Regional Workforce Plan Refresh 2023

This is the Regional Workforce Plan Refresh 2023. This should be considered an addition to, rather than a replacement of, the first Regional Workforce Plan published in 2022.

Panoramic view of Gisborne city and suburbs

A panoramic view of Gisborne City and surrounding suburbs, the perspective is to the Western ranges with Maungahaumi in the distance.

This is the web version of the Tairāwhiti Regional Workforce Plan 2023.

Download the PDF version:

Regional Workforce Plan Refresh 2023 [PDF, 482 KB]

Regional Workforce Plan Refresh 2023 – Print ready booklet [PDF, 4 MB]

In this section

Co-chair introduction

The Tairāwhiti CARE-RSLG continues to support and advocate for the skills and workforce development needs in our region.

Labour market themes

We believe in a prosperous Tairāwhiti, where wellbeing, equity, and better living standards are promoted across our diverse, geographically spread-out region.

What we have heard – Taiao

Whenua is more than just a commodity, it is our place to stand, it nourishes our physical, mental, spiritual and social wellbeing.

What we have heard - Health

The health of our whānau in Tairāwhiti is paramount. Talking with kaimahi reinforces how much this means to our wellbeing as a region.

Check out our supporting documents

To support and affirm what we have heard from people throughout our region we have created a ‘Data Snapshot’ document comprised of quantitative data and further supplementary qualitative data. We have also given a progress update on existing actions from our 2022 Regional Workforce Plan (RWP).

Last updated: 22 June 2023