Building consent system review: Options paper summary of submissions

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MBIE is conducting a review of the building consent system to address long standing issues impacting the consenting process.

Key themes from submissions

What does the sector support?

Promoting competition in the building regulatory system

Giving competition a more prominent position in the building regulatory system and its decision-making supports the policy objective of safe, healthy and durable buildings.

Removing impediments to product substitution and variation

Making the process for product substitutions and variations to consented building work more effective and efficient supports competition in building products, can help to reduce the time, cost, and complexity to build, and supports desirable outcomes for the building consent system.

Strengthening roles and responsibilities

Improving participants’ understanding of their roles and responsibilities, addressing regulatory gaps and clarifying the role of producer statements, will help ensure risks are appropriately identified and managed, thereby ensuring work is done right first time.

New assurance pathways

A consent system that more closely calibrates cost and effort to the level of risk would be more efficient and effective. Assurance roles should be done by those with the requisite specialist expertise and who are best placed to manage risk.

More efficient and streamlined delivery of building consent services

The delivery of building consent services should be as consistent as possible, achieve economies of scale in delivery, and reduce duplication and unnecessary costs.

Better performance monitoring and system stewardship

Better performance monitoring and information will enable MBIE to be a better steward of the building consent regulatory system.

Better responding to the needs and aspirations of Māori

The building system should be more responsive to Māori building needs and aspirations and should address challenges that Māori face in the system, namely, capacity and capability and relationship issues.

Addressing the interface between the building and resource consent system

There are opportunities to reduce the occurrence of unnecessary overlaps between the building and resource consent processes, and ensure applicants are better informed.