Otago Innovation Limited

In the 2019 PreSeed Accelerator Fund investment round, Otago Innovation Limited was approved for funding of $2,000,000 (excluding GST) over two years. This page has the public statement from our contract with Otago Innovation Limited.

Otago Innovation Ltd, a subsidiary company of the University of Otago, has the primary responsibility for maximising the commercial value of the University of Otago’s research outputs. PreSeed Accelerator Funding is a critical early stage resource, essential to progress germinal research findings into investment ready assets. It fills an important and risky part of the innovation ecosystem and drives the translation of new technologies, business opportunities, the creation of new companies and jobs, and delivers better economic and health outcomes for New Zealanders.

From a standing start in 2001 to a functional, efficient and faster moving organisation today, Otago Innovation manages a consistent flow of high quality commercial opportunities underpinned by the University’s international reputation for high quality research. Otago Innovation assisted by PreSeed Accelerator Funding is well positioned to deliver game-changing opportunities and societal impacts on a global scale, deliver financial benefits to New Zealanders and enhancing the reputation of the University of Otago and New Zealand.