The 11 challenges in the National Science Challenge

The 11 National Science Challenges focus science investment on issues that matter to all New Zealanders.

The National Science Challenges are cross-disciplinary, mission-led programmes designed to tackle New Zealand’s biggest science-based challenges.

They require collaboration between researchers from universities and other academic institutions, Crown research institutes, businesses and non-government organisations to achieve their objectives.

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A Better Start

Improving the potential for young New Zealanders to have healthy and successful lives.

Ageing Well

Sustaining health and well-being as people age, enabling all New Zealanders to reach their full potential into the later years of life.

Building Better Homes, Towns and Cities

Improving the quality and supply of housing and create smart and attractive urban environments.

Healthier Lives

Researching how to significantly reducing the death and disease burden of some of New Zealand’s leading health problems.

High-value Nutrition

Developing high-value foods with validated health benefits to drive economic growth.

New Zealand's Biological Heritage

Protecting and managing New Zealand’s biodiversity, improve our biosecurity, and enhance our resilience to harmful organisms.

Our Land and Water

Enhancing the production and productivity of New Zealand’s primary sector, while maintaining and improving the quality of the country’s land and water for future generations.

Resilience to Nature's Challenges

Enhancing New Zealand’s ability to anticipate, adapt and thrive in the face of ever-changing natural hazards.

Science for Technological Innovation

Tackling New Zealand’s big high-tech challenges to grow the economy.

Sustainable Seas

Enhancing the use of New Zealand marine resources within environmental and biological constraints.

The Deep South

Understanding the role of the Antarctic and Southern Ocean in determining New Zealand’s future climate.