New Zealand Energy Quarterly - September 2022

The New Zealand Energy Quarterly provides quarterly data and analysis on energy supply, demand, prices and associated greenhouse gas emissions. This edition was released in December 2022.

Main highlights for this quarter

  • The renewable share of electricity generation for the quarter was 89.6%. This was the highest renewable share for a September quarter since 1980
  • Hydro generation was 10.7% higher than in the September 2021 quarter, and generation from wind and geothermal was up 7.1% and 5.2% respectively
  • Generation from wind is the highest on record as the wind farm at Turitea North is now fully online
  • The increase from renewable sources led to a decreased reliance on fossil fuels for electricity generation. Electricity generated from coal and natural gas dropped by 64% and 24.7% respectively compared to the September 2021 quarter
  • Coal imports were down 69.2% on the September quarter 2021, returning a sustainable level similar to three years ago
  • In September 2022, New Zealand imported sustainable aviation fuel, the first time New Zealand has done so.
  • Following the COVID-19 international travel restrictions ending on 31 July 2022, Jet Fuel used for international travel increased by 74% on the same quarter last year, but it is still 56% below the level seen in September quarter 2019

Access the data

Explore the New Zealand Energy Dashboard(external link)

The dashboard brings together a range of energy related datasets produced by MBIE and others into one easy-to-use tool which gives users easy access to energy related data for New Zealand. We are constantly improving this dashboard based on users' feedback. Details of how to give feedback are included within the tool.

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