Programme funding recipients

Successful applicants of the Innovation Programme for Tourism Recovery Programme with confirmed funding agreements will be announced here.

Since the Innovation Programme for Tourism Recovery was opened on 10 November 2022, MBIE has approved 12 applications for Stream One funding.

Stream One is aimed at innovative, solutions-based projects that may require further feasibility work before applying for full development support.

Successful applicants are announced on this page. MBIE has offered funding agreements to a further 6 and we will announce those applicants when agreements are confirmed.

Programme funding recipients

As at 28 April 2023:

Applicant Project Type Stream 1 Stream 2
Tourwriter Ltd IT Platform $25,000  
Inflite Group Ltd Green Energy $25,000  
Ngāti Ruanui Corporation Holdings Ltd Virtual Experiences $20,150  
Tourism Technology and Innovation Limited IT Platform $25,000
Auckland Seaplanes Ltd Green Energy $20,000
The Hillocks Holdings Ltd Virtual Experiences $25,000
Total   $140,150  

No decisions have been made regarding Stream Two funding. Stream Two is aimed at innovative, solutions-based projects that are validated and have a full proposal and business case.

Stream Two Funding is expected to take longer as the first step in these applications is submitting an expression of interest, and it then takes time for the applicant to prepare the necessary business case.

We expect the significant proportion of funding will be committed to Stream Two projects later this calendar year.

Last updated: 03 April 2023