Delivering services to people and business

People across MBIE deliver and support a number of services that touch on the daily lives of New Zealanders. From supporting safe and warm homes through tenancy services, connecting New Zealand to the world through our immigration system, and helping businesses to succeed, our diverse and widespread services help Grow Aotearoa New Zealand for All.

Our people by function

A donut graph depicting the proportion of our people working in various functions, including service delivery.

Service centre

Services we provide:

In addition to information online and via email, many people call us seeking information, including:

  • how to grow and digitise their business
  • immigration processes
  • lodging complaints because their rights as tenants, consumers, workers, etc, have not been upheld.

We have people based across the country managing over 50 different help lines. This year, we processed over 1.18 million averaging over 98,000 calls per month.

Calls to service centre lines

Pie chart depicting the types of calls to service centre lines in 2022-23

Volume of calls through service centres

Line graph depicting the volume of calls through our service centre in 2022-23


Services we provide:

  • Connecting people and enabling visitors to enter New Zealand
  • Attracting international talent and investment
  • Protecting our border

We approved 875,000 visa applications and allowed 1,065,000 people entry to the country, connecting New Zealand to the world.

Visa applications submitted and approved

Bar graph comparing number of visa applications submitted and approved in 2022-23

Visa approvals by category

Bar graph depicting visa approvals by category in 2022-23

Building and tenancy

Services we provide:

  • Bond receipt and refunds
  • Tenancy and weathertight mediation
  • Investigating breaches of Residential Tenancies Act and Building Act
  • Building Code determinations

We lodged and held bonds for 178,000+ NZ households and investigated and resolved 3,000+ tenancy cases, ensuring safe and warm houses.

Bond refunds and lodgements

Bar graph comparing bond refunds and bond lodgements in 2022-23

Tenancy compliance and investigation cases

Bar graph comparing tenancy compliances and investigation cases that are opened and resolved in 2022-23

Market integrity

Services we provide:

  • Business registration
  • Licensing practitioners, including Building, Electrical, Immigration, Auctioneers, Motor Vehicle Traders
  • Radio spectrum, telecommunications infrastructure
  • Trading standards

We registered 55,000 companies and relicensed 24,000 Building Practitioners and over 11,000 Electrical Workers this year to support a dynamic business environment and enable a fair market for consumers.

Companies forming and ceasing

Graph depicting number of companied forming and ceasing in 2022-23

Relicensing of Building Practitioners and Electrical Workers

Bar graph comparing relicensing of Building Practitioners and Electrical Workers in 2022-23.


Services we provide:

  • Employment rights and standards
  • Annual leave, maternity leave rights
  • Employment relations and dispute resolution
  • Prevent migrant exploitation

We led 4,100+ employment mediations and 3,100+ labour complaint interventions, ensuring good jobs and safe workplaces.

Mediation events delivered

Line graph depicting the number of employment mediation events delivered in 2022-23

Labour inspectorate interventions completed

Line graph depicting number of labour inspectorate interventions completed in 2022-23

Business and consumer

Services we provide:

  • Information and tools to business and consumers
  • Digital products and learning
  • Small business support
  • Protecting intellectual property

We supported 60,000+ businesses through the Digital Boost programme, and lifting their digital capability and supporting businesses to succeed. We registered over 330,000+ trade marks to protect intellectual property.

Digital Boost registrations (cumulative)

Line graph depicting number of cumulative Digital Boost Registrations.

New trademark applications

Line graph comparing the number of new foreign and domestic trademark applications in 2022-23