Tourism Infrastructure Fund

The Tourism Infrastructure Fund provides up to $25 million annually to develop tourism-related infrastructure that supports regions facing pressure from tourism growth.

About the fund

After a period of exceptional growth across the tourism sector, infrastructure is a priority for the industry and central and local government.

Tourism is hugely important to the New Zealand economy and infrastructure is essential to making the most of growth in the sector.

Quality infrastructure and facilities also help to ensure New Zealanders can continue to enjoy their own spaces — whether they are at home or visiting other parts of the country.

The Tourism Infrastructure Fund supports local communities facing pressure from tourism growth and in need of assistance — areas with high visitor numbers but small ratepayer bases, for example.

The fund aims to protect and enhance New Zealand’s reputation both domestically and internationally. Supporting robust infrastructure contributes to quality experiences for visitors, and maintains the social licence for the sector to operate.

When to apply

Applications for Round 3 of the Tourism Infrastructure Fund closed on 29 March 2019.

Round 4 of the TIF will open on 1 August 2019.

In this section

Eligibility and co-funding criteria

The Tourism Infrastructure Fund is open to councils, although some community organisations with council backing can apply.

Application and assessment process

We assess all applications to the Tourism Infrastructure Fund for eligibility and put through an independent financial assessment before being considered by a funding panel.

Tourism Infrastructure Fund panel

Applications to the Tourism Infrastructure Fund are reviewed by a panel of independent advisors, government and tourism sector representatives.

Round 1 funding recipients

Round 1 of the Tourism Infrastructure Fund awarded funding to 34 applications with a total of $14,222,594 awarded.

Round 2 funding recipients

Round 2 of the Tourism Infrastructure Fund awarded funding to 42 applications with a total of $19,616,925 awarded.