Action plan

Tairāwhiti must exercise greater ownership when it comes to growing skills and capabilities in-region.

On behalf of our communities, it is CARE-RSLG’s responsibility to advocate for the skills, training, and qualifications the region needs from appropriate funding agencies. To support the delivery of this Regional Workforce Plan (RWP), CARE-RSLG will:

  1. Work with local tertiary providers to map the current training provision for the East Coast to better understand the geographical coverage of training opportunities, with a specific focus on the key priority sectors.
  2. Work with local STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) related businesses in Tairāwhiti to establish a STEM scholarship to support local rangatahi to undertake STEM tertiary study and return to the region to work in the industry.
  3. Engage local schools, training providers and industry to create a student-centred trades career pathway model within the construction sector that includes a focus on architecture, engineering, and other construction-related occupations.
  4. Increase in-region training provision in advanced manufacturing by working with local tertiary education providers and advanced manufacturing businesses to develop (or tailor) an advanced manufacturing qualification in line with the Advanced Manufacturing Industry Transformation Plan.
  5. Work with training providers and industry to scope in-work training provision in numeracy/literacy.
  6. Work with industry and key stakeholders to determine the future tech needs across the key priority sectors to enable businesses and workers to respond to a rapidly changing world of work.
  7. Work with key stakeholders to develop a portal for capturing local workforce data.
  8. Work with local employers and other stakeholders to build more effective and sustainable pastoral care approaches.