Kiwi Innovation Network Limited

In the 2019 PreSeed Accelerator Fund investment round, Kiwi Innovation Network Limited was approved for funding of $9,944,920 (excluding GST) over two years. This page has the public statement from our contract with Kiwi Innovation Network Limited.

The Kiwi Innovation Network (KiwiNet) will deliver a new PreSeed Accelerator Fund (PreSeed) programme that will drive a suite of commercial prospects emerging from publicly-funded research to market, to transform NZ's economy from high-volume to high-value. This will drive forward a globally-competitive technology sector in NZ.

KiwiNet is the combined power of 18 of NZ's Universities, Crown Research Institutes and other research organisations who receive public funding, representing a total combined research expenditure of over $800 million and over 80% of NZ's publicly-funded researchers. We are an internationally-renowned commercialisation leader, dedicated to taking a collaborative approach to transforming scientific discoveries into benefit to NZ. We have generated a greater than seven-fold return to NZ on funding invested, to date.

The KiwiNet investment committees are the platforms for KiwiNet's collaborative model. These committees invest a new PreSeed fund into early-stage research discoveries with commercial potential, progressing them to a point where they can be taken on by the private sector, usually in the form of a high-value license deal or the formation of start-up/spin-out company alongside private investment.

This programme will grow our PreSeed project pipeline, increase the number of projects presented to our investment and pipeline committees, enhance participation of NZ's research organisations with KiwiNet and grow the impact of the investments we make to NZ.

By committing to this programme, KiwiNet is committed to a future where all publicly-funded research discoveries in NZ with commercial potential are delivering maximal impact. The avalanche of deep-tech ventures that emerge will drive prosperity, enhance and sustain intergenerational wellbeing, and grow NZ for all.