessors".

If you identify a potential conflict of interest with your proposal, you must email us immediately with the following details so we can reassign assessors if necessary:

  • your application reference
  • your contact phone number
  • the assessor’s name or names
  • the reason for your concern.

The membership list is updated regularly. 

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College membership

Name Organisation Date listed on website Deadline to inform MBIE of conflict of interest
Andrew Western University of Melbourne 25/05/2018
Andy Bond Queensland University of Technology 30/11/2016
Andy Elliot Kono 30/11/2016
Andy Sheppard CSIRO 27/04/2018
Angus Best National Oceanography Centre 04/05/2018
Ann Dysart Ministry of Social Development 09/02/2018
Ann Smith Enviro-Marks Solutions Ltd 11/01/2017
Ann Sullivan University of Auckland 18/04/2018
Anne Hollonds Australian Institute of Family Studies, NSW Domestic and Family Violence Council, International Commission on Couple and Family Relations, Queensland Family and Child Commission 20/03/2017
Annika Hinze Univeristy of Waikato 09/02/2018
Anthony Budd Geoscience Australia 20/03/2017
Antonio Tricoli Australian National University 08/06/2018
Antony Tang Swinburne University of Technology 17/01/2018
Arthur Brandwood Brandwood Biomedical 08/06/2018
Ary Hoffmann University of Melbourne 02/05/2018
Asaad Shamseldin University of Auckland 09/03/2018
Avantika Gupta Bio Pacific Partners 29/11/2017
B.Louise Chilvers Massey University 14/02/2018
Bakh Khoussainov University of Auckland 27/04/2018
Barb Hayden National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research 07/12/2016
Barbara Anderson Landcare Research 10/01/2018
Barbara Kasprzyk-Hordern University of Bath 20/03/2017
Barbara Robson Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS) 22/02/2017
Barbara Webster SCOTT 20/03/2017
Barry Marlow Marlow Research Associates Limited 18/04/2018
Bjorn Asheim University of Lund 18/04/2018
Brad Ilg EnergyMix Solutions 30/11/2016
Brad Ridoutt CSIRO 30/11/2016
Bradley Williams University of Technology Sydney 13/04/2018
Brajesh Singh University of Western Sydney 09/02/2018
Bram Smith Robotics Plus 07/12/2016
Brendan Hicks University of Waikato 09/03/2018
Brendan O'Connell Crannora Consulting Ltd 30/11/2016
Brett Neilan University of Newcastle 21/12/2016
Brian Finlayson University of Melbourne 06/04/2018
Brian Uy University of Sydney 29/11/2017
Brian Watson Blis Technologies 27/04/2018
Bridget Stocker Victoria University of Wellington 18/04/2018
Bruce Glavovic Massey University 08/05/2017
Bruno Chaudret The French National Centre for Scientific Research 16/01/2017
Bryony James The University of Auckland 30/11/2016
Byron Keating Australian National University 04/05/2018
Carl Batt Cornell University 29/11/2017
Carla Houkamau The University of Auckland 30/11/2016
Carlo Giupponi Universita Ca' Foscari di Venezia 06/12/2017
Caroline Saunders Lincoln University 14/12/2016
Carolyn Burns University of Otago 26/01/2018
Cather Simpson The University of Auckland 30/11/2016
Catherine Gunn University of Auckland 09/02/2018
Catherine Mohr Intuitive Surgical 02/05/2018
Chad Hewitt University of Waikato 06/04/2018
Charles Daugherty Victoria University of Wellington 07/12/2016
Charles Ehrhart World Bank Group 08/05/2017
Charles Bostater Florida Institute of Technology 27/04/2018
Charles Crothers Auckland University of Technology 02/05/2018
Charles Unsworth University of Auckland 11/05/2018
Chi Kit Au University of Waikato 30/11/2016
Chris Collins Reading University 14/02/2018
Chris Ingle Bay of Plenty Regional Council 07/12/2016
Chris Battershill University of Waikato 04/05/2018
Chris Bennewith Massey University 02/05/2018
Chris Cunningham Massey University 08/06/2018
Christian Hartinger University of Auckland 14/12/2016
Christine (Cassie) Kenney Massey University 30/11/2016
Christopher Shaw Topajka Shaw Consulting Limited 18/04/2018
Christopher Triggs University of Auckland 13/04/2018
Cindy Kiro University of Auckland 07/03/2018
Cl Gosselin Laval University 21/02/2018
Clinton Hemana AgNOSIS Limited 06/12/2017
Clive Anstey Consultant 10/01/2018
Clive Aspin University of Puthisastra; ATRIO Consulting 30/11/2016
Colin Brown University of Otago 18/01/2017
Colin Dawson Powerhouse Ventures Ltd, MARS Bioimaging Ltd, Tiro Medical, Upstream Medical Technologies, Plant and Food Research,CertusBio Ltd. 23/02/2017
Colin Harvey ANIDEA Consulting 29/11/2017
Colin (Michael) Hall University of Canterbury 06/12/2017
Colm Harmon University of Sydney 18/04/2018
Conrad Pilditch University of Waikato 30/11/2016
Craig Simmons Flinders University 21/12/2016
Craig Stevens National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA)/University of Auckland 18/04/2018
Dale Carnegie Victoria University of Wellington 30/11/2016
Damian Barrett University of Queensland 28/03/2017
Daniel Hikuroa University of Auckland 07/12/2016
Dave Winkler CSIRO/Monash University 25/05/2018
David Bilkey University of Otago 30/11/2016
David Darling Pacific Edge Biotechnology Ltd 18/04/2018
David Hopkins World Seismic Safety Initiative 18/04/2018
David Jones University of Bangor, Wales 23/03/2017
David King James Cook University 18/04/2018
David Lambert Griffith University 17/01/2018
David Larsen University of Otago 30/11/2016
David Miller Vantage Consulting Group 30/11/2016
David Parry Auckland University of Technology 18/04/2018
David Platts PVD Consultants 20/12/2017
David Tanner Start Afresh Ltd, Kiwifruit Vine Health Inc, 30/11/2016
Debbie Ngarewa-Packer Packer Consultancy Group Ltd 09/02/2018
Debes Bhattacharyya University of Auckland 18/04/2018
Deborah Black University of Sydney 20/12/2017
Deborah Kane Macquarie University 18/04/2018
Deborah Pullen Building Research Establishment Ltd (BRE) Group 28/11/2017
Debra Waters University of Otago 09/02/2018
Dee Carter University of Sydney 08/06/2018
Deidre Brown University of Auckland 09/02/2018
Denise Wilson Auckland University of Technology 14/02/2018
Derek Clements-Croome University of Reading 27/04/2018
Dharma Arunachalam Monash University 27/04/2018
Di Yu Australian National University 25/05/2018
Diana Siew University of Auckland 17/11/2017
Dirk Mallants CSIRO Australia 28/02/2017
Don Robertson Retired (National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA)) 30/11/2016
Donna Sutherland Golder Associates 18/04/2018
Dory Reeves University of Auckland 18/04/2018
Douglas Wilson Ferghans Partners 29/11/2017
Douglas Elliffe University of Auckland 27/04/2018
Dragomir Neshev Australian National University 25/05/2018
Duncan Hand Heriot-Watt University 13/03/2017
Earl Bardsley University of Waikato 30/11/2016
Edwin Yates University of Liverpool 21/02/2018
Eibe Frank University of Waikato 30/11/2016
Elise Pendall University of Western Sydney 25/01/2017
Elizabeth McKinley University of Melbourne 30/11/2016
Elizabeth Hopkins Lincoln University 21/12/2016
Elsie Ho University of Auckland 07/03/2017
Elspeth MacRae Scion 30/11/2016
Emilia Mendes University of Oulu 17/01/2018
Emily Parker Victoria University of Wellington 27/02/2018
Evelyn Doyle University College Dublin 25/01/2017
Fariba Dehghani University of Sydney 27/04/2018
Fedro Zazueta Ranahan University of Florida 06/04/2018
Felicity Lawrence BizHealthCheck (UK, NZ, Aust, USA) RISKIQ (Global) Australia Fellow of the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (UK) Human Resources Institute of New Zealand (Auckland Committee) First Foundation 20/03/2017
Fiona Thomson-Carter Environmental Protection Authority 30/11/2016
Fiona Cram Katoa Ltd 29/11/2017
Fiona Stokes Environmental Protection Authority 06/12/2017
Francene Wineti Callaghan Innovation 21/02/2018
Frances Sullivan Local Government New Zealand 18/04/2018
Fran Flory Ecole Centrale Marseille 18/01/2017
Frank Maurer University of Calgary 10/01/2018
Gail Kelly Social Policy Evaluation and Research Unit 09/02/2018
Gail Gillon University of Canterbury 02/05/2018
Gareth Cronin Xero/Ambit AI 02/05/2018
Gary Bedford Taranaki District Council 30/11/2016
Gary Evans Victoria University of Wellington 07/12/2016
Gary Prentice Defence Technology Agency 20/01/2017
Gavin Painter Victoria University of Wellington 18/05/2018
Geoff Henshaw Aeroqual Ltd 18/04/2018
Geoff Holmes University of Waikato 21/12/2016
Geoffroy Lamarche National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA) 22/02/2017
George Baird Victoria University of Wellington 18/04/2018
George Arnold New Zealand Trade and Enterprise 27/04/2018
Gerald Rys Ministry for Primary Industries 07/12/2016
Gerald Midgley University of Hull 09/02/2018
Gerard Berginc Thales Optronique 04/01/2017
Gerry Closs University of Otago 30/11/2016
Gil Garnier Monash University 18/01/2017
Gillian Dobbie The University of Auckland 30/11/2016
Gillian Lewis University of Auckland 04/01/2017
Gillian Wratt Environmental Protection Authority 31/01/2018
Gisela Sole University of Otago 14/02/2018
Gitanjali Gill Northumbria University 07/03/2018
Glenn Lyons University of the West of England 30/11/2016
Glenn Platt CSIRO Australia 21/12/2016
Goncalo Bernardes University of Cambridge 17/01/2018
G Roos University of Adelaide, Swinburne University of Technology, University of South Australia, University of Technology Sydney, Nanyang Business School Singapore, Advanced Manufacturing Council in Adelaide, Flinders University, and CSIRO 14/03/2017
Graeme Doole University of Waikato 25/05/2018
Graham Brown University of South Australia 20/01/2017
Graham Saunders University of Waikato 30/11/2016
Graham Sevicke-Jones Environment Southland 02/05/2018
Grant Pearson Self Employed 30/11/2016
Grant Scobie The New Zealand Treasury 19/04/2017
Grant Williams Victoria University of Wellington 30/11/2016
Greg Bignall Institute of Geological & Nuclear Sciences (GNS Science) 07/03/2017
Greg Richards Tilburg University 28/11/2017
Gregory Bix University of Kentucky 17/01/2018
Gregory Roger University of Sydney 13/01/2017
Guoqiang Mao University of Technology Sydney 21/12/2016
Hala Zreiqat University of Sydney 18/04/2018
Hamish Gow Massey University 27/04/2018
Harvey Brookes Kingfish Group Limited and Waikato Means Business 12/04/2017
Hayden Pohio Boosta Ltd 18/04/2018
Heidi Zeeman Griffith University 19/01/2018
Helen Potter Tiaho Ltd 26/01/2018
Holger Regenbrecht University of Otago 25/01/2017
Hugh Blair Massey University 10/01/2018
Hugh Logan Lincoln University 01/05/2017
Hugh Morgan University of Waikato 31/01/2018
Ian Aiken Seismic Isolation Engineering Inc. 17/01/2018
Ian Anderson University of Western Sydney 06/12/2017
Ian Atkinson James Cook University 30/11/2016
Ian Brown Callaghan Innovation 30/11/2016
Ian Ferguson Plant and Food Research 14/03/2017
Ian Frazer University of Queensland 30/11/2016
Ian Sutherland Agresearch 07/12/2016
Ian Woodhead Lincoln Agritech Ltd 30/11/2016
Ian Wright University of Canterbury 14/12/2016
Ian Lean Scibus/University of Sydney 08/06/2018
Ian Melton Christchurch Heart Group 27/04/2018
Ilan Katz University of New South Wales 30/11/2016
Indrawati Oey University of Otago 30/11/2016
Ingrid Appelqvist CSIRO 30/11/2016
Jacinta Ruru University of Otago 02/05/2018
Jaco Pretorius Tessolar, Blue Wave Capital, BKK Consultants, Divinio 04/05/2018
Jacqueline Cumming Victoria University of Wellington 30/11/2016
Jacques Poot University of Waikato 11/01/2017
Jacquie Reed Unitec Institute of Technology 21/12/2016
Jago Dodson RMIT University 03/01/2018
James Byrne University of Massachusetts/Griffith University 18/04/2018
James Goff University of New South Wales 27/02/2017
James Noble Victoria University of Wellington 30/11/2016
James Parsons Top Energy, Ashgrove Limited, Beef + Lamb Genetics Limited, OSPRI Limited 18/04/2018
James Renwick Victoria University of Wellington 12/04/2017
James Turner AgResearch 30/11/2016
James (Jim) Johnston Victoria University of Wellington 22/02/2017
Jamie Tuuta Te Tumu Paeroa 27/04/2018
Jan Lindsay University of Auckland 07/12/2016
Jan Strugnell James Cook University 29/11/2017
Jane Kitson Kitson Consulting Ltd 30/11/2016
Jane Lancaster Catalyst Limited 12/05/2017
Jane Eagleson Bleecker Street Consulting 29/11/2017
Janet Stephenson University of Otago 09/02/2018
Janis Swan University of Waikato 13/12/2017
Jason Sharples University of New South Wales 27/02/2018
Jason Archer AbacusBio Limited 25/05/2018
JC Gaillard University of Auckland 27/04/2018
Jeanne Jacobs AgResearch 30/11/2016
Jennifer Lees-Marshment University of Auckland 09/02/2018
Jenny Bryant-Tokalau University of Otago 21/02/2018
Jenny Culliford Culliford and Associates Limited 30/11/2016
Jenny Seddon University of Queensland 20/12/2017
Jere R. Behrman University of Pennsylvania 18/04/2018
Jeremy Robertson Social Policy Evaluation and Research Unit 28/02/2017
Jeremy Turnbull University of Liverpool 30/11/2016
Jerzy Krupinski Universitari M 09/02/2018
Jessica Hutchings Taiho Ltd 07/05/2017
Jevon Longdell University of Otago 21/12/2016
Jill Stanley Plant and Food Research 25/05/2018
Jim He University of Melbourne 08/06/2018
Jingling Xue University of New South Wales 10/01/2018
Jo Barraket Swinburne University of Technology 27/02/2018
Joan Rose Michigan State University 25/01/2017
Joanne Hort Massey University 27/02/2018
Jodie Bradby Australian National University 25/05/2018
John Brooks Auckland University of Technology 07/12/2016
John Cockrem Massey University 13/03/2017
John Cunningham Ignition Partner 30/11/2016
John Grundy Deakin University 07/12/2016
John Gunn Australian Institute of Marine Science 18/04/2018
John Handmer RMIT University 03/05/2017
John Harvey University of Auckland 18/04/2018
John Hine Victoria University of Wellington 18/01/2017
John Kennedy Institute of Geological & Nuclear Sciences (GNS Science) 30/11/2016
John McEwan AgResearch 30/11/2016
John Roche Dairy NZ 20/03/2017
John Webb La Trobe University 30/11/2016
John House University of Sydney 04/05/2018
John Reid University of Canterbury 27/04/2018
Jolon Dyer AgResearch 25/05/2018
Jonathan Gardner Victoria University of Wellington 09/03/2018
Jonathan Leaver Unitec Institute of Technology 17/01/2018
Jonathan Sperry University of Auckland 06/04/2018
Jongyoon Han Massachusetts Institute of Technology 02/05/2018
Jose Campos University of Minho 10/01/2018
Judith Dawes Macquarie University 18/04/2018
Julian Gardner University of Warwick 21/02/2018
Julian Heyes Massey University 18/01/2017
Julie Rowland University of Auckland 06/12/2017
Juliet Newson Reykjavik University 01/05/2017
Justin Kenardy Centre for National Research on Disability and Rehabilitation Medicine 18/04/2018
Karin Bryan University of Waikato 14/02/2018
Karl Crawford Nexus Foams Limited 06/04/2018
Karl Lofgren Victoria University of Wellington 27/04/2018
Katherine Corich Sysdoc Group 10/01/2018
Kathryn Hempstalk Trademe 02/05/2018
Keith Gordon University of Otago 30/11/2016
Ken Hughey Lincoln University 20/01/2017
Ken Morison University of Canterbury 18/01/2017
Kevin Collier University of Waikato 21/12/2016
Kevin Collins Collins Consulting 18/04/2018
Kevin Marshall cDNAk Enterprises 07/12/2016
Kim Dirks University of Auckland 17/01/2018
Kim Pickering University of Waikato 03/02/2017
Lance Lloyd Lloyd Environmental Pty Ltd 30/11/2016
Laurence Zwimpfer Zwimpfer Communications Limited 09/03/2018
Laurence Tratt Kings College London 27/04/2018
Leigh Hale University of Otago 18/04/2018
Leo Otterbein Harvard Medical School 17/01/2018
Leon Sterling Swinburne University of Technology 10/01/2018
Lesley Stevenson Abbott 30/11/2016
Linda Faulkner TuTaiao Ltd 30/11/2016
Lisa Te Morenga University of Otago 14/02/2018
Love Chile Auckland University of Technology 11/05/2018
Luitgard Schwendenmann University of Auckland 29/11/2017
Lynn Crawford University of Sydney 27/04/2018
Lynne Regan University of Edinburgh 29/11/2017
Mac Beggs Elemental Petroleum Consultants 23/03/2017
Magaly Koch Boston University 07/12/2016
Mahlon(Chuck) Kennicutt II Texas A&M University 14/12/2016
Malcolm Clark National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA) 30/11/2016
Manolya Kavakli-Thorne Macquarie University 18/04/2018
Manuka Henare University of Auckland 27/04/2018
Marc Aurel Schnabel Victoria University of Wellington 13/01/2017
Margaret Brimble University of Auckland 11/01/2017
Margaret Barbour University of Sydney 25/05/2018
Margit Noll FFG Austrian Research Promotion Agency 20/03/2017
Marianna Sigala University of South Australia 21/12/2016
Marion Schoenfeld Environment Canterbury Regional Council 18/01/2017
Marja Elsinga Delft University of Technology 04/05/2018
Marjan van den Belt Victoria University of Wellington/The Treasury 18/04/2018
Mark Apperley University of Waikato 06/04/2018
Mark Burgman Imperial College of London 06/04/2018
Mark Butler University of Queensland 30/11/2016
Mark Rizzacasa University of Melbourne 21/02/2018
Mark Templeton Aeroqual Ltd 01/05/2017
Mark Costello University of Auckland 20/03/2017
Mark Skidmore Keele University 27/04/2018
Marlena Kruger Massey University 30/11/2016
Marnie Campbell University of Waikato 02/05/2018
Martha Savage Victoria University of Wellington 13/01/2017
Martin Cryer Ministry for Primary Industries 30/11/2016
Martin Manning Victoria University of Wellington 18/04/2018
Martin Steinbauer La Trobe University 25/05/2018
Mary Collins University of Sydney 25/05/2018
Mary O'Kane New South Wales Government 27/03/2017
Matthew Payton Fisher & Paykel Healthcare 02/05/2018
Maui Hudson University of Waikato 07/12/2016
Max Abbott Auckland University of Technology 03/01/2018
Max Suckling Plant and Food Research 30/11/2016
Megan Balks University of Waikato 06/04/2018
Melanie Bishop Macquarie University 25/05/2018
Melissa Yiannoutsos Powerhouse Ventures Limited 06/12/2017
Melissa Bowen University of Auckand 29/11/2017
Merata Kawharu The University of Auckland 30/11/2016
Mia Woodruff Queensland University of Technology 08/06/2018
Michael Clearwater University of Waikato 30/11/2016
Michael Crawford CRC for High Performance Soils 17/01/2018
Michael Gregg Blackeye VR Ltd 18/04/2018
Michael Kelly University of Cambridge 30/11/2016
Michael Pervan Altitude Aerospace Interiors Ltd 16/05/2017
Michael Tatley University of Otago 18/04/2018
Michael Walmsley University of Waikato 27/02/2017
Michael Breadmore University of Tasmania 29/11/2017
Michael Cameron University of Waikato 27/04/2018
Michele Prinsep University of Waikato 02/05/2018
Mick Clout University of Auckland 07/12/2016
Mike Coffin University of Tasmania 18/04/2018
Mike Packer Cawthron Institute 21/12/2016
Mike Reid University of Canterbury 27/02/2018
Mike Arnold Callaghan Innovation 11/05/2018
Mike Boland Riddet Institute 27/04/2018
Milo Kral University of Canterbury 04/01/2017
Miriana Stephens Wakatu Incorporation 27/04/2018
Monica Giusti The Ohio State University 08/05/2017
Murray Milner Milner Consulting Ltd 30/11/2016
Nancy Bertler Victoria University of Wellington 10/01/2018
Nancy Yopp Brandwood Biomedical 08/06/2018
Naresh Singhal The University of Auckland 30/11/2016
Natalie Jackson Natalie Jackson Demographics Limited 13/04/2018
Navid Moheimani Murdoch University 21/02/2018
Nawawi Chouw University of Auckland 17/01/2018
Neil Broderick University of Auckland 17/01/2018
Neil Carr University of Otago 27/04/2018
Neil Drew Edith Cowan University 27/04/2018
Nick Long Victoria University of Wellington 18/04/2018
Nick Roberts AgResearch 30/11/2016
Nick Roskruge Massey University 18/01/2017
Nick Waipara Auckland Council 30/11/2016
Nicola Brasch Auckland University of Technology 18/04/2018
Nicola Shadbolt Massy University/Fonterra 27/04/2018
Nicos Komninos Aristotle University of Thessaloniki 30/11/2016
Niels Kjaergaard University of Otago 18/04/2018
Nigel Larsen Plant and Food Research 30/11/2016
Nigel Morgan Swansea University 28/11/2017
Nihal Kularatna University of Waikato 04/01/2017
Nikola Kasabov Auckland University of Technology 04/01/2017
Nirmal Nair University of Auckland 18/04/2018
Olaf Diegel Lund University 09/03/2018
Olof Lind World Maritime University 18/04/2018
Owen Young Auckland University of Technology 30/11/2016
Pamela Byrne Food Safety Authority of Ireland and University College of Dublin 13/04/2017
Pamela Mace Ministry for Primary Industries 27/04/2018
Pat Langhorne University of Otago 19/01/2018
Patrice Delmas University of Auckland 21/12/2016
Patrick Aiguo Hu University of Auckland 13/01/2017
Paul Williams University of Leeds 14/03/2017
Paul Strooper The University of Queensland 16/01/2018
Paula Jameson University of Canterbury 21/12/2016
Peggy Fairbairn-Dunlop Auckland University of Technology 27/02/2018
Penelope Brothers University of Auckland 18/01/2017
Peng Cao The University of Auckland 30/11/2016
Peter Chong Auckland University of Technology 16/01/2017
Peter Dearden University of Otago 30/11/2016
Peter Doherty Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS) 30/11/2016
Peter Fennessy AbacusBio 30/11/2016
Peter Larsen University of Otago 17/01/2018
Peter Sharp The University of Sydney 02/05/2017
Peter Speck Flinders University 05/05/2017
Peter White University of Sydney 14/12/2016
Peter Newton Swinburne University of Technology 29/11/2017
Peter Munro Massey University 27/04/2018
Peter Stott UK Meteorological Office 16/01/2018
Phil Bremer University of Otago 07/12/2016
Phil Carter Institute of Environmental Science and Research Ltd 30/11/2016
Phil Shane University of Auckland 07/12/2016
Philip Crosier The University of Auckland 30/11/2016
Philip Hulme Lincoln University 09/03/2018
Philip Morrow University of Ulster 27/02/2018
Philomena Bluyssen Delft University of Technology 19/01/2018
Prem Bhalla University of Melbourne 27/04/2018
Qiao Wang Massey University 18/04/2018
Qinghua Qin Australian National University 08/06/2018
Quentin Atkinson University of Auckland 06/04/2018
Rachel Wolfgramm University of Auckland 09/02/2018
Rachel Burton Adelaide University 25/05/2018
Rainer Horn Christian Albrechts University 25/01/2017
Rajesh Katare University of Otago 30/11/2016
Ralf Reulke Humboldt University of Berlin 03/05/2017
Ralph Cooney University of Auckland 06/04/2018
Ravi Naidu University of Newcastle 25/05/2018
Rawiri Faulkner Tu Taiao 14/12/2016
Ray Thomson NZ Angel Association 18/04/2018
Regan Solomon Auckland Council 07/12/2016
Richard Archer Massey University 14/12/2016
Richard Green University of Canterbury 14/12/2016
Richard Haverkamp Massey University 03/05/2017
Richard Matear CSIRO Australia 06/04/2018
Richard Newcomb University of Auckland 14/12/2016
Richard Pollock Consultant 18/04/2018
Richard Smith Earthquake Commission 07/12/2016
Richard Spelman Livestock Improvement Company 04/01/2017
Richard Yu Carleton University 04/05/2017
Richard Easther University of Auckland 27/04/2018
Richard Jones New Zealand Brain Research Institute (NZBRI) 27/04/2018
Rob Whitney Independent Research Association of New Zealand 30/11/2016
Robert O'Callahan Pernosco Limited 10/01/2018
Robert Simmons Cranfield University 13/01/2017
Robert Ackland Australian National University 27/04/2018
Robert Minasian University of Sydney 08/06/2018
Robert Walker University of Otago 18/05/2018
Robin Falconer Robin Falconer Associates Ltd 30/11/2016
Robin Peace Massey University 13/12/2017
Robyn Munford Massey University 30/11/2016
Rodney Wong Centre for High Value Nutrition 09/03/2018
Roger Fairclough Neo Leaf Global Ltd 30/11/2016
Roger Harker Plant and Food Research Limited 23/03/2018
Roger Hurst Plant and Food Research 30/11/2016
Roger Reeves University of Canterbury 30/11/2016
Roger Stanley University of Tasmania 28/11/2017
Rosalind Archer The University of Auckland 30/11/2016
Ross Green University of Canterbury, Trumpington Associates Ltd. 30/11/2016
Ross Thompson University of Canberra 29/11/2017
Russell Burton Scion 21/12/2016
Russell Snell University of Auckland 04/01/2017
Russell Wills Office of the Childrens Commissioner 18/04/2018
Ryan Ko University of Waikato 04/01/2017
Sally McArthur Swinburne University of Technology 08/06/2018
Samantha Gray Samantha Gray Consulting 04/05/2018
Sandra Capra University of Queensland 25/05/2018
Sarah Derrett University of Otago 09/02/2018
Sarah Sinclair Auckland Council, Institute of Public Works Engineering Australasia New Zealand (IPWEA NZ) 10/04/2017
Saxon Connor Canterbury District Health Board 30/11/2016
Sea Rotmann SEA - Sustainable Energy Advice Ltd; Greens Party of Aotearoa New Zealand 30/11/2016
Sebastian Macmillan University of Cambridge 18/04/2018
Selwyn Yorke New Zealand Pharmaceuticals Ltd; SCY Consulting Ltd 30/11/2016
Sergio (Yani) Garcia University of Sydney 20/01/2017
Shantanu Das Goodman Fielder 18/04/2018
Sharon Lehany House of Science, Manawatu 29/11/2017
Shaun Hendy University of Auckland 07/12/2016
Shaun Ogilvie Eco Research Associates Ltd 06/12/2017
Sheila Watson Heritage New Zealand 30/11/2016
Shirley Pugh SPMU Technology Consulting 08/06/2018
Shusheng Pang University of Canterbury 30/11/2016
Simon Arnold Arnold & Woodhall Ltd 18/04/2018
Simon Leather Harper Adams University 03/05/2017
Simon Jones RMIT University 08/06/2018
Sinniah Ilanko University of Waikato 17/01/2018
Stephen Bartlett University of Sydney 21/02/2018
Stephen Moratti University of Otago 30/11/2016
Stephen Sowerby University of Otago 30/11/2016
Steve Reeves University of Waikato 21/12/2016
Steve Saunders Robotics Plus Ltd, Agrigate, Te Hono Whenua Horticulture Limited, Miro Limited (and subsidiaries), Nuku ki te Puku Limited, Agrigate, Lincoln Hub, Rockit Global Limited (and subsidiaries), Plus Group Horticulture Limited, Pollen Plus Limited, Gro Plus Limited, MPAC (Mount Pack & Cool Limited) 17/05/2017
Steve Wilson Talbot Technologies 03/05/2017
Steve Leftly Myovolt 02/05/2018
Stewart Hamilton Acacia Mining 30/11/2016
Stuart Kinner Griffith University 18/04/2018
Stuart Phinn University of Queensland 21/02/2018
Susan Schenk Victoria University of Wellington 09/02/2018
Suzanne Wilkinson University of Auckland 09/02/2018
Takuya Tsuzuki Australian National University 25/05/2018
Tamlin Conner University of Otago 09/02/2018
Tanja Mitrovic University of Canterbury 30/11/2016
Tava Olsen University of Auckland 09/02/2018
Tawfique Hasan University of Cambridge 20/01/2017
Te Horipo Karaitiana Wairarapa Moana Inc 18/04/2018
Te Taka Keegan University of Waikato 30/11/2016
Te Taru White Te Taru White Consultancy Limited 18/04/2018
Thomas Buckley University of Auckland/ Landcare Research 31/03/2017
Thomas Laue University of New Hampshire 27/02/2018
Thomas Neitzert Auckland University of Technology 30/11/2016
Tim Claypole Swansea University 20/01/2017
Tim Davie Environment Canterbury 30/11/2016
Tim Davin Institute of Professional Engineers New Zealand (IPENZ) 09/03/2018
Tim McCready BioPacific Partners 29/11/2017
Tim Molteno University of Otago 27/04/2018
Tom Gedeon Australian National University 08/05/2017
Tom Greally Weta Digital 30/11/2016
Tom Kompas Australian National University 25/05/2018
Tom Ross University of Tasmania 25/05/2018
Toni Moyes Montoux, Edmund Hillary Fellowship 18/04/2018
Tony Hadfield Self Employed Consultant 03/02/2017
Tony Petch Tony Petch Cousulting Ltd 21/12/2016
Tony Price Procam Associates Ltd 01/05/2017
Tony Conner AgResearch 06/12/2017
Tony Parker Massey University 27/04/2018
Torben Schubert University of Lund 18/05/2018
Travis Glare Lincoln University 30/11/2016
Treena Burgess Murdoch University 29/11/2017
Ulrich Schatzschneider Julius-Maximilians-Universit 04/01/2017
Ulrike Gretzel University of Queensland 16/01/2017
Valentina Dinica Victoria University of Wellington 09/02/2018
Valeriy Vyatkin Aalto University 03/05/2017
Virpi Timonen Trinity College 19/01/2018
Walid Maalej Universitat Hamburg 04/05/2018
Warren Gray Ministry for the Environment 12/05/2017
Warwick Catto Ballance Agri-Nutrients Ltd 30/11/2016
Weibiao Zhou National University of Singapore 25/05/2018
Wendy Moyle Griffith University 13/01/2017
Wenjing Lou Virginia Tech 21/02/2018
Wenny Rahayu La Trobe University 18/04/2018
Will Barker BIOTechNZ 30/11/2016
Willem de Lang Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) 30/11/2016
William Thorpe CantOvation Ltd 07/12/2016
XiaoQi Chen University of Canterbury 08/05/2017
Zhan Chen Auckland University of Technology 21/12/2016
Zhongwei Zhao Australian National University 02/05/2018
Zorica Nedovic-Budic The University of Illinois at Chicago 08/05/2017
Adam Daigneault University of Maine 30/05/2017
Adnan Al-Anbuky Auckland University of Technology 02/05/2018
Ahmed Al-Jumaily Auckland University of Technology 30/11/2016
Alan Coulson Self Employed 07/12/2016
Alan Fekete University of Sydney 18/04/2018
Alan Robertson RGS Environmental Pty Ltd 18/04/2018
Alan Wood University of Canterbury 30/11/2016
Alan Rogerson ANZCO Healthcare 02/05/2018
Albert Bifet Telecom ParisTech / University of Waikato 03/05/2017
Albert Simeoni Jensen Hughes 18/01/2017
Alexander Serebrenik Technische Universiteit Eindhoven 27/04/2018
Ali Javey University of California, Berkeley 09/02/2018
Gerald Tannock University of Otago 11/01/2019
Neil Gemmell University of Otago 11/01/2019
Stephen Robertson University of Otago 11/01/2019
Antonio Moore University of Otago 11/01/2019
Peter Bernus Griffith University 18/01/2019
Richard Cannon University of Otago 18/01/2019
Brent Clothier Plant and Food Research 18/01/2019
Robyn Dixon University of Auckland 18/01/2019
Mary Firestone University of California 18/01/2019
Sarah Heine Biopolymer Network Ltd 18/01/2019
Susan Huria Huria 18/01/2019
Elizabeth Isenring Bond University 18/01/2019
Tim Maloney Auckland University of Technology 18/01/2019
James McInerney University of Manchester 18/01/2019
Helen Petousis-Harris University of Auckland 18/01/2019
John Raine Auckland University of Technology 18/01/2019
Ravi Ravindran Massey University 18/01/2019
Joshua Sharp University of Mississippi 18/01/2019
Janie Sheridan The University of Auckland 18/01/2019
Balwant Singh University of Sydney 18/01/2019
Grant Singleton International Rice Research Institute 18/01/2019
Bernadette Sloyan CSIRO 18/01/2019
Alice Theadom Auckland University of Technology 18/01/2019
Graham Wallis University of Otago 18/01/2019
Iain White University of Waikato 18/01/2019
Lynda Cheshire University of Queensland 18/01/2019
Albert Folch University of Washington 28/01/2019
Andrew Frost Central Queensland University/ University of Canterbury 28/01/2019
Anothny Butler Univeristy of Otago 28/01/2019
Campbell McKenzie Kenex Ltd 28/01/2019
Chris Baker Straterra Incorporation 28/01/2019
Clare Collins University of Newcastle 28/01/2019
Don Cleland Massey University 28/01/2019
Fabio Zobi University of Fribourg 28/01/2019
Helen Moewaka Barnes Massey University 28/01/2019
Helen Rizos Macquarie University 28/01/2019
Ian Shaw University of Canterbury 28/01/2019
Jane Doolan Australian Productivity Commission 28/01/2019
Jenn Bestwick The Project Office 28/01/2019
Katy Bluett Callaghan Innovation 28/01/2019
Kay Saville-Smith Centre for Research Evaluation and Social Assessment 28/01/2019
Marcel Dinger University of New South Wales/Garvan Institute for Clinical Genetics 28/01/2019
Niki Davis University of Canterbury 28/01/2019
Ralph Sims Massey University 28/01/2019
Richard Erdman Univeristy of Maryland 28/01/2019
Shaily Mahendra University of California 28/01/2019
Simon Bickerton University of Auckland 28/01/2019
Tim Woodfield University of Otago 28/01/2019
William Henderson University of Waikato 28/01/2019
Patrik Hoffman Ecole Polytechnique Federale De Lausanne 28/01/2019
Kerry Chamberlain Massey University 28/01/2019
Elizabeth Barbalich Antipodes New Zealand Ltd 31/01/2019
Letitia Fickel University of Canterbury 31/01/2019
Paul Frijters University of Queensland 31/01/2019
John Giesy University of Saskatchewan 31/01/2019
Christina Grozinger Pennsylvania State University 31/01/2019
Chennupati Jagadish Australian National University 31/01/2019
Craig Johnson Massey University 31/01/2019
Michael Jones Murdoch University 31/01/2019
Simeon Simoff Western Sydney University 31/01/2019
Tim Woodfield University of Otago 31/01/2019
John Vargo University of Canterbury 31/01/2019
Margaret Mayfield University of Queensland 31/01/2019
John Kay Defence Technology Agency 31/01/2019
Mark Lawrence Deakin University 31/01/2019
Laura Airoldi University of Bologna 12/02/2019 30/11/2016
Miguel Andrade Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz 12/02/2019
Mary Birdsall Fertility Associates 12/02/2019
Michael Butts DHI Group 12/02/2019
Julia Chambers Spot Check Technologies 12/02/2019
David Chapman Dairy NZ 12/02/2019
Troy Coyle NZ Heavy Engineering Research Association 12/02/2019
Mark Dyer University of Waikato 12/02/2019
Dianne Gleeson Australian National University 12/02/2019
Peter Hodgson Callaghan Innovation Ltd. 12/02/2019
Phil Kearney Merck Sharp & Dohme 12/02/2019
Michael Keough University of Melbourne 12/02/2019
Susan Krumdieck University of Canterbury 12/02/2019
Brett Langely University of Waikato 12/02/2019
Richard Macknight University of Otago 12/02/2019
Graeme Martin University of Western Australia 12/02/2019
Kathryn McGrath University of Technology Sydney 12/02/2019
Barabara Nebel Thinkstep Australasia 12/02/2019
Jan Nicholson La Trobe University 12/02/2019
Daivd Penman David 12/02/2019
Michelle Sullivan New Zealanders for Health Research 12/02/2019
Heidi Drummer Burnet Institute, Melbourne 05/03/2019
Leslie MacLaren Dalhousie University 05/03/2019
Kevin Harding Harding Forestry Services 05/03/2019
Josh Funder Household Capital 05/03/2019
John Miller Victoria University 05/03/2019
Sarah McLaren Massey University 05/03/2019
Troy Coyle NZ Heavy Engineering Research Association (HERA) 05/03/2019
Geoff Bates Pastoral Robotics Ltd, Atelier Tech Ltd 05/03/2019
Jan Stenlid Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences 05/03/2019
Derek Abbott The University of Adelaide 05/03/2019
Jacqueline Beggs University of Auckland 05/03/2019
Janine Deakin University of Canberra 05/03/2019
Mohammed Bennamoun University of Western Australia 05/03/2019
Anne La Flamme Victoria University 05/03/2019
Alistair Young University of Auckland 14/12/2016
Allan Miller University of Canterbury 25/01/2017
Allen Rodrigo Australian National University 10/01/2018
Alok Mitra University of Auckland 06/04/2018
Amanda Lynn Mandolin Associates Limited 18/04/2018
Amanda McMurray Amanda McMurray Limited 30/11/2016
Anake Goodall Meridian Energy Limited, ?kina Foundation, Te P? o R?kaihaut?, University of Canterbury, Hillary Institute of International Leadership, The Gift Trust 30/11/2016
Andrea Alfaro Auckland University of Technology 01/05/2017
Andrew Allan Plant and Food Research 30/11/2016
Andrew Kelly BioPacific Partners 20/03/2017
Andrew Lowe Auckland University of Technology 30/11/2016
Andrew McGlone Plant and Food Research 23/03/2017
Andrew Mercer University of Otago 19/01/2018
Andrew Moorhouse Seed Force Limited 07/12/2016
Andrew Hamilton The Icehouse 29/11/2017
Andrew Jacobs AgResearch 04/05/2018
Simon Fraser Victoria University of Wellington 25/03/2019
Nanthi Bolan The University of Newcastle 25/03/2019
Theodore DeJong University of California 25/03/2019
Paul Dyson University of Swansea 25/03/2019
Manohar Garg University of Newcastle 25/03/2019
Ole Hertel Aarhus University 25/03/2019
Maggie-Lee Huckabee University of Canterbury 25/03/2019
Bill Jordan Victoria University of Wellington 25/03/2019
George Kallos University of Athens 25/03/2019
Kathryn Kasmarik University of New South Wales 25/03/2019
Jason Mika Massey University 25/03/2019
Derrick Moot Lincoln University 25/03/2019
Brett Paull University of Tasmania 25/03/2019
Kate Smith-Miles The University of Melbourne 25/03/2019
Pang-Ning Tan Michigan State University 25/03/2019
Rickey Yada The University of British Columbia 25/03/2019
Fred Page Dept. of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) 25/03/2019
Gilda Tachedjian Burnet Institute 25/03/2019
Jane Allison University of Auckland 25/03/2019
Hugh Campbell University of Otago 25/03/2019
Andrew Chan University of Tasmania 25/03/2019
Mark Hanson University of Southampton 25/03/2019
Andrew Hill La Trobe Institute for Molecular Science 25/03/2019
Suranga Nanayakkara Auckland University 25/03/2019
Frederick Stoddard University of Helsinki 25/03/2019
Stephen Swearer The University of Melbourne 25/03/2019
Gillian Whalley University of Otago 25/03/2019
Jens W University of Hohenheim 25/03/2019
Mark Tjoelker Western Sydney University 25/03/2019
Tom Cochrane Canterbury University 25/03/2019
Lisa Collins Leeds University 25/03/2019
John Rossi City of Hope Cancer Research Centre 25/03/2019
Min Chen The University of Sydney 25/03/2019
Huhana Smith Massey University 25/03/2019
Herman Hummel Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research 25/03/2019
Tom Cresswell Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation 25/03/2019
Edward Watson Nazadel Ltd 25/03/2019
Pamela Ruegg University of Wisconsin-Madison 25/03/2019
David Simmons Lincoln University 25/03/2019
Charles Lee University of Waikato 25/03/2019
Laura Parry The University of Melbourne 25/03/2019
John Challis University of Leicester 25/03/2019
Craig Armstrong New Zealand Trade & Enterprise 30/04/2019
Franceska Banga Continuity Capital Limited 30/04/2019
Owen Catchpole Callaghan Innovation 30/04/2019
Will Charles Auckland UniServices Ltd 30/04/2019
Stuart Christie StuChristie Ltd 30/04/2019
Gavin Clark Massey Universtiy 30/04/2019
Brett Cowan Institute of Environmental Science and Research 30/04/2019
John Creedy Victoria University of Wellington 30/04/2019
Rosalie Cull Adjutor Healthcare Pty Ltd 30/04/2019
Kaye Maree Dunn Indigital Blockchain Limited 30/04/2019
Tom Gedeon Australian National University 30/04/2019
Colin Harvey ANIDEA Consulting 30/04/2019
Roger Hellens Queensland University of Technology 30/04/2019
Anthony Hoete WHAT_architecture, WHAT_developments, GoA 30/04/2019
David Hudson SGA Solutions 30/04/2019
Brandon Hutcheson Aware Group 30/04/2019
Candace Kinser FNZC 30/04/2019
Joerg Kistler BioPacific Partners 30/04/2019
Jon Lamb Zoono Group Limited 30/04/2019
Peter Lee University of Auckland 30/04/2019
Chris Lock Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development 30/04/2019
Duncan Mackintosh Brandon Capital Partners 30/04/2019
Andrew Mayfield Optimal Workshop 30/04/2019
Reece Moors National Science Challenge - Science for Technological Innovation 30/04/2019
John Ruffell Independent Consultant 30/04/2019
Brian Russell Nelson Artificial Intelligence Institute 30/04/2019
Peter Shepard University of Auckland 30/04/2019
Dan Shochat Agama Inc. Pharmaceutical Consulting 30/04/2019
Greg Sitters Matu Fund 30/04/2019
Jourdan Templeton Aware Group 30/04/2019
Sue Turner BioConsortia Inc 30/04/2019
Chris Twiss You Just Go Ltd 30/04/2019
Aki Von Roy CuroNZ 30/04/2019
Lance Wiggs Punakaiki Fund 30/04/2019
Daniel Xu Spark64 30/04/2019
Simon Yarrow Callaghan Innovation 30/04/2019