Tourism Infrastructure Fund

The Tourism Infrastructure Fund provides up to $25 million per year for the development of tourism-related infrastructure such as carparks, freedom camping facilities, sewerage and water works and transport projects.

The Tourism Infrastructure Fund supports local communities facing pressure from tourism growth and in need of assistance – areas with high visitor numbers but small ratepayer bases, for example.

After a period of exceptional growth in the tourism sector, infrastructure is a priority for the industry and central and local government. Tourism is hugely important to the New Zealand economy and infrastructure is essential to harnessing the benefits of growth in the sector.

Quality infrastructure and facilities also help to ensure New Zealanders can continue to enjoy their own spaces – whether they are at home or visiting other parts of the country.

Round two closed

Applications closed for round two of the Tourism Infrastructure Fund on Monday 14 May 2018. A further round is expected to be opened on 1 March 2019.

Purpose statement

The purpose of the Tourism Infrastructure Fund is to provide financial support for local tourism-related infrastructure where tourism growth (domestic and international) is placing pressure on, or potential growth is constrained by, existing infrastructure and the local community is unable to respond in a timely way without assistance.

The Tourism Infrastructure Fund is intended to protect and enhance New Zealand’s reputation both domestically and internationally by supporting robust infrastructure which in turn contributes to quality experiences for visitors and maintains the social licence for the sector to operate.

Eligibility and assessment criteria

Councils or community organisations with council support are eligible to apply for local visitor-related infrastructure.

Priority will be given to:

  • applicants who have high visitor to ratepayer ratios, and are financially constrained and have investigated alternative funding options.
  • projects that address capacity constraints due to visitor growth, support the Tourism Strategy and represent value for money.


Applicants are expected to co-fund to the maximum extent they are able and projects will not be eligible if seeking funding under $100,000 (though a series of linked projects can be joined in one application).

Commercial projects, infrastructure where central government already has dedicated investment (such as mobile blackspot coverage), or infrastructure projects without a substantial visitor-volume driven component will not be eligible.


A priorities statement will be published at the beginning of each funding round, setting objectives for that round.

Once received, applications will be assessed against eligibility and assessment criteria by MBIE, in consultation with the Department of Conservation and the New Zealand Transport Agency.

A strategic advisory panel will then moderate MBIE’s assessment and recommend a package of the projects best able to advance the objectives of the priorities statement for the round.

The Minister of Tourism has final approval of successful applications.

[image] process chart

Application information

Applications closed for round two of the Tourism Infrastructure Fund on Monday 14 May 2018.

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Tourism Infrastructure Fund FAQs

Common questions about the Tourism Infrastructure Fund.

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Questions and answers from the information sessions

A series of Information Sessions about the Tourism Infrastructure Fund have been held recently in 10 centres around New Zealand.

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Tourism Infrastructure Fund Panel

The Tourism Infrastructure Fund Panel assesses eligible proposals and makes recommendations to the Minister of Tourism in line with the Priorities Statement for each funding round.

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Round one funding recipients

The Minister of Tourism approved 34 applications for funding from the Tourism Infrastructure Fund. A total of $14,222,594 was awarded for round one.

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Round two funding recipients

The Minister of Tourism approved 42 applications for funding from the Tourism Infrastructure Fund. A total of $19,616,925 was awarded for round two.

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