Our digital and data journey

MBIE’s Digital, Data and Insights business group was formally established in February 2022. This realignment brought together existing functions, skills, knowledge and responsibilities to ensure better alignment and efficiency.

The group is undertaking 2 significant strategic work programmes to modernise MBIE’s digital capability and become a more mature data and evidence led organisation.

The Digital Blueprint Programme will leverage technology opportunities and transition MBIE’s ICT environment to one that is fit for purpose for the increasingly digital world it operates in. The programme balances our ICT investment between stability and security of existing IT assets while meeting the challenges of the future in delivering new capability.

Our Empowered by Data Roadmap aims to progressively raise our data and insights maturity and make MBIE a data and evidence led organisation. These insights are used to support delivery of our services, as well as the development and monitoring of government policy. Data and insights provide evidence and the ability to measure outcomes while providing information and intelligence for decision making.