The Impact of Science

In mid-2017, we sought feedback on a discussion paper examining the concept of impact as it relates to the science system.

Why the impact of science is important

Demonstrating and measuring the impact of science is receiving increasing attention in New Zealand and around the world. Researchers, scientists, governments, industry and communities all have an interest in better understanding the impacts of science. Scientists wish to demonstrate the benefits of their work, while governments, industry and communities wish to gain value from new knowledge.

Our consultation

We sought feedback on a discussion paper that began a discussion on defining impact, understanding pathways to impact and clarifying some measurement issues. The paper set out why impact is important, what impact is, what impact looks like, and how and where impact is generated. It also discussed implications of an impact agenda for the science system.

Feedback on the discussion paper closed on 29 September 2017.

The submissions

We received 59 submissions on the discussion paper. Most were organisation-level comments from research organisations, tertiary education organisations, funding bodies, government and the business sector.

Submissions from individuals and groups of individuals were also received. The summary of submissions below summarises the responses made in the submissions.

Read the Impact of Science Summary of Submissions [PDF, 710 KB]