Energy in New Zealand 2018

[image] Energy in New Zealand 2018.This annual publication provides annual information on and analysis of New Zealand’s energy sector including statistics on supply, transformation, and demand.

ISSN: 2324-5913


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The complete Energy in New Zealand 2018 can be accessed below.


Access the data

Data is accessible via Excel and CSV files outlined in the table below. CSV files have been created for annual data along with a guidance document [PDF 357KB] for using them.




Energy overview

Energy overview [XLSX 492KB]

Energy balances

Energy balances [XLSX 837KB]

energy_balances.csv [CSV 1.5MB]


Coal [XLSX 320KB]

coal.csv [CSV 137KB]


Electricity [XLSX 416KB]

electricity.csv [CSV 176KB]


Oil [XLSX 2MB]

oil.csv [CSV 1.3MB]


Gas [XLSX 780KB]

gas.csv [CSV 574KB]


Reserves [XLSX 148KB]


Renewables [XLSX 133KB]

renewables_data.csv [CSV 42KB]


Prices [XLSX 459KB]

prices.csv [CSV 158KB]

Previous Energy in New Zealand editions

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