A roadmap for hydrogen in New Zealand

The hydrogen vision outlined the potential uses of hydrogen in New Zealand and explored in a non-quantitative manner some of the issues around its use.

The next stage of the hydrogen strategy is a roadmap that will explore the issues that need to be resolved for hydrogens use in the wider economy, and what steps need to be undertaken to resolve these and when.

The first stage in the development of the hydrogen roadmap is an initial view of hydrogen supply and demand in New Zealand. Castalia were commissioned to undertake this preliminary work.

Read Castalia's report:

The model presentation report was updated on 25 June 2020 to correct one graph and make improvements for online presentation.

A link to the model underlying this report will be provided shortly.

Note: The model results are the views of the independent consultant Castalia.  Views expressed are not necessarily those of the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment.  Modelling results are strongly influenced by future forecasts and assumptions on electricity price and technology change. Feedback on the preliminary results of this model may be reflected in updates to the live model when it is uploaded.


Last updated: 25 June 2020