Labour market themes

We believe in a prosperous Tairāwhiti, where wellbeing, equity, and better living standards are promoted across our diverse, geographically spread-out region.

We support initiatives that help overcome barriers to employment and retain local talent. This is crucial as we respond to the needs of our region which is facing a significant rebuild after the impacts of Cyclone Gabrielle. Facilitating a sustainable rebuild means listening to the voices of our community. Our work is underpinned by the following themes drawn from our engagements across Tairāwhiti.

Future Workforce Development and Opportunities

We want to help workers find meaningful jobs, support employers to grow their businesses, and encourage our people to take advantage of quality work opportunities. Preparing for this future involves things like capturing workforce data and exploring better delivery of pastoral care. There are new opportunities shaping the future of work such as technology developments and we want to be well positioned to take advantage of these.

Regional Collaboration and Advocacy

Collaboration and advocacy are important ways that we can contribute to regional success. We will continue to advocate for locally delivered training because our communities are saying that they do not want to leave to get the skills they need. We will continue to talk to local tertiary training providers about getting training delivered across Tairāwhiti especially for whānau living in rural isolated communities.

Empowering and supporting rangatahi

Our rangatahi are the future of Tairāwhiti, and we are committed to nurturing them. It is important that the right jobs are available to encourage rangatahi to stay in Tairāwhiti. We also need to foster our ongoing conversations with our community, so they stay connected with the challenges that rangatahi face when it comes to transitioning from school to employment and their ongoing training needs.

Enhancing Training and Skill Development

We stay committed to the idea of Tairāwhiti training for Tairāwhiti locals. We aspire to be a region where whānau are confident to navigate life and work here. This means that CARE-RSLG continues to collaborate with local providers, businesses, and stakeholders to promote training opportunities that are accessible, relevant, and tailored to the needs of whānau. This also includes having discussions with kaimahi and employers to support the design of qualifications that build capabilities.

Last updated: 04 July 2023