Digital Technologies

The Government has closed the Industry Transformation Plan programme.

This webpage will be updated soon.

The Digital Technologies Industry Transformation Plan (ITP) has been developed in partnership with industry over the past few years.

The vision is “The world looks to Aotearoa New Zealand as a leader in ethical, innovative, inclusive and sustainable digital technologies. These technologies enable our economy to prosper, help our businesses to grow stronger and compete internationally, and contribute to the wellbeing of all new Zealanders.

In 2021, the digital technologies sector contributed $7 billion towards New Zealand’s GDP and, since 2016, has grown at twice the annual rate of the wider economy. Industry engagement on the Digital Technologies ITP has been positive over the past few years and is now focused on government and industry working together to implement meaningful action to see the sector reach its full potential. Additionally, by accelerating growth of the digital sector, this ITP helps to transform New Zealand towards having a diversified, lower emissions, higher wage and resilient economy.

The ITP sets out 4 immediate focus areas:

  1. Growing export success – growing the export potential of New Zealand’s digital technology companies, with an initial focus on the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) sub-sector and game development as a future priority sub-sector.
  2. Telling our tech story – showcasing the scope and potential of digital technologies in New Zealand to both overseas and domestic audiences.
  3. Enhancing the skills and talent pipeline – equipping more New Zealanders, from a wider variety of backgrounds, with the technical and soft skills needed to work and thrive in the digital technologies sector, and to grow businesses in the sector.
  4. Enriching Māori inclusion and enterprise – promoting and supporting activity that enhances Māori leadership and participation in the digital technologies sector and appropriately builds on mātauranga Māori.

Data-driven innovation, artificial intelligence, and government procurement have been identified as future focus areas.

A Digital Technologies ITP Partnership Board has been established to support the ongoing implementation of the ITP. The board is made up of a diverse group of representatives from industry bodies, sector leaders and government.

More information about the Board(external link) — DigitalTechITP

Last updated: 21 December 2023