The funding process

We use a range of funding and support programmes to invest the majority of our science and innovation funds. Each programme is supported with comprehensive documentation covering application and assessment details.

How our funding process works

Funding applications are submitted to us and processed in the Investment Management System, a secure online portal.

The Science Board is responsible for making independent investment decisions on funding proposals for research, science and technology and related activities that are referred to them by our chief executive. This includes funding for the National Science Challenges.

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Annual reporting guidelines

We require holders of science-led contracts to submit an annual report on the outputs and outcomes of activities undertaken/produced during the preceding 12 months.

Annual reporting enables us to evaluate contract performance and remain informed about research progress. We also use data obtained via annual reporting for policy and strategy development, marketing and our corporate accountability documents.

If applicable, Reporting Guidelines for our funds can be found in the Essential documents list on the relevant Fund's webpages.

A full list of our investment funds

In this section

Science funding dates

The science funding calendar shows our funding dates combined with funding dates for the Royal Society and the Health Research Council.

Investment Management System (IMS) Portal

Our Investment Management System (IMS) portal is a secure online system that lets applicants view, edit and submit funding applications.

Our Science Board

Our Science Board is the statutory body responsible for making independent investment decisions for the Endeavour Fund, National Science Challenges and Partnerships.

Our College of Assessors

The assessment of proposals is performed by a considered selection of independent national and international Assessors contracted to our virtual College of Assessors.

Last updated: 27 February 2020