The Tourism Information and Data Hui

Data is a key priority in the New Zealand-Aotearoa Government Tourism Strategy.

The Information and Data Hui is an important step in building a more dynamic tourism information and data system and an essential step in delivering the Tourism Strategy.

We are building on the partnership between MBIE and the sector that created the Tourism Data Domain Plan. The Hui will gather central government, local government, industry and service providers to create a system that will continue to identify and prioritise information needs, and innovative ways of meeting our information needs. Together, we will set the path towards a collaborative dynamic tourism data system that generates value.

The Hui will:

  • Explore the current tourism data landscape
  • Understand what descions are based on tourism data
  • Explore how we build a dynamic tourism system that responds to changing needs and opportunities
  • Create a picture of a future tourism data system and what would a well-functioning system deliver
  • Help us identify mutually beneficial initiatives and create a coherent system where all the players contribute
  • Set a direction and alignment towards the creation of a tourism sector data strategy and roles for each of us.

The Hui will be held on 17 October and is an invite-only event. Invited guests will be seeking input from across their organisations and networks in the lead up to the Hui.

Informal Working Group

An informal working group of central and local government, academic and industry representatives from across the tourism sector has been working for the last few months to help shape the Hui. The group looked at the tourism data system both in terms of what it needs to deliver and how it could be set up to create an agile system, that can respond to changing needs and opportunities.

Supporting information for the Hui

We are keen to get your thoughts. The group has prepared the following, as a conversation starter:

Hui conversation starter [PDF, 1.2 MB]

For those who want to dive a little deeper, below is a map of the customer journey, how that generates data, and who owns that information.

Maps of the Data System [XLSX, 210 KB]

The informal working group paper offers more detail on the options outlined in the conversation starter, including a gaps analysis against information needs, and governance and funding models.

Working group paper [PDF, 997 KB]

We expect the Hui to be a step in the journey and it will not be a one-off conversation. We will continue to work together to develop the tourism information and data system, and its components.

For more information, please contact