Our College of Assessors

The assessment of proposals is performed by a considered selection of independent national and international Assessors contracted to our virtual College of Assessors.

If you identify a potential conflict of interest with your proposal, you must email us immediately with the following details so we can reassign assessors if necessary:

  • your application reference
  • your contact phone number
  • the assessor’s name or names
  • the reason for your concern.

The membership list is updated regularly. 

College of assessors

Name Organisation Date joined the College
Adam Hartland University of Waikato 03/11/2020
Adam Daigneault University of Maine 16/11/2020
Adnan Al-Anbuky Auckland University of Technology 03/11/2020
Aduli Enoch Malau-Aduli James Cook University 03/11/2020
Ahmed Al-Jumaily Auckland University of Technology 03/11/2020
Aki von Roy CuroNZ 17/02/2021
Alan Goldberg Johns Hopkins University 03/11/2020
Alan Wood University of Canterbury 03/11/2020
Alan Fekete University of Sydney 16/11/2020
Alan Coulson Self Employed 25/02/2021
Albert Bifet Télécom Paris Tech/ University of Waikato 03/11/2020
Alex Hamilton University of New South Wales 08/12/2020
Alexander Bissember University of Tasmania 17/02/2021
Alexios Leandros Skaltsounis National and Kapodistrian University of Athens 08/12/2020
Alice Theadom Auckland University of Technology 03/11/2020
Alina Morawska University of Queensland 03/11/2020
Alison Bailey Lincoln University 03/11/2020
Allan Watt Centre for Ecology and Hydrology 16/11/2020
Allen Rodrigo The University of Auckland 08/12/2020
Allison Cowin University of South Australia 08/12/2020
Alok Mitra University of Auckland 03/11/2020
Amanda McMurray Amanda McMurray Limited 17/02/2021
Amanda Lynn Mandolin Associates Ltd 17/02/2021
Amanda Barnard Australian National University 03/11/2020
Amanda Ellis University of Melbourne 03/11/2020
Amanda Gibson New Zealand Blood Service 22/02/2021
Anake Goodall Seed The Change | He Kakano Hapai 17/02/2021
Andrea Byrom Independent Environmental Consultant1, Environmental Protection Authority2 17/02/2021
Andrea C. Alfaro Auckland University of Technology 03/11/2020
Andrew Hamilton The Icehouse 17/02/2021
Andrew Roberts Australian National University 17/02/2021
Andrew Allan Plant and Food Research 03/11/2020
Andrew Austin Australian Centre for Evolutionary Biology and Biodiversity 03/11/2020
Andrew Chan University of Tasmania 03/11/2020
Andrew Hill University of Auckland 03/11/2020
Andrew Lowe Auckland University of Technology 03/11/2020
Andrew McGlone Plant and Food Research 03/11/2020
Andrew Mercer University of Otago 03/11/2020
Andrew Tan Macquarie University 03/11/2020
Andrew Sporle University of Auckland, University of Otago 30/03/2021
Andrew Western University of Melbourne 03/11/2020
Andrew Lowe University of Adelaide 16/11/2020
Andrew Jeffs University of Auckland 08/12/2020
Andrew Frost CQUniversity Australia, Ara Institute 08/12/2020
Andrew Yeh-Ching Nee National University of Singapore 25/02/2021
Andy Bond Queensland University of Technology 17/02/2021
Andy Elliot Wakatu Incorporation 17/02/2021
Andy Sheppard CSIRO 03/11/2020
Andy Hogg Australian National University 16/11/2020
Ang Liu University of New South Wales Sydney 08/12/2020
Angus Best National Oceanography Centre 03/11/2020
Ann Smith Ann Smith Limited 03/11/2020
Ann Sullivan University of Auckland 03/11/2020
Anna Yallop Repertoire Management Ltd 17/02/2021
Annabel Ahuriri-Driscoll University of Canterbury 17/02/2021
Anne La Flamme Victoria University of Wellington 22/02/2021
Annette Koo Callaghan Innovation 03/11/2020
Annika Hinze University of Waikato 03/11/2020
Anthony O'Mullane Queensland University of Technology 30/03/2021
Anthony Butler University of Otago 03/11/2020
Antoni Moore University of Otago 03/11/2020
Antonio Tricoli Australian National University 03/11/2020
Antony Tang Swinburne University of Technology 03/11/2020
Antony (Tony) Musker University of Southampton 16/11/2020
April Gu Cornell University 03/11/2020
Armon Tamatea University of Waikato 30/03/2021
Aroha Mead International Union for Conservation of Nature/ Nga Pae o te Maramatanga 25/02/2021
Asaad Shamseldin University of Auckland 03/11/2020
Ashish Sharma The University of New South Wales 16/11/2020
Ashley Franks La Trobe University 03/11/2020
Aydin Berenjian University of Waikato 08/12/2020
B. Louise Chilvers Massey University 03/11/2020
Bakh Khoussainov University of Auckland 17/02/2021
Balwant Singh University of Sydney 03/11/2020
Barb Hayden NIWA 30/03/2021
Barbara Nowak University of Tasmania 03/03/2021
Barbara Bollard Auckland University of Technology 03/11/2020
Barbara Kasprzyk-Hordern University of Bath 03/11/2020
Barbara Robson Australian Institute of Marine Science 16/11/2020
Barry Marlow Independent 22/02/2021
Barry Barton University of Waikato 03/11/2020
Bart Ellenbroek Victoria University Wellington 30/03/2021
Benoit Guieysse Massey University 03/11/2020
Bernd Rehm Centre for Cell Factories and Biopolymers, Griffith University, PolyBatics Ltd 30/03/2021
Bert Quin Quin Environmentals (NZ) Limited 17/02/2021
Beverley Clarkson Manaaki Whenua - Landcare Research 08/12/2020
Bhesh Bhandari The University of Queensland 16/11/2020
Bill Denny University of Auckland 03/11/2020
Bill Fry GNS Science 08/12/2020
Bill Hawkins University of Otago 08/12/2020
Bing Xue Victoria University of Wellington 03/11/2020
Bjorn Asheim University of Lund 03/11/2020
Blanche Capel Duke University 03/03/2021
Brad Ridoutt CSIRO 03/11/2020
Bradley Williams University of Technology Sydney 03/11/2020
Brajesh Singh Western Sydney University 03/11/2020
Bram Smith Kayasand Ltd 17/02/2021
Brandon Hutcheson Aware Group 17/02/2021
Brendan McCane University of Otago 03/11/2020
Brendan Hicks University of Waikato 16/11/2020
Brendan O'Connell Crannora Consulting Ltd 17/02/2021
Brent Clothier Plant and Food Research 03/11/2020
Brent Meekan Beca Ltd 17/02/2021
Brett Neilan University of Newcastle 03/11/2020
Brett Paull University of Tasmania 03/11/2020
Brett Langley University of Waikato 08/12/2020
Brian Finlayson University of Melbourne 03/11/2020
Brian Fitzgerald University of Limerick 03/11/2020
Brian Richardson Scion 16/11/2020
Bridget Stocker Victoria University of Wellington 03/11/2020
Bruce Baguley University of Auckland, Auckland Cancer Society Research Centre 22/02/2021
Bruce Clarkson University of Waikato 25/02/2021
Bruno Chaudret The French National Centre for Scientific Research 08/12/2020
Campbell McKenzie Geo Advisory limited 03/11/2020
Candace Kinser Eastland Group 17/02/2021
Carla Houkamau University of Auckland 03/11/2020
Carlo Giupponi Università Ca' Foscari di Venezia 03/11/2020
Caroline Saunders Lincoln University 08/12/2020
Carolyn Burns University of Otago 03/11/2020
Carolyn King University of Waikato 03/11/2020
Cather Simpson University of Auckland 16/11/2020
Catherine Mohr Intuitive Surgical 25/02/2021
Catherine Iorns Victoria University of Wellington 03/11/2020
Catherine Gunn University of Auckland 16/11/2020
Ceridwen Fraser University of Otago/ Australian National University 08/12/2020
Chaco van der Sijp Ask Learn Share/SecuoS 17/02/2021
Chad Hewitt Murdoch University 03/11/2020
Charles Bostater Jr Florida Institute of Technology 03/11/2020
Charles Lee University of Waikato 03/11/2020
Charles Daugherty Victoria University of Wellington 16/11/2020
Charles Crothers Auckland University of Technology 16/11/2020
Charles Eason Cawthron, Lincoln University 08/12/2020
Charles Unsworth University of Auckland 17/02/2021
Charlie Brummer University of California, Davis. 16/11/2020
Chi Kit Au University of Waikato 03/11/2020
Chris Twiss I Have a Dream Charitable Trust 25/02/2021
Chris Sibley University of Auckland 03/11/2020
Chris van Kessel University of California at Davis (UC Davis), US 03/11/2020
Chris Cunningham Massey University 16/11/2020
Chris Battershill University of Waikato 16/11/2020
Chris Bullen University of Auckland 16/11/2020
Chris Collins Reading University 16/11/2020
Chris Glover Athabasca River Basin Research Institute at Athabasca University, University of Canterbury 08/12/2020
Chris Bennewith Plymouth University 17/02/2021
Chris Arbuckle Aspiring Environmental Ltd 17/02/2021
Christian Hartinger University of Auckland 03/11/2020
Christine Charles Australian National University 03/11/2020
Christine Foyer University of Leeds 03/11/2020
Christine Kenney Massey University 03/11/2020
Christopher Baker Straterra Incorporation 25/02/2021
Christopher Shaw Topajka Shaw Consulting Ltd 03/11/2020
Christopher Triggs University of Auckland 03/11/2020
Christopher Grupen University of Sydney 08/12/2020
Cl?ment Gosselin Laval University 03/11/2020
Clare Murphy University of Wollongong 03/11/2020
Clare Strachan University of Helsinki, University of Otago 08/12/2020
Claudia Vickers CSIRO 17/02/2021
Clemens Scheer Queensland University of Technology 08/12/2020
Cliff Abraham University of Otago 03/11/2020
Cliff Law NIWA 03/11/2020
Clinton Hemana AgNOSIS Ltd 22/02/2021
Clive Jones James Cook University 03/03/2021
Colin Brown Was TracMap Inc. (USA subsidiary of TracMap Holdings Ltd), now retired 17/02/2021
Colin Harvey ANIDEA Consulting 17/02/2021
Colin Dawson Upstream Medical/Tiro Medical/Plant and Food Research/MARS Bioimaging/NZIMMR 17/02/2021
Colin Brown University of Otago 03/11/2020
Colin Buxton University of Tasmania 03/11/2020
Colin Barrow Deakin University 08/12/2020
Colin Knox Colin Knox Consulting 22/02/2021
Colleen Ward Victoria University of Wellington 16/11/2020
Colm Harmon University of Edinburgh 03/11/2020
Conrad Perera University of Auckland 03/11/2020
Conrad Pilditch University of Waikato 08/12/2020
Craig Stevens NIWA/University of Auckland 03/11/2020
Craig Armstrong NZTE 22/02/2021
Cyrille Boyer The University of New South Wales 03/11/2020
Dacheng Tao The University of Sydney 03/11/2020
Dagmar Stengel National University of Ireland Galway 30/03/2021
Dale Carnegie Victoria University of Wellington 03/11/2020
Damian Barrett CSIRO 03/11/2020
Damien Scarf University of Otago 03/11/2020
Dan Zhao University of Canterbury 03/11/2020
Dan Li The University of Melbourne 16/11/2020
Daniel Cozzolino University of Queensland 03/03/2021
Daniel Gapes New Zealand Forest Research Institute Limited, Scion 03/11/2020
Daniel Hikuroa University of Auckland 16/11/2020
Daniela Damian University of Victoria 03/11/2020
Danilo Mandic Imperial College London 03/11/2020
Darren Patterson Patterson Environmental; 3R Group Ltd 17/02/2021
Dave Winkler CSIRO/Monash University/La Trobe University/University of Nottingham 03/11/2020
David King James Cook University 08/12/2020
David Cortie University of Wollongong 03/03/2021
David Penman David Penman and Associates Ltd 17/02/2021
David Miller Vantage Consulting Group 17/02/2021
David Platts D H and CA Platts 17/02/2021
David Hudson SGA Solutions 17/02/2021
David Brown Trihelica 17/02/2021
David Rios Insua Rey Juan Carols University 30/03/2021
David Horvath U.S Department of Agriculture, South Dakota University 30/03/2021
David Bilkey University of Otago 03/11/2020
David Cahill Deakin University 03/11/2020
David Feng University of Sydney 03/11/2020
David Jones University of Bangor 03/11/2020
David Lambert Griffith University 03/11/2020
David Larsen University of Otago 03/11/2020
David Manton The University of Groningen 03/11/2020
David Parry Auckland University of Technology 03/11/2020
David R?os Insua Rey Juan Carols University 03/11/2020
David Sandquist VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland (VTT), InFold AB, Grow - Brand innovation and Design Consultancy 03/11/2020
David Schwartz Bar-Ilan University 03/11/2020
David Hamilton Griffith University 08/12/2020
David Williams University of Auckland 08/12/2020
David Simmons Lincoln University 08/12/2020
David Isaac Finkelstein University of Melbourne 03/03/2021
Dean Barker Fisher & Paykel Healthcare 17/02/2021
Debbie Hay University of Auckland 16/11/2020
Debes Bhattacharyya University of Auckland 08/12/2020
Deborah Black University of Sydney 03/11/2020
Deborah Kane Macquarie University 16/11/2020
Debra Bernhardt The University of Queensland 16/11/2020
Dee Carter University of Sydney 03/11/2020
Denise Wilson Auckland University of Technology 16/11/2020
Derek Abbott The University of Adelaide 03/11/2020
Derek Clements-Croome University of Reading 03/11/2020
Derek Kawiti VIctoria University of Wellignton, CILOARC 17/02/2021
Derek Fairweather Dairy Solutionz (NZ) Ltd 17/02/2021
Dharma Arunachalam Monash University 03/11/2020
Di Yu The University of Queensland 16/11/2020
Diana Siew University of Auckland 17/02/2021
Dianne Gleeson University of Canberra 03/11/2020
Dianne Wiley University of Sydney 03/11/2020
Diego Melgar University of Oregon 22/02/2021
Dione Healey University of Otago 03/11/2020
Dirk Mallants CSIRO 03/11/2020
Dominic Agyei University of Otago 30/03/2021
Don Robertson Retired 25/02/2021
Donna Sutherland University of Technology, Sydney 17/02/2021
Dory Reeves Reeves and Associates 03/11/2020
Doug Wilson University of Auckland 08/12/2020
Douglas Elliffe University of Auckland 16/11/2020
Duncan Hand Heriot-Watt University 03/11/2020
Edgar Wong University of New South Wales Sydney 30/03/2021
Edwin Yates University of Liverpool 03/11/2020
Eibe Frank University of Waikato 03/11/2020
Eileen Harkin-Jones Ulster University 03/11/2020
Eleonora Rivalta GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences 03/11/2020
Elham Doroodchi University of Newcastle 08/12/2020
Elise Pendall Western Sydney University 03/11/2020
Elizabeth Winstanley The University of Sheffield 03/11/2020
Elizabeth McKinley University of Melbourne 16/11/2020
Elizabeth Isenring Bond University 08/12/2020
Elspeth MacRae Scion 03/11/2020
Emilia Mendes Blekinge Institute of Technology 03/11/2020
Emily Parker Victoria University of Wellington 03/11/2020
Eric Wolanski James Cook University 30/03/2021
Erin Wansbrough SODA Inc. 17/02/2021
Esther Angert Cornell University 25/02/2021
Evelyn Doyle University College Dublin 03/11/2020
Evelyne Costes French National Institute for Agricultural Research 03/11/2020
Fabio Zobi University of Fribourg 03/11/2020
Fariba Dehghani University of Sydney 16/11/2020
Fedro Zazueta Ranahan Unversity of Florida 03/11/2020
Fernando Pinilla University of California 16/11/2020
Fiona Thomson-Carter Ministry for Primary Industries 17/02/2021
Florian Graichen Scion 16/11/2020
Fran?ois Flory Ecole Centrale Marseille 03/11/2020
Francene Wineti Awariki Ltd 16/11/2020
Frank Maurer University of Calgary 03/11/2020
Frederick Stoddard University of Helsinki 03/11/2020
Gail Tipa Tipa and Associates Ltd 30/03/2021
Gale Brightwell AgResearch 03/11/2020
Gareth Cronin Xero/Ambit AI 17/02/2021
Garry Watson Nga Uri o te Ngahere Trust 17/02/2021
Gary Prentice Defence Technology Agency 16/11/2020
Gary Bedford Taranaki Regional Council 17/02/2021
Gavin Brennen Macquarie University 03/03/2021
Gavin Painter Victoria University of Wellington 08/12/2020
Geoff Holmes University of Waikato 03/11/2020
Geoff Bates Pastoral Robotics Ltd, Atelier Tech Ltd 30/03/2021
Geoff Soutar University of Western Australia 30/03/2021
Geoff Henshaw Aeroqual Ltd 17/02/2021
Geoffrey Waterhouse The University of Auckland, The MacDiarmid Institute, The Dodd-Walls Centre 08/12/2020
Geoffrey Rodgers University of Canterbury 08/12/2020
Geoffroy Lamarche Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment 03/11/2020
George Arnold Accident Compensation Corporation 25/02/2021
George Baird Victoria University of Wellington 03/11/2020
George Chen University of Nottingham in both the UK (UNUK) and China (UNNC) Campuses 03/11/2020
George Perry University of Auckland 30/03/2021
Gerald Midgley University of Hull 03/11/2020
Gerald Tannock University of Otago 03/11/2020
Gerald Rys Ministry for Primary Industries 17/02/2021
Gerard Berginc Thales Optronique 03/11/2020
Gerry Closs University of Otago 03/11/2020
Gilda Tachedjian Burnet Institute 03/11/2020
Giles Hardy Murdoch University 03/11/2020
Gill Jolly GNS Science 08/12/2020
Gillian Wratt Gilando Ltd 25/02/2021
Gillian Dobbie University of Auckland 03/11/2020
Gillian Lewis University of Auckland 03/11/2020
Gillian Whalley University of Otago 03/11/2020
Giovanni Coco University of Auckland 30/03/2021
Gisela Sole University of Otago 03/11/2020
Glenn Harrington Innovative Ground Water Solutions 25/02/2021
Glenn Browning Melbourne Veterinary School, University of Melbourne 03/11/2020
Glenn Platt CSIRO 03/11/2020
Gon?alo Bernardes University of Cambridge 03/11/2020
Goran Roos Intellectual Capital Services Ltd 03/11/2020
Grace Mulcahy University College Dublin 16/11/2020
Graham Town Macquarie University 30/03/2021
Graham Sevicke-Jones Environment Southland 30/03/2021
Graham Miller University of Surrey 17/02/2021
Graham Brown University of South Australia 03/11/2020
Graham Saunders University of Waikato 03/11/2020
Grant Scobie Independent 25/02/2021
Grant Pearson Self Employed 17/02/2021
Grant Singleton Consultant 03/11/2020
Grant Williams Victoria University of Wellington 03/11/2020
Greg Sitters Matu Fund 17/02/2021
Greg Arnold Downer; Road Science 17/02/2021
Greg Richards Tilburg University 03/11/2020
Greg Bignall Baseload Power New Zealand Limited 16/11/2020
Gregory Roger University of Sydney 03/11/2020
Gregory MacRae University of Canterbury, QuakeCORE 08/12/2020
Gregory Bix Tulane University 08/12/2020
Gretta Pecl University of Tasmania, Centre for Marine Socioecology 17/02/2021
Guglielmo Aglietti University of Auckland 03/03/2021
Guoqiang Mao University of Technology Sydney 03/11/2020
Guy Maddern University of Adelaide 17/02/2021
Hala Zreiqat University of Sydney 17/02/2021
Hamish Conway Goodman Fielder 17/02/2021
Hanna Suominen Australian National University, University of Turku 08/12/2020
Hans Griesser University of South Australia 30/03/2021
Heather MacDonald University of Technology Sydney 08/12/2020
Heidi Drummer Burnet Institute, Melbourne 03/11/2020
Heidi Dungey Scion 03/11/2020
Heinz Schandl Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) 08/12/2020
Helen Potter Tiaho Ltd 03/11/2020
Helen Rizos Macquarie University 03/11/2020
Helen Ross The University of Queensland 16/11/2020
Helen Roberts University of Otago 03/03/2021
Helen Moewaka Barnes Massey University 03/11/2020
Henk Berkman University of Auckland 30/03/2021
Henryk Flachowsky Julius Kühn Institute, Germany 16/11/2020
Hilton Furness Self Employed 22/02/2021
Hilton Collier AgFirst 17/02/2021
Holger Regenbrecht University of Otago 03/11/2020
Hongdong Li The Australian National University 08/12/2020
Hongxia Wang Queensland University of Technology 03/11/2020
Hrvoje Tkalcic The Australian National University 03/11/2020
Huaxiong Wang Nanyang Technological University 03/11/2020
Hugh Blair Massey University 03/11/2020
Hugh Morgan University of Waikato 03/11/2020
Hugh Campbell University of Otago 16/11/2020
Hugh Logan HFM Logan Consulting/ Land and Water Forum 17/02/2021
Iain White University of Waikato 03/11/2020
Ian Aiken Seismic Isolation Engineering, Inc. 03/11/2020
Ian Anderson Western Sydney University 03/11/2020
Ian Atkinson James Cook University 03/11/2020
Ian Frazer University of Queensland 03/11/2020
Ian Lean Scibus/University of Sydney 03/11/2020
Ian O'Hara Queensland University of Technology 03/11/2020
Ian Sutherland AgResearch 03/11/2020
Ian Witten University of Waikato 03/11/2020
Ian Woodhead Lincoln Agritech Ltd 16/11/2020
Ian Buckle University of Nevada Reno 16/11/2020
Ian Walker Lancaster University 16/11/2020
Ian Lambie University of Auckland 30/03/2021
Ihab Elzeyadi University of Oregon 03/11/2020
Ilan Katz University of New South Wales 03/11/2020
Imke Tammen University of Sydney 03/11/2020
Indrawati Oey University of Otago 03/11/2020
Ingrid Appelqvist CSIRO 16/11/2020
Isabelle Chambefort GNS Science 03/11/2020
Isha Ray University of California 03/11/2020
Ivan Diaz-Rainey University of Otago 03/03/2021
Jaafar Abduo Melbourne Dental School, Melbourne University 03/11/2020
Jacqueline Beggs University of Auckland 03/11/2020
Jacqueline Cumming Victoria University of Wellington 03/11/2020
Jacques Poot University of Waikato 03/11/2020
Jacquie Reed Unitec Institute of Technology/Consultant 03/11/2020
Jago Dodson RMIT University 16/11/2020
Jahangir Hossain University of Technology Sydney 30/03/2021
Jake Rice Canadian Department of Fisheries and Oceans 16/11/2020
James Hutchinson Kiwi Innovation Network 25/02/2021
James Byrne University of Massachusetts Lowell/Griffith University 03/11/2020
James Goff University of New South Wales 03/11/2020
James Raymer Australian National University 03/11/2020
James Turner AgResearch 03/11/2020
James Noble Victoria University of Wellington 16/11/2020
James Lim University of Auckland 08/12/2020
James White University of Otago 30/03/2021
James Morley University of Sydney 30/03/2021
James (Jim) Johnston Victoria University of Wellington 16/11/2020
James (Jim) Cotter University of Otago 08/12/2020
Jamin Halberstadt University of Otago 03/11/2020
Jan Nicholson La Trobe University 03/11/2020
Jan Stenlid Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences 03/11/2020
Jan Lindsay University of Auckland 16/11/2020
Jane Allison University of Auckland 03/11/2020
Jane Sheridan The University of Auckland 03/11/2020
Jane Doolan Australian Productivity Commission 16/11/2020
Jane Kitson Kitson Consulting Ltd 30/03/2021
Jane Eagleson Bleecker Street Consulting 17/02/2021
Janet Pitman Victoria University of Wellington 03/11/2020
Janie Sheridan The University of Auckland 16/11/2020
Janine Deakin Institute for Applied Ecology 03/11/2020
Janis Swan University of Waikato 03/11/2020
Jarrod Haar Auckland University of Technology, NZ Work Research Institute 30/03/2021
Jason Mika Massey University 03/11/2020
Jason Sharples University of New South Wales 08/12/2020
Jason Turuwhenua University of Auckland 17/02/2021
Jayson Semmens Institute of Marine and Antarctic Science, University of Tasmania 17/02/2021
JC Gaillard University of Auckland 03/11/2020
Jeanne Jacobs AgResearch 16/11/2020
Jeff Seadon Auckland University of Technology 08/12/2020
Jennie Pryce La Trobe University 03/11/2020
Jennie Pryce La Trobe University 22/02/2021
Jennifer Hart Beca Ltd 03/03/2021
Jennifer Martin University of Newcastle 16/11/2020
Jenny Seddon University of Queensland 03/11/2020
Jenny Juengel AgResearch 16/11/2020
Jenny Webster-Brown Our Land and Water National Science Challenge 08/12/2020
Jenny Culliford Culliford and Associates Ltd 17/02/2021
Jens W?nsche University of Hohenheim, Germany 08/12/2020
Jeremiah Deng University of Otago 08/12/2020
Jeremy Turnbull University of Liverpool 16/11/2020
Jeroen Douwes Massey University 03/11/2020
Jerzy Krupinski Universitari Mútua Terrassa 03/11/2020
Jevon Longdell University of Otago 03/11/2020
Jian Zuo University of Adelaide 08/12/2020
Jill Stanley Plant and Food Research 03/11/2020
Jim He University of Melbourne 03/11/2020
Jimmy Botella University of Queensland 03/11/2020
Jimmy Suttie Pacific Edge Limited 08/12/2020
Jingling Xue University of New South Wales 08/12/2020
Jiyuan Tu RMIT University 03/03/2021
Joanne Daly Datalytics P/L 03/11/2020
Joanne Hort Massey University 03/11/2020
Joaquim Jorge Instituto Superior Técnico 03/11/2020
Jocelyn Turnbull GNS Science New Zealand1, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Global Monitoring Division and CIRES (USA)2 08/12/2020
Jodie Bradby Australian National University 17/02/2021
Joe Zuccarello Victoria University of Wellington 03/03/2021
Joe Dong University of New South Wales 30/03/2021
Joerg Wicker University of Auckland 08/12/2020
Johan Svenson Cawthron Institute 03/03/2021
Johan Verbeek University of Auckland 08/12/2020
Johannes le Coutre University of New South Wales 08/12/2020
John Bowman University of Tasmania 03/11/2020
John Brookfield University of Nottingham 03/11/2020
John Challiss University of Leicester 03/11/2020
John Dudley University of Franche-Comt? 03/11/2020
John Giesy University of Saskatchewan 03/11/2020
John Harvey University of Auckland 03/11/2020
John Kennedy GNS Science 03/11/2020
John McEwan AgResearch 03/11/2020
John Miller Victoria University of Wellington 03/11/2020
John Raine Auckland University of Technology 03/11/2020
John Roche Ministry for Primary Industries 03/11/2020
John Webb La Trobe University 03/11/2020
John Cockrem Massey University 16/11/2020
John Reynolds University of Otago 16/11/2020
John Cater The University of Auckland, Auckland Space Institute, Auckland Programme for Space Systems 08/12/2020
John Brooks Auckland University of Technology 08/12/2020
John Leonard Massachusetts Institute of Technology 08/12/2020
John Church University of New South Wales 08/12/2020
John Dalrymple-Alford University of Canterbury 03/03/2021
John Ruffell Independent Consultant 30/03/2021
John Bowman Monash University 30/03/2021
John Cunningham Ignition Partner Ltd 17/02/2021
John Caradus Grasslanz Technology Ltd 17/02/2021
John Kay Defence Technology Agency 17/02/2021
Jon Lamb AFT Pharma, Tidy International, Medreleaf AU, Northland Waste 17/02/2021
Jonathan Procter Massey University 17/02/2021
Jonathan Gardner Victoria University of Wellington 03/11/2020
Jonathan Sperry University of Auckland 03/11/2020
Jonathan Leaver Unitec Institute of Technology 08/12/2020
Jonathan Waters University of Otago 03/03/2021
Jose Campos University of Minho 03/11/2020
Joshua Sharp University of Mississippi 03/11/2020
Jourdan Templeton Aware Group 17/02/2021
Juan Marcellos Tauri University of Waikato 30/03/2021
Judith Dawes Macquarie University 03/11/2020
Julia Mullarney University of Waikato 03/11/2020
Julian Gardner University of Warwick 03/11/2020
Julian Heyes Massey University 03/11/2020
Julie Rowland University of Auckland 25/02/2021
Julie Fitzpatrick Moredun Research Institute 16/11/2020
Julie Cairney University of Sydney 16/11/2020
Juliet Newson Reykjavik University 17/02/2021
Justin Kenardy University of Queensland 03/11/2020
Justin Hodgkiss Victoria University of Wellington 08/12/2020
Karen Reynolds Flinders University 03/11/2020
Karen Turner University of Queensland 03/11/2020
Karen Willcox The University of Texas at Austin 03/11/2020
Karl Lofgren Victoria University of Wellington 03/11/2020
Kate Scott University of Otago 08/12/2020
Katharine Challis Scion 03/11/2020
Kathryn Hempstalk Trade Me 17/02/2021
Kathryn Kasmarik University of New South Wales 03/11/2020
Kay Saville-Smith Centre for Research Evaluation and Social Assessment 30/03/2021
Kaye Basford University of Queensland 03/11/2020
Kaye-Maree Dunn Making Everything Achievable Limited 17/02/2021
Kaylene Larking Meat Industry Association 22/02/2021
Keith Gordon University of Otago 08/12/2020
Ken Hughey Lincoln University 03/11/2020
Ken Morison University of Canterbury 03/11/2020
Kenneth Tak Wing Yiu Massey University 03/11/2020
Kepa Morgan Mahi Maioro Professionals 03/11/2020
Kevin Collins Collins Consulting 17/02/2021
Kevin Marshall cDNAk Enterprises Ltd 03/03/2021
Kevin Dew Victoria University of Wellington 03/11/2020
Kevin Harding Harding Forestry Services 03/11/2020
Kevin Davies Plant & Food Research 08/12/2020
Kim Dirks University of Auckland 03/11/2020
Kim Pickering University of Waikato 03/11/2020
Kimiora Henare University of Auckland 17/02/2021
Krasimir Vasilev University of South Australia 30/03/2021
Lance Lloyd Lloyd Environmental Pty Ltd 17/02/2021
Lance Wiggs Lance Wiggs Capital Management 17/02/2021
Lars Meyer Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences 03/11/2020
Laura Parry The University of Adelaide 03/11/2020
Laurence Zwimpfer Zwimpfer Communications Limited 17/02/2021
Laurence Walsh University of Queensland 17/02/2021
Leanne Armand Australian National University 03/11/2020
Leigh Hale University of Otago 16/11/2020
Leo Condron Lincoln University 25/02/2021
Leo Joseph CSIRO 03/11/2020
Leo Otterbein Harvard Medical School 03/11/2020
Leon Sterling Swinburne University of Technology 03/11/2020
Les Edye Leaf Resources 22/02/2021
Lesley Stevenson Innov8fresh 22/02/2021
Leslie MacLaren Dalhousie University 16/11/2020
Lewis Ziska Columbia University 30/03/2021
Lianzhou Wang University of Queensland, Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology, Nanomac 08/12/2020
Lim Teck National University of Singapore 03/11/2020
Linda Faulkner Tutaiao Ltd 17/02/2021
Linda Mitchell University of Waikato 17/02/2021
Linda Blackall University of Melbourne 03/11/2020
Linda Te Aho University of Waikato 03/11/2020
Linda Tuhiwai-Smith University of Waikato 03/11/2020
Linda Liebenberg Dalhousie University, Everfair Logistics 08/12/2020
Linda Waimarie Nikora Ngā Pae o te Māramatanga, University of Auckland 22/02/2021
Lindsey White Auckland University of Technology 03/11/2020
Lisa Davies Kaipuke Consultants Ltd 17/02/2021
Lisa Wood University of Newcastle 03/11/2020
Lorraine Maltby University of Sheffield 16/11/2020
Louise Parr-Brownlie University of Otago 17/02/2021
Louise Dixon Victoria University of Wellington 16/11/2020
Love Chile Auckland University of Technology 16/11/2020
Luitgard Schwendenmann University of Auckland 03/11/2020
Luke Mosley University of Adelaide 16/11/2020
Lyall Hanton University of Otago 08/12/2020
Lyndal Thorburn Viria Pty Ltd 17/02/2021
Lynn Crawford University of Sydney 03/11/2020
Lynn Huntsinger University of California, Berkeley 16/11/2020
Lynne Regan University of Edinburgh 03/11/2020
Mac Beggs Beggs Geological Ltd 03/11/2020
Magaly Koch Boston University 03/11/2020
Maggie-Lee Huckabee University of Canterbury 03/11/2020
Malcolm Green RMA Science 25/02/2021
Malcolm Clark NIWA 08/12/2020
Manolya Kavakli-Thorne Macquarie University 03/11/2020
Marc Wilson Victoria University of Wellington 16/11/2020
Marc Aurel Schnabel Victoria University of Wellington 03/11/2020
Marcel Dinger University of New South Wales 03/11/2020
Maren Wellenreuther Plant and Food Research, University of Auckland 03/03/2021
Margaret Barbour University of Waikato 03/11/2020
Margaret Brimble University of Auckland 03/11/2020
Margaret Mayfield University of Queensland 16/11/2020
Margit Noll FFG Austrian Resesarch Promotion Agency 03/11/2020
Margreet Vissers University of Otago 30/03/2021
Marian Mahat University of Melbourne 03/11/2020
Marianna Sigala University of South Australia - UniSA 03/11/2020
Marion Schoenfeld Christchurch City Council 25/02/2021
Marjan van den Belt Independent 08/12/2020
Mark Apperley University of Waikato 03/11/2020
Mark Burgman Imperial College London 03/11/2020
Mark Butler MSBChem Consulting 03/11/2020
Mark Dyer University of Waikato 03/11/2020
Mark Skidmore Keele University 03/11/2020
Mark Billinghurst University of South Australia 16/11/2020
Mark Hindell University of Tasmania 08/12/2020
Mark Templeton Aeroqual Ltd 25/02/2021
Mark Luetzner Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt (DLR), Germany 17/02/2021
Mark Lokman University of Otago 03/03/2021
Marlena Kruger Massey University 03/11/2020
Martha Savage Victoria University of Wellington 16/11/2020
Martin Hill Rhodes University 16/11/2020
Martin Tyas University of Melbourne 08/12/2020
Martyn Chipperfield University of Leeds1, Institute for Climate and Atmospheric Science2 03/11/2020
Mary Firestone University of California 08/12/2020
Mary O'Connell University of Leeds 17/02/2021
Matire Harwood University of Auckland 03/11/2020
Matt Roskruge Massey University 03/11/2020
Matthew Payton Fisher & Paykel Healthcare 17/02/2021
Matthew Wilson Geospatial Research Institute, University of Canterbury 03/11/2020
Max Suckling was Plant and Food Research and UoA 03/11/2020
Max Haggblom Rutgers University 08/12/2020
Max Petrov University of Auckland 03/03/2021
Megan Balks University of Waikato/Earthbrooke Views Ltd 03/11/2020
Melanie Bishop Macquarie University 03/11/2020
Melanie Ooi University of Waikato 03/11/2020
Melissa Bowen University of Auckland 16/11/2020
Mengjie Zhang Victoria University of Wellington 03/11/2020
Mengu Cho Kyushu Institute of Technology 22/02/2021
Merata Kawharu University of Otago 03/11/2020
Merilyn Hibma University of Otago 30/03/2021
Mibel Aguilar Monash University 03/11/2020
Michael Tatley University of Otago 17/02/2021
Michael Pervan AIM Altitude 17/02/2021
Michael Cameron University of Waikato 03/11/2020
Michael Jones Murdoch University 03/11/2020
Michael Kelly University of Cambridge 03/11/2020
Michael Butts Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI) 16/11/2020
Michael Walmsley University of Waikato 16/11/2020
Michael Keough University of Melbourne 16/11/2020
Michael Clearwater University of Waikato 08/12/2020
Michael Donn Victoria University of Wellington 08/12/2020
Michael Burrow The University of Hong Kong1, University of Melbourne2 22/02/2021
Michael Considine University of Western Australia 30/03/2021
Michael Crawford Cooperative Research Centre for High Performance Soils 30/03/2021
Michele Prinsep University of Waikato 03/11/2020
Michelle Colgrave CSIRO and Edith Cowan University 30/03/2021
Michelle Sullivan Electric Sheep Ltd 17/02/2021
Mick Clout University of Auckland 03/11/2020
Miguel Andrade Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz 03/11/2020
Mike Bickerdike BioTarget Consulting 17/02/2021
Mike Packer Cawthron Institute 03/11/2020
Mike Reid University of Canterbury 03/11/2020
Mike Taylor University of Auckland 03/11/2020
Mike Coffin University of Tasmania 16/11/2020
Mike Boland Riddet Institute 08/12/2020
Milo Kral University of Canterbury 16/11/2020
Min Chen The University of Sydney 03/11/2020
Miriana Stephens Wakatu Incorporation/Kono NZ 17/02/2021
Mohammad Manzur Murshed Federation University 03/11/2020
Mohammed Bennamoun University of Western Australia 03/11/2020
Monica Handler Victoria University of Wellington 30/03/2021
Monica Gerth Victoria University of Wellington 03/11/2020
Monica Giusti The Ohio State University 08/12/2020
Murray Milner Milner Consulting Ltd 17/02/2021
Nancy Yopp NLY Consulting Ltd 17/02/2021
Nanthi Bolan The University of Newcastle 03/11/2020
Naresh Singhal University of Auckland 03/11/2020
Natalie Plank Victoria University of Wellington1, MacDiarmid Institute2 17/02/2021
Natalie Jackson Natalie Jackson Demographics Ltd 03/11/2020
Nathan Cooper University of Waikato 03/11/2020
Nathaniel Bindoff University of Tasmania 08/12/2020
Nawawi Chouw University of Auckland 03/11/2020
Neil Broderick University of Auckland 03/11/2020
Neil Carr University of Otago 03/11/2020
Neil Gemmell University of Otago 03/11/2020
Nicholas Chileshe University of South Australia 03/11/2020
Nick Albert The NZ Institute for Plant and Food Research Ltd. 30/03/2021
Nick Long Victoria University of Wellington 03/11/2020
Nick Roberts AgResearch 03/11/2020
Nick Waipara Plant and Food Research 03/11/2020
Nick Reid University of New England 16/11/2020
Nick Roskruge Massey University 08/12/2020
Nicola Gaston University of Auckland 03/11/2020
Nicola Spaldin ETH Zurich 03/11/2020
Nicola Brasch Auckland University of Technology 08/12/2020
Nicole Roy University of Otago 03/11/2020
Nicos Komninos Aristotle University of Thessaloniki 03/11/2020
Nicos Petasis University of Southern California 08/12/2020
Niels Kjaergaard University of Otago 03/11/2020
Nihal Kularatna University of Waikato 03/11/2020
Niki Davis University of Canterbury 03/11/2020
Nikki Moreland University of Auckland 30/03/2021
Niklas Lehto Lincoln University 30/03/2021
Nikola Kasabov Auckland University of Technology 03/11/2020
Nirmal Nair University of Auckland 03/11/2020
Ocean Mercier Victoria University of Wellington 16/11/2020
Olaf Diegel University of Auckland 03/11/2020
Olaf Morgenstern NIWA 08/12/2020
Ottmar Lipp Curtin University 03/11/2020
Owen Young Auckland University of Technology 03/11/2020
Pablo Marquet Catholic University of Chile 03/11/2020
Pablo Gregorini Lincoln University 08/12/2020
Pamela Bell Self-employed consultant - Innovative Construction Expert 17/02/2021
Pamela Mace Ministry for Primary Industries 16/11/2020
Pang-Ning Tan Michigan State University 03/11/2020
Patrice Delmas University of Auckland 03/11/2020
Patrick Drohan Pennsylvania State University 03/11/2020
Patrick Aiguo Hu University of Auckland 03/11/2020
Patrik Hoffmann Ecole Polytechnique Federale De Lausanne 16/11/2020
Paul Dyson Swansea University, UK 03/11/2020
Paul Kenyon Massey University 03/11/2020
Paul Strooper University of Queensland 03/11/2020
Paul Stern Social and Environmental Research Institute 16/11/2020
Paul Snelgrove Memorial University 16/11/2020
Paul Jose Victoria University of Wellington 08/12/2020
Paul Kruger University of Canterbury, MacDiarmid Institute for Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology 08/12/2020
Paula Jameson University of Canterbury 03/11/2020
Pavel Kabat Wageningen University 16/11/2020
Penelope Truman Massey University 03/11/2020
Peng Cao University of Auckland 03/11/2020
Pete Hodgson Callaghan Innovation 17/02/2021
Peter Bernus Griffith University 03/11/2020
Peter Chong Auckland University of Technology 03/11/2020
Peter Dearden University of Otago 03/11/2020
Peter Doherty Australian Institute of Marine Science 03/11/2020
Peter Halley University of Queensland (UQ); Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology (UQ) 03/11/2020
Peter Newton Swinburne University of Technology 03/11/2020
Peter Pfeffer Victoria University of Wellington 03/11/2020
Peter Sharp University of Sydney 03/11/2020
Peter Shepherd University of Auckland 03/11/2020
Peter Speck Flinders University 03/11/2020
Peter White University of Sydney 03/11/2020
Peter Xu University of Auckland 03/11/2020
Peter Hunter University of Auckland 16/11/2020
Peter Almond Lincoln University 16/11/2020
Peter Adams 16/11/2020
Peter Bodeker Ministry for Primary Industries 17/02/2021
Peter Stott UK Meteorological Office 16/11/2020
Peter Lee University of Auckland 17/02/2021
Peter Bellingham Manaaki Whenua Landcare Research1, University of Auckland2 16/11/2020
Peter Bradley Clever Culture Systems 17/02/2021
Peter Millard Manaaki Whenua ? Landcare Research 16/11/2020
Peter Waterhouse Queensland University of Technology 16/11/2020
Peter Kevan University of Guelpht 08/12/2020
Peter Neumann Universit?t Bern 08/12/2020
Peter Macreadie Deakin University 08/12/2020
Peyman Zawar-Reza University of Canterbury 17/02/2021
Phil Kearney Merck Sharp Dohme Australia 25/02/2021
Phil Bremer University of Otago 03/11/2020
Phil Carter Institute of Environmental Science and Research 03/11/2020
Phil Shane University of Auckland 03/11/2020
Philip Crosier University of Auckland 03/11/2020
Philip Hulme Lincoln University 03/11/2020
Philomena Bluyssen Delft University of Technology 03/11/2020
Phoebe Chen La Trobe University 30/03/2021
Piero Colonna Delft University of Technology (TU Delft), Faculty of Aerospace Engineering 16/11/2020
Pierre Quenneville University of Auckland 16/11/2020
Poul Nielsen University of Auckland 25/02/2021
Poul Christoffersen University of Cambridge 03/11/2020
Pragna Patel University of Southern California 08/12/2020
Prem Bhalla University of Melbourne 16/11/2020
Qiao Wang Massey University 03/11/2020
Qing Wang Australian National University 03/11/2020
Quentin Atkinson University of Auckland 03/11/2020
Quinn Fitzgibbon University of Tasmania 03/03/2021
Rachel Burton University of Adelaide 03/11/2020
Rachel Wolfgramm University of Auckland 03/11/2020
Raechel Laing University of Otago 22/02/2021
Rainer Horn University of Kiel 17/02/2021
Rajesh Katare University of Otago 03/11/2020
Rajesh Dhakal University of Canterbury 08/12/2020
Rajkumar Buyya University of Melbourne 08/12/2020
Ralf Reulke Humboldt University of Berlin 03/11/2020
Ralph Cooney University of Auckland 03/11/2020
Ralph Sims Massey University 03/11/2020
Ralph Chapman Victoria University of Wellington 22/02/2021
Ranjith Pathegama Gamage Monash University 08/12/2020
Ravi Naidu University of Newcastle 03/11/2020
Ravi Ravindran Massey University 03/11/2020
Rebekah Fuller Lincoln Agritech LTD 30/03/2021
Reece Moors National Science Challenge - Science for Technological Innovation 17/02/2021
Richard Smith Resilience to Nature's Challenge National Science Challenge 25/02/2021
Richard Pollock Consultant 25/02/2021
Richard Cannon University of Otago 03/11/2020
Richard Coleman University of Tasmania 03/11/2020
Richard Green University of Canterbury 03/11/2020
Richard Haverkamp Massey University 03/11/2020
Richard Newcomb Plant and Food Research 03/11/2020
Richard Stuetz University of New South Wales 03/11/2020
Richard Yu Carleton University 03/11/2020
Richard Matear CSIRO 16/11/2020
Richard Macknight University of Otago 08/12/2020
Rickey Yada The University of British Columbia, Canada 03/11/2020
Rob Whitney Independent Research Association of NZ 03/11/2020
Robert Dempster Virbac 17/02/2021
Robert Minasian University of Sydney 17/02/2021
Robert Keyzers Victoria University of Wellington 03/11/2020
Robert Simmons Cranfield University 03/11/2020
Robert Park University of Sydney 16/11/2020
Robert Moore RMIT University 16/11/2020
Robert Ackland Australian National University 08/12/2020
Robert Buckley Victoria University of Wellington 08/12/2020
Robert Schaffer Plant and Food Research 08/12/2020
Roberta Marinelli University of Southern Carolina 16/11/2020
Robin Falconer Robin Falconer Associates Ltd 25/02/2021
Robin Olds Robin Olds Research and Strategy Consulting 17/02/2021
Robin Peace Massey University 16/11/2020
Robin Kearns The University of Auckland 08/12/2020
Robyn Munford Massey University 03/11/2020
Robyn Schofield University of Melbourne 03/11/2020
Rodney Wong Centre for High Value Nutrition 17/02/2021
Roger Harker Plant and Food Research 03/11/2020
Roger Hellens Queensland University of Technology (QUT) 03/11/2020
Roger Hurst Plant and Food Research 03/11/2020
Roger Stanley University of Tasmania 03/11/2020
Roger Fairclough Neo Leaf Global Ltd 17/02/2021
Romas Kazlauskas University of Minnesota 03/11/2020
Rongkun Zheng University of Sydney 03/03/2021
Rosalie Cull Adjutor Healthcare Pty Ltd 17/02/2021
Rosalind Archer University of Auckland 16/11/2020
Ross Thompson University of Canberra 16/11/2020
Ross Green Trumpington Associates Ltd. 17/02/2021
Ruili Wang Massey University 03/11/2020
Russell Burton Russell Burton and Associates 03/11/2020
Russell Snell University of Auckland 03/11/2020
Ryan Ko University of Queensland 03/11/2020
Sally McArthur Swinburne University of Technology 03/11/2020
Sally Jo Cunningham University of Waikato 03/11/2020
Samad Sepasgozar University of New South Wales Sydney 08/12/2020
Samantha Gray BioEquitas Ltd 17/02/2021
Sandra Kentish University of Melbourne 08/12/2020
Sandy Morrison University of Waikato 17/02/2021
Sara Wilkinson University of Technology Sydney 30/03/2021
Sarah Heine Biopolymer Network Ltd 30/03/2021
Sarah McLaren Massey University 03/11/2020
Saxon Connor Canterbury District Health Board 16/11/2020
Scott Sell Saint Louis University 30/03/2021
Sea Rotmann SEA - Sustainable Energy Advice Ltd 17/02/2021
Sebastian Link The University of Auckland 08/12/2020
Selwyn Yorke SCY Consulting Ltd 17/02/2021
Serean Adams Cawthron Institute 08/12/2020
Shaily Mahendra University of California 08/12/2020
Shane Xie University of Leeds 03/11/2020
Shantanu Das Fonterra 16/11/2020
Shanthi Ameratunga University of Auckland 08/12/2020
Sharath Sriram RMIT University 03/11/2020
Sharon Lehany (Adamson) Active Minds Aotearoa 17/02/2021
Shaun Ogilvie Eco Research Associates Ltd 16/11/2020
Shaun Awatere Manaaki Whenua Landcare Research 16/11/2020
Sheila Watson Heritage New Zealand Pouhere Taonga 22/02/2021
Shirley Pugh SPMJ Technology Consulting 17/02/2021
Shuhei Masuda Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC) 03/11/2020
Shusheng Pang University of Canterbury 03/11/2020
Siew-Young Quek University of Auckland 17/02/2021
Simeon Simoff Western Sydney University 08/12/2020
Simon Bickerton University of Auckland 03/11/2020
Simon Jones RMIT University 03/11/2020
Simon Kingham University of Canterbury, Geospatial Research Institute, Ministry of Transport 03/11/2020
Simon Leather Harper Adams University 03/11/2020
Simon Thrush The University of Auckland 08/12/2020
Simon Yarrow Callaghan Innovation 17/02/2021
Simon Arnold National Energy Research Institute / Arnold and Woodhall 22/02/2021
Sinniah Ilanko University of Waikato 03/11/2020
Sisi Zlatanova University of New South Wales Sydney 08/12/2020
Stefano Musacchi Washington State University 16/11/2020
Stephen Bartlett University of Sydney 03/11/2020
Stephen Morris Massey University 03/11/2020
Stephen Robertson University of Otago 03/11/2020
Stephen Swearer University of Melbourne 03/11/2020
Stephen Sowerby SIP Ltd 16/11/2020
Stephen Gould Australian National University, ARC Centre of Excellence for Robotic Vision 08/12/2020
Stephen Henry Kode Biotechnology 17/02/2021
Steve Pawson University of Canterbury 03/11/2020
Steve Reeves University of Waikato 03/11/2020
Steve Harcourt HBH Limited 17/02/2021
Steve Leftly Myovolt 17/02/2021
Steven Bottle Queensland University of Technology 03/11/2020
Stewart Hamilton Rio Tinto 25/02/2021
Stu Christie StuChristie and Asoociates 17/02/2021
Subhas Mukhopadhyay Macquire University 03/11/2020
Sue Barrell Bureau of Meteorology 17/02/2021
Suranga Nanayakkara University of Auckland 03/11/2020
Surinder Saggar Manaaki Whenua Landcare Research, Massey University 08/12/2020
Susan Morton University of Auckland 03/11/2020
Susan Schenk Victoria University of Wellington 16/11/2020
Susanne Clay Gecko Advisory Limited 17/02/2021
Suvi Nenonen University of Auckland Business School 30/03/2021
Suzanne Wilkinson Massey University 03/11/2020
Sylvie Thiebaux Australian National University 16/11/2020
Tahu Kukutai University of Waikato 08/12/2020
Takuya Tsuzuki Australian National University 03/11/2020
Tamlin Conner University of Otago 03/11/2020
Tammy Allen University of South Florida 16/11/2020
Tanira Kingi Scion 03/03/2021
Tanja Mitrovic University of Canterbury 03/11/2020
Tava Olsen University of Auckland 03/11/2020
Te Taka Keegan University of Waikato 03/11/2020
Theodore DeJong University of California, Davis 03/11/2020
Thiago Ant?nio Moretti de Andrade Herminio Ometto University Center of Araras 08/12/2020
Thomas Braunl University of Western Australia 30/03/2021
Thomas Buckley Landcare Research 03/11/2020
Thomas Dietz Michigan State University 03/11/2020
Thomas McDonald Wilson University of Canterbury 03/11/2020
Thomas Rades University of Copenhagen 03/11/2020
Thomas Hartung Johns Hopkins University 16/11/2020
Thomas Wernberg University of Auckland 16/11/2020
Tim Mazzarol University of Western Australia 30/03/2021
Tim McCready BioPacific Partners 17/02/2021
Tim Claypole Swansea University 03/11/2020
Tim Clough Lincoln University 03/11/2020
Tim Maloney Auckland University of Technology 03/11/2020
Tim Molteno University of Otago 03/11/2020
Tim Woodfield University of Otago 03/11/2020
Timothy Ravasi Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University 08/12/2020
Tom Wheeler Cawthron Institute 03/03/2021
Tom Ross University of Tasmania 17/02/2021
Tom Baldock University of Queensland 17/02/2021
Tom Kompas Australian National University 03/11/2020
Tom Cochrane University of Canterbury 16/11/2020
Tom Gedeon Australian National University 16/11/2020
Toni Moyes Montoux 22/02/2021
Tony Petch Tony Petch Cousulting Ltd 17/02/2021
Tony Parker Massey University 03/11/2020
Tony Conner AgResearch 16/11/2020
Toshi Foster Plant and Food Research 03/11/2020
Travis Glare Lincoln University 03/11/2020
Treena Burgess Murdoch University 16/11/2020
Troy Coyle NZ Heavy Engineering Research Association (HERA) 17/02/2021
Ulrich Schatzschneider Julius-Maximilians-Universit?t of W?rzburg 03/11/2020
Ulrike Mathesius Australian National University 16/11/2020
Umberto Berardi Ryerson University 03/11/2020
Valeriy Vyatkin Aalto University 03/11/2020
Vanessa Wong Monash University 03/11/2020
Vanessa Peterson Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation 25/02/2021
Vasudevan Lakshminarayanan University of Waterloo 03/11/2020
Viktoria Kahui University of Otago 03/03/2021
Vincent Bulone The University of Adelaide 03/11/2020
Vivian Tam Western Sydney University, Australia 03/11/2020
Warwick Catto Ballance Agri-Nutrients Limited 25/02/2021
Wei Gao University of Auckland 03/11/2020
Wenny Rahayu La Trobe University 03/11/2020
Will Browne Victoria University of Wellington 03/11/2020
Will Charles University of Auckland 17/02/2021
Willem de Lange Council for Scientific and Industrial Research 03/11/2020
William Thorpe CantOvation Ltd 17/02/2021
William (Bill) Henderson University of Waikato 03/11/2020
Xiaodong Li RMIT University 16/11/2020
XiaoQi Chen Swinburne University of Technology 03/11/2020
Xuemei Bai Australian National University 03/11/2020
Xun Xu University of Auckland 16/11/2020
Yi Mei Victoria University of Wellington, RMIT University 08/12/2020
Yong-Ling Ruan University of Newcastle 03/11/2020
Yun Sing Koh University of Auckland 03/11/2020
Yusuf Chisti Massey University 16/11/2020
Zhan Chen Auckland University of Technology 03/11/2020
Zhi-Qiang Zhang Manaaki Whenua Landcare Research, University of Auckland 08/12/2020
Zhong Tao Western Sydney University 03/11/2020
Zorica Nedovic-Budic University of Illinois 03/11/2020
Last updated: 30 March 2021