International Visitor Survey data download

As part of our ongoing commitment to supporting tourism research, this page provides the International Visitor Survey (IVS) microdata.

December Quarter 4 2022 data for download

Data format

The data is in comma separated value (CSV) format as tables that are copies of the database views used by our analysts. This format is an efficient way of organising the survey data as a database and is aimed at specialist researchers with statistical tools and skills.

International visitor survey data – Quarter 4 2022 [ZIP, 851 KB]

Data tables in the zip file

The tables contained in the zip file are listed below. The tables have been updated to reflect changes to the survey questions. These changes are outlined on the Methodology page.

International Visitor Survey methodology

Data table Description
survey_main_header.csv Contains main survey details and all single-response question answers.
accommodation.csv Provides details of accommodation types used by respondent – multiple responses possible.
activities.csv Provides details of activities done by the respondent during their visit – multiple responses possible.
branding.csv Details of respondents’ familiarity and use of key tourism brands.
decision_making_process.csv Provides details of reasons why NZ appealed to the respondent – multiple responses possible.
ease_of_organisation.csv Details the extent to which it was easy for the respondent to organise trips.
environment.csv Provides details of the respondents’ consideration of the environment.
expenditure_by_industry.csv  Provides respondents’ spending by category, such as accommodation, food and drink, or transport.
expenditure_by_payment_type.csv Contains the percentage breakdown of expenditure by payment type, such as cash, card, or digital payment.
impact_of_covid19.csv Provides details of how COVID-19 affected planning and travel.
itinerary.csv Details of where the respondent stayed on the trip and the number of nights spent.
māori_cultural_experiences.csv Provides details of how respondents experienced Māori culture.
māori_cultural_sentiment.csv Details respondent sentiment on how they found Māori culture.
mobility.csv Details about difficulties doing certain activities due to health problems.
other_countries_visited.csv Details of other countries visited before and after NZ.
poor_experiences.csv Provides the frequency of poor environmental experiences respondents might have encountered.
secondary_purpose_of_visit.csv Provides details of secondary reasons for most recent trip to New Zealand. Multi response.
self_transport.csv Provides details of the transportation the respondent was responsible for.
transport_methods.csv Provides details of the different transportation methods used by the respondent.
travel_party.csv Provides details of the travel party the respondent was in for the trip.
visitor_satisfaction.csv Provides details of the respondent’s rating of their trip to New Zealand.

Changes in 2022 Q4 microdata from last release

Data table Changes
All applicable tables Macrons have been added to Māori, Tairāwhiti etc. Note that all tables are UTF-8 encoded to allow for these special characters.
Some values have been recoded to align with how the answer appears in the questionnaire.
survey_main_header.csv Total spend has been removed to avoid confusion with the final spend variable “treated_spend”.
The length of stay for visitors who arrived by cruise ship now starts from the day they first disembarked at a New Zealand port.
Categorical variables that were left uncoded now have descriptive values: no_days_in_nz_unknown, no_selection_itinerary, incl_stay_other_country, other_purchase, psu
The vem_pop_weight used to weight up responses in the non-compulsory section has been recalculated, using the population that answered after IVS_ITI8 (the last compulsory question).
activities.csv One entry from Q3 2022 that visited “A national park” without specifying which national park in IVS_ACT2 was added.
itinerary.csv The night_num column has been renamed to “nights” to align with other microdata views.
other_countries_visited.csv 4 duplicate entries from Q3 2022 have been removed.

Microdata from previous releases

The microdata for the 2020 International Visitor Survey are contained in this zip file.

International visitor survey data – March 2020 [ZIP, 31 MB]

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