Māori–Crown relations

Effective and enduring relationships between iwi, other Māori groups and the Crown are critical to enable economic and social development, both for Māori and the wider population. Success is built on partnership, and we will continue to partner with Māori to find sustainable solutions to long standing systemic and cross cutting issues facing Aotearoa New Zealand.

Whāinga Amorangi

Whāinga Amorangi is MBIE’s plan to strengthen Māori–Crown relations by building internal capability. The ability to work in partnership with Māori needs to be enduring and consistent. We recognise our people are at various stages of their journey and will require differing levels of support to build their capability in Māori–Crown relations.

In the past 18 months, MBIE has focused on implementing Whāinga Amorangi. Phase one of the programme is built on leader led change and focuses on empowering our people by building individual capability.

Whāinga Amorangi includes 4 capability areas:

  • Te reo Māori.
  • Te Tiriti o Waitangi/The Treaty of Waitangi and Aotearoa New Zealand history.
  • Tikanga/customs and kawa/protocols.
  • Engagement with Māori.

For more information on our how we are progressing Whāinga Amorangi, see Appendix 8, page 238, in the PDF format of the report.

Te Ara Reo Rangatira: Māori Language Strategy

Our te reo Māori competency area is supported by Te Ara Reo Rangatira. This strategy sets out MBIE’s commitment to supporting the development and use of te reo Māori as a valued and living official language of Aotearoa New Zealand. Te Ara Reo Rangatira is part of our overarching Māori capability strategy, Whāinga Amorangi. The vision and purpose of ‘kia māhorahora te reo’ are that te reo Māori is used every day by everyone within MBIE.

The strategy incorporates 3 phases:

  • Phase 1 focuses on alignment to Whāinga Amorangi; building and strengthening Māori–Crown relations for all kaimahi.
  • Phase 2 focuses on weaving te reo into how MBIE operates.
  • Phase 3 focuses on making sure we are doing the basics well, providing opportunities for te reo Māori to be learnt, shared and enjoyed.

Te Ara Reo Rangatira is currently being reviewed for years 2023 to 2025.