Research needs of affected Māori communities

This funding aims to connect hapū, marae and hapori Māori with research, science and innovation system resources in their ongoing recovery to the 2023 North Island extreme weather events and in aid of their preparation for future extreme weather events.

A $2.21 million fund, targeted to research needs identified by affected Māori communities, is helping affected communities in Te Taitokerau, Bay of Plenty, Te Tairawhiti and the Hawkes Bay access independent expert advice or research sector resources that aid in decision making in the recovery and response to current and future extreme weather.

This is a closed and targeted fund, designed to ensure that access is not dependent on communities having existing relationships with research organisations. It also comprises expertise so that those seeking effective mātauranga Māori solutions in their response and recovery may do so.

A team of experienced Māori science navigators has been commissioned to connect affected iwi, hapū, marae and hapori Māori to providers of science and research services, to mātauranga experts, and to submit proposals for projects that will address their research interests in response and recovery.

Applications are assessed by a panel of Māori experts in emergency and community responses with advice from government agency science advisors. The panel members are:

  • Ngahiwi Tomoana (co-chair)
  • Melanie Mark-Shadbolt (co-chair)
  • Professor Christine Kenney
  • Lilian Te Hau Ward
  • Kelly Stratford.

This process aims to ensure community voices in affected areas are reached, that their priorities are correctly understood, and that funding is adequately distributed across the affected regions.

This Māori-determined research response to extreme weather involves new approaches for MBIE. It aligns with the themes of Te Ara Paerangi – Future Pathways, which aims to embed Te Tiriti o Waitangi and Māori aspirations into the design of the research, science and innovation system.

Funded projects

This list will be updated as new projects are funded and ongoing projects closed.

Last updated: 21 July 2023