Participatory Science Platform

The Participatory Science Platform was created to support collaborative, community projects that bring together communities, science and technology to investigate locally important research questions and problems.

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The Participatory Science Platform was launched in 2015 and will receive government funding until December 2024. 

About the Participatory Science Platform

Since 2015, the Participatory Science Platform has been running in three regions:

  • South Auckland
  • Taranaki
  • Otago.

These regions were chosen because they are three distinctly different areas of the country with different audiences.

MBIE-administered government funding has supported participatory science projects that:

  • had scientific or technological value, pedagogical rigour (quality teaching and learning) and that resonated with the community;
  • engaged students, kura, schools, businesses, Māori collectives and organisations, and community-based organisations with science and technology professionals; 
  • offered researchers opportunities to become involved in locally relevant lines of enquiry, where high-quality scientific or technological outputs could be created through harnessing the local knowledge and contribution of citizens;
  • offered inspiring and relevant learning and development opportunities for science and technology teachers and students; and
  • engaged learners and participants beyond the school/kura community to reach parents, whānau and wider communities.

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