Commercialisation Partner Network

The Commercialisation Partner Network (CPN) builds the capability to turn science findings into commercially viable products.

Through the Network, we are seeking better economic outcomes from the commercialisation of publicly funded research in New Zealand.

The CPN aims to:

  • increase the rates of technology or intellectual property that firms can use
  • increase the formation of investable entities (spinout or start-up companies)
  • strengthen the links between research organisations and individuals, organisations and firms with capabilities and interests in commercialisation
  • improve the capabilities in commercialisation units
  • increase the visibility, transparency, and access to information about R&D projects, organisations and personnel.

The Government seeks an integrated approach to commercialisation where those involved in commercialisation activities work together to create scale, enhance capability and improve collaboration.

CPN works alongside the PreSeed Accelerator Fund. CPN builds capability and PreSeed provides project funding.

The 2019 investment round

We are now inviting proposals to be considered for the creation or continuation of a Commercialisation Centre.

In the 2019 investment round we are seeking up to 4 Centres will make up the Network. 

We will select Centres to ensure the best mix to create scale, enhance capability, and improve collaboration to generate increased wealth and maximise net benefit for New Zealand.

The funding available

$13,600,000 (excluding GST) over 4 years is available for investment from 1 July 2019.

Who can apply

To apply for CPN funding, you must be either a public or not-for-profit private New Zealand research organisation with a regular and demonstrated flow of eligible commercialisation projects or an organisation that has strong links to such research organisations.

A research organisation is defined as a New Zealand legal entity that has internal capability for carrying out research, science or technology or related activities.

How to apply

The Commercialisation Partner Network Fund Call for Proposals contains the information required to prepare and submit a funding proposal.

Commercialisation Partner Network Fund Call for Proposals 2019 Investment Round [PDF, 1.3 MB]

Application Notes

  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
    KPIs will be developed in discussion with MBIE after investment decisions are made. The KPIs requested in the application will form the basis for that discussion and are not final.
  • Budget Breakdowns
    Your application budget breakdowns should detail enough information to show that the funds provided are sufficient to deliver your project’s deliverables.
  • Supporting material and confidentiality
    Refer to all and any additional supporting material in your application. This material can include letters of support and commercially confidential values.  If provided in-confidence, this additional material will not be made public.

Essential documents

Commercialisation Partner Network Fund Call for Proposals 2019 Investment Round [PDF, 1.3 MB] The information required to prepare and submit a funding proposal
Commercialisation Partner Network Fund Assessment Guidelines 2019 Investment Round [PDF, 952 KB] The information on how funding applications will be assessed
Commercialisation Partner Network Fund Investment Contract 2019 [PDF, 151 KB] The terms and conditions of the Commercialisation Partner Network Investment Contract will apply to the provision of funding agreed between us and the contracting organisation.
The National Statement of Science Investment 2015-2025 [PDF, 1.8 MB] The Government’s 10 year vision for New Zealand’s science system.
The Gazette Notice (number 2016-go3833)(external link) The criteria for use in making funding decisions for the Fund.
The Vision Mātauranga policy [PDF, 359 KB] The Government’s policy framework that aims to unlock the innovation potential of Māori knowledge, resources and people to assist New Zealanders to create a better future.
Our Diversity Statement The Diversity in Science Statement sets out our ambition to promote diversity in science and research

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Last updated: 13 February 2019