Extreme weather science response

In February 2023, MBIE reallocated $10.8 million for urgent scientific research and data collection as part of the ongoing response to extreme weather events in the North Island.

There has been high demand for science services and research to address immediate needs and inform recovery decisions following the extreme weather events.

To support the science response, additional funding has been made available for time-bound, evidence-based services and perishable research and data collection. This is extra, short-term funding to address immediate needs.

MBIE is working with Chief Science Advisors across government and receiving advice from an expert advisory panel to identify high priority areas of work that are the most urgent and potentially impactful.

Many affected regions have resources that are economically or culturally significant to Māori communities, so a portion of funding has been allocated to enable Māori communities to access science services that support decision-making.

Read the Minister’s press release for more information:

Science supports weather recovery, climate resilience(external link) — Beehive.govt.nz

We need your help with the development of an extreme weather research database

Currently under development is an extreme weather research database to help you identify what research is happening and who is doing it to support greater connection and cooperation.  If you're a researcher undertaking extreme weather-related research, or you're an organisation funding extreme weather-related research, we'd love include details of your mahi in this database.

More details on this database and a submission form to provide content can be found at the link below.

Extreme Weather Research Database

Funded projects

This list is updated regularly as new projects are funded and ongoing projects closed.

Last updated: 22 May 2023