Consultation on advancing New Zealand’s energy transition

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Submissions due: 02 November 2023, 5pm

We’re seeking feedback on policy that will set the direction and pace of change for energy in New Zealand.

About this consultation

The consultations include:

  • a plan for managing the gas industry’s transition to a low emissions future
  • the Interim Hydrogen Roadmap, which sets out the Government’s initial views on the future role of hydrogen in New Zealand, and outlines actions it is taking to support hydrogen uptake and areas for further consideration
  • regulations to enable offshore renewable energy development
  • market measures to ensure electricity is affordable, reliable and resilient as we transition to an expanded and more renewable electricity system
  • how we will implement the Government’s commitment to ban new fossil fuel baseload electricity generation.

The 'Advancing New Zealand’s energy transition' context document provides an overview of each of these consultations and outlines how they work together to contribute to the development of the New Zealand Energy Strategy. The Energy Strategy will chart a path for the energy sector to 2050, promoting the government’s objectives for a highly renewable, reliable, and affordable energy system that supports economic growth and productivity.

Submissions for the consultation close 2 November 2023, 5pm.

See the "How to make a submission" section below for more information on how to have your say

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Open Zoom webinars

We have hosted a series of webinars to provide an overview of this work, and to provide an opportunity to ask questions.

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Gas Transition Plan

MBIE is developing the Gas Transition Plan alongside the Gas Industry Company for managing the gas industry’s transition to a low emissions future.

The Gas Transition Plan Issues Paper seeks feedback on the key issues and opportunities facing the gas sector as we decarbonise our economy. It considers how we can lower emissions, including by using options like carbon capture utilisation and storage, and renewable gases like biomethane and hydrogen.

Access the document in the list of consultation documents below

Read more about the Gas Transition Plan

Interim Hydrogen Roadmap

There are opportunities for green hydrogen to reduce emissions in areas that are hard to electrify, support regional economic transitions, and underpin our energy security and resilience.

The Government is consulting on the Interim Hydrogen Roadmap which:

  • sets out the Government’s initial position on the opportunities for hydrogen in New Zealand’s energy transition,
  • outlines actions the Government is taking to establish a sustainable and safe hydrogen industry in Aotearoa New Zealand, and
  • signals areas where the Government plans to do further work.

We are asking for feedback on our understanding of the opportunities and trade-offs for using hydrogen in New Zealand, and the proposed role the Government could play in supporting it.

The Hydrogen Roadmap will be finalised alongside the New Zealand Energy Strategy in 2024.

You can access the discussion document in the “Have your say” section below.

In parallel with consultation on the Interim Hydrogen Roadmap, MBIE is working with industry on the technical design of the Regional Hydrogen Transition, the $100 million green hydrogen consumption rebate that was announced at Budget 2023. The Regional Hydrogen Transition is one of the key actions to contribute to building a market for hydrogen.

Find the roadmap in the list of consultation documents below

Read more about the Regional Hydrogen Transition

Offshore renewable energy

Offshore renewable energy is energy generated in or on the sea from wind, ocean currents, light or heat from the sun, rain and geothermal heat. It can come from various abundant, natural and clean sources and can be harnessed in a range of ways.

We are seeking feedback on proposed regulations to enable renewable energy development at sea and understand the potential trade-offs in the New Zealand context. The discussion document also seeks feedback on the economics of the regime and interactions with the environmental consenting regime.

Access the document in the list of consultation documents below

Read more about offshore renewable energy

Electricity market measures

The electricity system is going through a period of change and we need to prepare the system to support New Zealand to transition away from emissions-intensive fuels to renewable alternatives.

A shared view of the direction of travel and the needs of an expanded electricity system will enable government and industry to drive innovation and create new solutions for consumers.

We are asking for feedback on whether there are additional measures needed to support the electricity sector through this transition in the interests of Aotearoa New Zealand. We are aiming to identify, clarify and seek views on the gaps and challenges ahead, and ask what new measures the government, and others, should be considering to support the transition to an expanded and more renewable electricity system.

Find the document in the list of consultation documents below

Fossil-fuel baseload ban

The Government has stated that constant-operating gas and coal electricity generation has no future in Aotearoa New Zealand.

While some level of fossil fuels will be needed throughout the energy transition, it’s important we manage this in a way that doesn’t lock in further emissions for years to come.

This companion paper to the electricity market measures consultation asks for feedback on the design and implementation of an Emissions Reduction Plan commitment to ban new fossil-fuel baseload electricity generation.

Find the document in the list of consultation documents below

Consultation documents

View the web version of the overview document: 

Advancing New Zealand's energy transition

Cabinet documents

Submission templates

How to make a submission

Submitters have the choice to provide specific feedback on any or all of these 5 consultations, or have a say by providing general feedback on the direction of the energy transition.

You can make a submission using one of the following options:

  1. Using the online submission survey form to provide feedback on the overall direction of the energy transition:
  2. Using an online survey form to provide specific feedback on any or all of the following consultations:
  3. Sending your submission as a Microsoft Word document, using the submission templates above, to for general feedback, or:
  4. Mailing your submissions to:

    Consultation: Advancing New Zealand’s energy transition
    Energy and Resource Markets
    Building, Resources and Markets
    Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment
    PO Box 1473
    Wellington 6140
    New Zealand

Please include your contact details in the cover letter or email accompanying your submission.

Please direct any questions that you have in relation to the submissions process to:

Submissions for the consultation close 2 November 2023, 5pm.

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