Workplace Relations and Safety – 2020

Titles of documents the Minister for Workplace Relations and Safety received from MBIE in 2020.

The following lists are as accurate as possible at the time of publishing and may be updated or added to. This list includes papers received from the Minister’s reporting agency where the Minister is the main recipient. Papers received from other agencies, or where a paper has been referred to the Minister by another Minister, are not included in this list.

Titles of Appointment and Honours Committee (APH) briefings and briefings that accompany responses to Official Information Act requests to the Minister are not included in this list.

Some information has been withheld for the following reasons:

  • National security or defence
  • Commercial information
  • Confidentiality
  • Likely otherwise to damage the public interest
  • Confidential advice to Government
  • Free and frank expression of opinion
  • Legal professional privilege
  • Negotiations

December 2020

Tracking number Title Date received by Minister Author
2021-1478 Meeting with SPADA 01 December MBIE
2021-1239 Worksafe’s Annual Report for the year ended 30 June 02 December MBIE
2021-1627 Meeting with Workers Health and Safety Training Trust 02 December MBIE
2021-1427 Fair Pay Agreeements - should there be a time limit on bargaining 02 December MBIE
2021-1163 Employment Relations Authority – Recommendations of selection panel for members 03 December MBIE
2021-1638 Cabinet paper: Minimum wage review   03 December MBIE
2021-1659 Wage subsidy scheme interface with annual leave 04 December MBIE
2021-1675 Inclusion of changes to the COVID-19 Leave Support Scheme in the Cabinet paper: Economic response to future resurgences of COVID-19 04 December MBIE
2021-1541 Contractors and the FPA system 04 December MBIE
2021-1654 Fair Pay Agreements: mandatory to agree and mandatory to discuss terms and conditions 04 December MBIE
2021-1592 Advice on legislative structure of Fair Pay Agreements 07 December MBIE
2021-1576 Tango i Te Kaupae Muri Modern Slavery Conference   07 December MBIE
2021-1736 Information on MPs’ pay 07 December MBIE
2021-1722 Minimum Wage Review - Cabinet Business Committee talking points 08 December MBIE
2021-1612 The role of ethnic and migrant communities in reducing migrant exploitation 09 December MBIE
2021-1424 Fair Pay Agreements: Implications of a change in initiation 09 December MBIE
2021-1246 Timing for the Review of Major Hazard Facilities Fees and Levy 10 December MBIE
2021-1388 WorkSafe New Zealand’s Quarter One Performance/21 10 December MBIE
2021-1743 Public release of report - targeted review of the adventure activities regulatory scheme 10 December MBIE
2021-1781 Visit to CTU Manawatu 10 December MBIE
2021-1511 Meeting with Unite Union 11 December MBIE
2021-1739 Draft Cabinet paper - Establishing a Matariki Advisory Group 11 December MBIE
2021-1812 Review of WorkSafe Performance of Regulatory Functions in relation to Whakaari/White Island  11 December MBIE
2021-1760 Proactive release of documents supporting MBIE’s targeted review of the adventure activities regulatory regime 14 December MBIE
2021-1742 Release of the targeted review of the adventure activities regulatory scheme 15 December MBIE
2021-1842 Attendance at the Employment, Education and Training Ministerial Group Meeting – 16 December 15 December MBIE
2021-1615 Giving effect to FPAs 16 December MBIE
2021-1680 Plant and structures regulatory reform: draft cabinet paper and RIA 16 December MBIE
2021-1735 International Labour Organisation – Issues and Obligations 16 December MBIE
2021-1104 Review of the employment dispute resolution system 16 December MBIE
2021-1874 Status of ‘Better Protections for Contractors’ policy work 16 December MBIE
2021-1900 Proactive release of Cabinet papers on increasing the minimum sick leave entitlement 23 December MBIE

November 2020

Tracking number Title Date received by the Minister Author
N/A Briefing for the Incoming Minister for Workplace Relations and Safety 03 November MBIE
2021-1217 Increasing the minimum sick leave entitlement: timing and policy decisions 06 November MBIE
1150 20-21 Labour Market Statistics Snapshot - September Quarter 09 November MBIE
2021-1253 Issues and Opportunities in Work Health and Safety 10 November MBIE
2021-1141 Information on amending the Employment Relations Act to give security officers additional employment protections 10 November MBIE
2021-1011 Background information on Screen Industry Workers Bill 11 November MBIE
2021-1137 Preventing Worker Exploitation and Modern Slavery 11 November MBIE
2021-0627 Background information and next steps on Fair Pay Agreements 12 November MBIE
2021-1293 Cabinet paper: Increasing the minimum sick leave entitlement 12 November MBIE
2021-1302 Public Service Association (PSA) Biennial Congress 13 November MBIE
N/A Memo - COVID-19 Leave Support Scheme 13 November MBIE
2021-1263 Setting the minimum wage rates for 2021 18 November MBIE
2021-1277 APEC 21 Human Resources Development Working Group 19 November MBIE
2021-1276 Plan of Action against Forced Labour, People Trafficking and Slavery 19 November MBIE
2021-1315 Proposed upcoming amendments to parental leave regulations 20 November MBIE
2021-1357 Meeting with BusinessNZ 20 November MBIE
2021-1065 Proposed amendments to the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 and the Mines Rescue Act 2013 through the Regulatory Systems Amendment Bill (No. 4) 23 November MBIE
2021-1245 Amending the Health and Safety at Work Act to meet your manifesto commitments 23 November MBIE
2021-1430 Speech at Tramways Union AGM 23 November MBIE
2021-1016 Improving the process for responding to complaints about the Chief of the Employment Relations Authority 24 November MBIE
2021-1403 Proactive release of Briefing for the Incoming Minister for Workplace Relations and Safety 25 November MBIE
2021-0985 Briefing for the Incoming Minister Responsible for MBIE 25 November MBIE
2021-1516 Meeting with Greg Harford, Chief Executive of Retail NZ 25 November MBIE
2021-1155  Targeted review of the adventure activities regulatory regime 26 November MBIE
2021-1372  Review of the COVID-19 Leave Support Scheme 26 November MBIE/MSD
2021-1505 Correspondence from NZCTU raising concerns with COVID-19 employment law guidance, and update on related Employment Court proceedings 26 November MBIE
2021-1451 Cabinet paper: Minimum wage review 26 November MBIE
2021-1425 Cabinet paper: Approval to introduce the Holidays (Increasing Sick Leave) Amendment Bill 26 November MBIE
2021-1474 Meeting With Tourism Industry Aotearoa   26 November MBIE
2021-1540  Meeting with NZ Post Primary Teachers' Association 30 November MBIE
2021-1363 Talking points for CEO Forum Breakfast 30 November MBIE
2021-1539 New Zealand Council of Trade Unions Meeting 30 November MBIE
2021-1488 Employment relations education – November course approval round 30 November MBIE