Regional Research Institutes Performance Framework

We monitor the progress and performance of Regional Research Institutes (RRIs) against a Performance Framework.

We monitor the progress and performance of Regional Research Institutes (RRIs) against a Performance Framework.

Assessment against the RRI Performance Framework provides us with:

  • an understanding of how each RRI is performing against the RRI policy
  • the ability to monitor RRI progress towards deliverables in the RRI Investment Contract
  • information to support review of individual RRI investments and evaluation of the RRI initiative as a whole.

RRI Performance Framework Guidance [PDF, 383 KB]

The RRI Performance Framework components

There are 4 key components to the RRI Performance Framework and these are detailed below:

Observing RRI governance boards

We appoint an Observer for each RRI to attend all Governance/Board meetings in a non-voting role. This enables us to quickly identify and resolve any potential performance issues.

Key Performance Indicators

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are developed and agreed with each RRI to track their progress on delivering the Government policy outcomes sought from RRI funding. KPIs cover indicators for monitoring:

  • science excellence
  • science impact
  • capability development
  • Vision Mātauranga
  • governance
  • sustainability.

RRIs are new ventures that will go through distinct establishment, build and sustain phases of activity. Jointly with RRIs, we may agree to update KPIs to reflect changes as each RRI progresses through these development phases. Progress against their KPIs is included in an RRI’s Annual Progress Report.

Annual progress reporting

RRIs are required to provide us with an annual report. This report covers:

  • progress toward the deliverables in the RRI Investment Contract
  • financial information
  • a Forward Looking Plan for the following year
  • progress against their KPIs. 
Annual Indicative Timeline MAR APR MAY JUN JUL AUG SEP OCT
Annual Progress Reporting guidelines Issued                
RRI Annual Progress Reporting Submission Period                
We assess Annual Progress Reports                
We provide feedback to RRIs                

End of term review

Near the end of the final year of an RRI contract, the End of Term review process enables us  to conduct a more detailed review of progress and performance.

Always working together, outside of the framework’s defined actions, our Investment Managers keep in regular contact with RRIs fostering a culture of openness and ‘no surprises’.

Last updated: 07 June 2019