Aotearoa best practice dispute resolution framework

We developed the framework with our stakeholders, who told us they wanted clear guidance on what good dispute resolution looks like in practice.

The framework consists of five best practice principles, nine standards, 35 capability areas (what schemes should ‘do’ and ‘have’ to deliver best practice dispute resolution) and an assessment tool (to help schemes assess how well they meet best practice).

Dispute resolution best practice framework [PDF, 121 KB]

The Assessment Tool is designed to help schemes identify what is working well, areas for improvement and what to strive for.

Assessment tool [XLSX, 291 KB]

The tool provides a common language for schemes to connect with each other to share insights, good practice and common challenges. This will support schemes to collaborate on initiatives as part of a dispute resolution community of learning.

Using the assessment tool

The tool can be used by schemes in different ways, for example:

  • self-review – to identify areas of strength or opportunity
  • peer-based review – for example, engaging a ‘critical friend’ to assess capability
  • guided review – supported by GCDR

GCDR is available to support you to use the tool and connect with other schemes. Please contact us at

If you use the tool to self-review your scheme, we encourage you to share the insights with us so we can continue to improve it.

We are happy to connect you with other schemes if you want to do a peer-based review, share insights and ways of working, or collaborate.

Assessment tool

The assessment tool is designed to help schemes assess themselves against the capabilities for each of the nine best practice standards.

To assess your scheme, simply select one of the nine standards and choose from the drop-down menus the description that best describes your scheme’s capability.

There are four maturity levels for each capability - Developing, Advancing, Confident and Leader.

The tool will generate a diagram showing a summary of your assessment.

Download the assessment tool [XLSX, 291 KB]

How to use the Aotearoa dispute resolution best practice self assessment tool
Last updated: 22 December 2020