Energy – 2023

Titles of documents the Minister for Energy received from MBIE in 2023.

The following lists are as accurate as possible at the time of publishing and may be updated or added to. This list includes papers received from the Minister’s reporting agency where the Minister is the main recipient. Papers received from other agencies, or where a paper has been referred to the Minister by another Minister, are not included in this list.

Titles of Appointment and Honours Committee (APH) briefings and briefings that accompany responses to Official Information Act requests to the Minister are not included in this list.

Some information has been withheld for the following reasons:

  • National security or defence
  • Commercial information
  • Confidentiality
  • Likely otherwise to damage the public interest
  • Confidential advice to Government
  • Free and frank expression of opinion
  • Legal professional privilege
  • Negotiations

December 2023

Tracking number Title Date received by Minister Author
2324-1065 Security of fuel markets  1 December MBIE
2324-1122 Meeting with DIALOG Fitzroy  1 December MBIE
2324-0961 Joint briefing on electricity supply security: peak capacity adequacy  1 December MBIE
2324-1150 Meeting with Jerome Pecresse, CE Aluminium, NZAS  4 December MBIE
2324-1160 Genesis Energy Strategy Launch  4 December MBIE
2324-1165 Meeting with Gas Industry Company on 4 December 2023  4 December MBIE
2324-1162 Global Renewables and Energy Efficiency Pledge  4 December MBIE
2324-1128 Energy Resilience Projects – next steps 6 December MBIE
2324-1253 COP 28: Agreement to support declaration on mutual recognition of hydrogen standards  6 December MBIE
2324-1267 NZ Battery team data and spend  6 December MBIE
2324-1132 Transmission Regulatory System  7 December MBIE
2324-1135 Electricity market regulatory and market settings (a chronology since Brownlee reforms), and electricity prices  7 December MBIE
2324-1265 Energy Resource Aotearoa Christmas Function on 7 December 2023  7 December MBIE
2324-1050 Electricity Security of Supply - firming and peaking generation, demand response and energy storage for dry years  8 December MBIE
2324-1056 Gas Security of Supply  8 December MBIE
2324-1296 2023.12.11 Weekly Report – Energy Portfolio  8 December MBIE
2324-1171 Exposure draft of the Fuel Industry (Fuel Resilience) Amendment Regulations  8 December MBIE
2324-1197 Reprioritising the Government Investment in Decarbonising Industry Fund  8 December MBIE
2324-1187 Meeting with the Electricity Retailers’ Association of New Zealand  11 December MBIE
2324-1158 Urgent Amendments to the Gas Governance (Critical Contingency Management) Regulations 2008  11 December MBIE
2324-1295 Public Release of Sapere Reports on the Electricity Authority  11 December MBIE
2324-1239 Tabling of the Non-Departmental Appropriations report 2022/23 – Energy and Resources portfolio  12 December MBIE
2324-1283 Meeting with Major Electricity Users Group – 14 December 2023  12 December MBIE
2324-1066 Offshore renewable energy  14 December MBIE
2324-1248 International Energy Agency (IEA) Ministerial – February 2024  14 December MBIE
2324-1298 Meeting with Electricity Authority  14 December MBIE
2324-1309 Information on Fonterra, NZ Steel and Blackrock Agreements  14 December MBIE
2324-1361 Iwi Engagement on Offshore Renewables  14 December MBIE
2324-1241 2023.12.18 Weekly Report – Energy Portfolio  15 December MBIE
2324-1269 Supporting the Government’s renewable electricity priorities through the resource management system  15 December MBIE
2324-1318 Genesis Meetings with Minister Brown and Minister Jones  15 December MBIE
2324-1343 Overview of Energy Portfolio funding programmes and future opportunities  15 December MBIE
2324-1325 Event with BusinessNZ Energy Council  18 December MBIE
2324-1382 Fast-track consenting  19 December MBIE
2324-1331 Meeting with Transpower  21 December MBIE
2324-1340 Review of the Electricity (Hazards from Trees) Regulations 2003 – Summary of Submissions  21 December MBIE
2324-1342 Proposed amendments to the Electricity (Hazard from Trees) Regulations 2003 21 December MBIE
2324-1425 2023.12.22 Weekly Report – Energy Portfolio  21 December MBIE

November 2023

Tracking number Title Date received by Minister Author
2324-0936 Briefing for the incoming Minister Responsible for the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment  27 November MBIE
2324-0958 Economic Context Briefing  27 November MBIE
2324-0917 Ownership fiscal briefing  27 November MBIE
2324-0927 Briefing for the Incoming Minister for Energy 27 November MBIE
2324-0946 Fiscal sustainability options for the Energy portfolio  27 November MBIE
2324-1004 Energy Portfolio Crown Entities – Your Roles and Responsibilities  29 November MBIE
2324-1017 Electricity Authority and Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority Annual Reports to 30 June 2023  30 November MBIE