Strategic Science Investment Fund

The Strategic Science Investment Fund (SSIF) funds strategic investment in research programmes and scientific infrastructure that have long-term beneficial impact on New Zealand’s health, economy, environment and society.

The SSIF allows for a coherent approach to science investment. It gives us the ability to prioritise and purchase science in areas that ensure the long-term stability and impact of the science system.

The SSIF provides a strong foundation for New Zealand’s science system, complementing and enabling government’s other science investments.

The SSIF funds through 2 components – Programmes and Infrastructure.


Funding for programmes of research that are critical to the future of New Zealand’s well-being, economy and environment. SSIF supports the following programmes:

  • Crown Research Institute (CRI) platforms (16 platforms across 7 CRIs)
  • Independent Research Organisation (IRO) platforms (3 platforms across 2 IROs)
  • The Antarctic Science Platform
  • Combatting kauri dieback and myrtle rust.


Funding access to and development of large-scale research infrastructure that is needed to undertake research in priority areas. SSIF supports the following infrastructure investments:

  • Research and Education Advanced Network New Zealand (REANNZ)
  • Square Kilometre Array
  • Australian Synchrotron
  • National eScience Infrastructure
  • Research Vessel Tangaroa
  • Genomics Aotearoa
  • Enhanced Geohazard Monitoring
  • CRI Nationally Significant Collections and Databases
  • Data science investment.

The SSIF investment plan provides the strategic context and sets out principles, rationale and signals for how funding is invested.

SSIF background and funding

Budget 2016 brought a number of existing investments into the new SSIF and announced additional funding of $63 million over 4 years. An extra $40.5 million was committed in Budget 2017. In 2017/18, the SSIF was worth over $260 million per year.

We publish a SSIF investment plan outlining:

  • the Government’s strategic scientific goals and priorities
  • the rationale and signals for how SSIF funding will be invested
  • performance expectations.

As new priorities are identified and SSIF funding becomes available through future Budget processes, research organisations will be invited to respond to calls for proposals. Funding will be allocated on merit for proposals that meet the strategic goals and priorities in the SSIF investment plan.

Essential documents

Strategic Science Investment Fund Investment Plan 2017-2024 [PDF, 794 KB]

SSIF Budget 2016 fact sheet [PDF, 470 KB]

SSIF establishment questions and answers [PDF, 126 KB]

SSIF Performance Framework [PDF, 290 KB] 

In this section

Funded programmes

Strategic Science Investment Fund programmes brought together ‘CRI core funding’ and ‘IRO capability funding’ to provide a more active partnership between government and research organisations and deliver government science priorities.

Funded infrastructure

The Strategic Science Investment Fund (SSIF) Infrastructure supports infrastructure with high national benefits that will not emerge in the course of usual business because of the investment's scale, complexity, long duration and multi-user nature.

Last updated: 29 January 2019