Co-Chair Introduction

Tuamotu Island

Tuamotu Island

Toitū Tairāwhiti!
Tama tū, tama ora; tama noho, tama mate kai
(The industrious will thrive while the idle die in need)

The Tairāwhiti has some huge workforce challenges and opportunities. In 2021, workforce plans were completed for the Horticulture, Tourism, Civil Construction, Transport & Logistics, and the Forestry sectors. We are now focussed on executing actions across those sectors in partnership with industry, business, employees and the broader talent pool.

This Regional Workforce Plan looks at the Vertical Construction, Digital-Technology, and Manufacturing sectors. It is our next step towards growing a skilled workforce that is directly relevant to local industry and employment opportunities. We have talked to people right across our region – kaimahi, employers, whānau – and hope that their voices are reflected in this document.

The CARE-RSLG is fully supported by the regional leadership, Rau Tipu Rau Ora, and has working relationships with all other regional groups focused on delivering regional priorities. As we progress this work we look forward to a positive and productive working relationship with all of our regional stakeholders.

Gavin Murphy
Tairāwhiti Regional Skills Leadership Group Chair