Investment funds

We invest in science through contestable funding rounds. This investment supports programmes which build high-performing science and innovation systems that will transform New Zealand into a more diverse, technologically advanced and smart nation.

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Commercialisation Partner Network

The Commercialisation Partner Network (CPN) builds the capability to turn science findings into commercially viable products.

Endeavour Fund

The Endeavour Fund plays a unique role in the science system through an open, contestable process with a focus on both research excellence and impact.

Envirolink Scheme

The Envirolink Scheme funds Crown research institutes, universities and private research organisations to provide regional councils with advice and research on environmental projects.

National Science Challenges

The National Science Challenges were established in 2014 and aim to tackle the biggest science-based issues and opportunities facing New Zealand.


Supporting high-quality research aimed at increasing the competitiveness and sustainability of New Zealand’s economy.

Regional Research Institutes Initiative

The Regional Research Institute (RRI) initiative established new, independently governed, private or private not-for-profit regional research institutes.

Strategic Science Investment Fund

The Strategic Science Investment Fund (SSIF) funds strategic investment in research programmes and scientific infrastructure that have long-term beneficial impact on New Zealand’s health, economy, environment and society.

Te Pūnaha Hihiko: Vision Mātauranga Capability Fund

Te Pūnaha Hihiko: Vision Mātauranga Capability Fund invests in the development of skilled people and organisations that undertake research supporting the themes and outcomes of our Vision Mātauranga policy.

Te Pūnaha Hiringa: Māori Innovation Fund

Te Pūnaha Hiringa: Māori Innovation Fund provides annual funding to help Māori collectives gain the necessary understanding and knowledge to realise their assets' economic potential.

Unlocking Curious Minds contestable fund

The Unlocking Curious Minds contestable fund supports the objective of He Whenua Hihiri I Te Mahara - A Nation of Curious Minds to encourage and enable better engagement with science and technology across all of New Zealand.

Who got funded

Grants for scientific research and associated activities since 2007.