Workplace Relations and Safety

The Minister for Workplace Relations and Safety is proactively releasing the titles of documents received from MBIE.

The following lists are as accurate as possible at the time of publishing and may be updated or added to. This list includes papers received from the Minister’s reporting agency where the Minister is the main recipient. Papers received from other agencies, or where a paper has been referred to the Minister by another Minister, are not included in this list.

Titles of briefings that accompany responses to Official Information Act requests to the Minister are not included in this list.

Some information has been withheld for the following reasons:

  • National security or defence
  • Commercial information
  • Confidentiality
  • Likely otherwise to damage the public interest
  • Confidential advice to Government
  • Free and frank expression of opinion
  • Legal professional privilege
  • Negotiations

June 2022

Tracking number Title Date received by Minister Author
2122-4453 June 2022 Year End Underspends proposal submission - WRS portfolio 1 June MBIE
2122-2212 Implementing the Holidays Act Taskforce Recommendations - Advice on compliance & enforcement 2 June MBIE
2122-4651 Information on Member's Bill - Employment Relations (Extended Time period for PGs for sexual harassment) 2 June MBIE
2122-4534 Schedule and briefs for travel to Geneva, Oslo and London 2 June MBIE
2122-4092 NZ Income Insurance - Remaining Policy Choices 2 June MBIE
2122-4364 Briefing - WorkSafe New Zealand's Quarter Three Report 7 June MBIE
2122-4733 Attendance at the Employment, Education and Training Ministerial Group 7 June MBIE
2122-4766 Proactive release of Cabinet paper - Government Response to the Report on Petition of Trade Aid and World Vision NZ 8 June MBIE
2122-4137 WorkSafe Strategic Baseline Review Final Report 9 June MBIE
2122-4810 Updated Schedules and Briefs for Travel to Geneva, Oslo and London 9 June MBIE
2122-4720 Supporting decisions and clarifying obligations following the seismic assessment of buildings 10 June MBIE
2122-4435 Estimates Examination 2022/23: Draft Responses to the Supplementary Written Questions for Vote Labour Market, Workplace Relations and Safety portfolio 13 June MBIE
2122-4380 Proactive release of Cabinet paper - Proposed overseas travel 13 June MBIE
2122-4749 Talking Points - NZ Ethical Employers 2022 Conference pre-record 17 June MBIE
2122-4680 Independent Review Actions: Joint Update May 2022 21 June MBIE/WorkSafe
2122-5006 Remuneration Authority Review of Fees paid to the Chair and Members 23 June MBIE
2122-4840 Workplace relations and Safety Policy work programme update - May 2022 27 June MBIE
2122-4987 Attendance at the Employment, Education and Training Ministerial Group, 30 June 2022 29 June MBIE
2122-4384 Regulations to accompany Screen Industry Workers Bill 29 June MBIE
2122-4606 The Plan of Action against Forced Labour, People Trafficking and Slavery 30 June MBIE

May 2022

Tracking number Title Date received Author
2122-4071 Approval to consult on draft ILO Article 22 reports 3 May MBIE
2122-4045 Approval of Mandate for Government Delegates to 2022 ILC 4 May MBIE
2122-4076 Minimum Wage mid-year Cabinet report back 5 May MBIE
2122-2783 Mining and Quarrying regulations - final decisions and LEG paper 5 May MBIE
2122-4210 Estimates Examination 2022-23 - Responses to SEQ for VLM 9 May MBIE
2122-4261 WorkSafe-MBIE Report on Independent Review Actions Apr 22 11 May MBIE
2122-4339 Fair pay Agreements Bill Initial Briefing to Education and Workforce Select Committee 12 May MBIE
2122-4293 Implementing the Holidays Act Taskforce recommendations May Progress update 12 May MBIE
2122-3216 WorkSafe New Zealand's Statement of Performance Expectations for 2022/23 12 May MBIE
2122-4394 Fair Pay Agreements - Approach to preparing the backstop SOP 13 May MBIE
2122-4346 Work Programme update - April 2022 17 May MBIE
2122-4393 Education and Workforce Migrant Exploitation Inquiry Departmental Report 17 May MBIE
2122-4285 Fair Pay Agreements - Remuneration of independent experts 19 May MBIE
2122-4346 Update on migrant exploitation legislation 19 May MBIE
2122-4301 ILO Conference - Process at CAS and Draft Government Statement 19 May MBIE
2122-3333 Parental leave payment rate adjustment 19 May MBIE
2122-4145 Pay Transparency - Select Committee Response 19 May MBIE
2122-4282 Labour Standards in EV battery sourcing 19 May MBIE
2122-4546 HSR draft Cabinet paper and Regulatory Impact Statement 23 May MBIE
2122-4623 Information on Members Bill - Shop Trading 25 May MBIE
2122-4539 Better Protections for Contractors - options for legislative reform 26 May MBIE
2122-4003 Future of Work Governance Group Meeting, 2 June 2022 26 May MBIE
2122-4631 Mining and Quarrying regulations - Talking Points for LEG 26 May MBIE
2122-4536 Implementing the Holidays Act Taskforce Recommendations 26 May MBIE
2122-4559 Meeting with Building Services Contractors 26 May MBIE
2122-4571 Industrial Relations Foundation - Approval of Financial Statements for 31 March 2018-2021 27 May MBIE
2122-4494 Employment Relations Authority: Reappointments Cabinet paper 27 May MBIE

April 2022

Tracking number Title Date received Author
2122-3314 Briefing - Review of the Vaccination Assessment Tool 1 April MBIE
2122-2248 Proactive release of Minimum Wage Order 5 April MBIE
2122-3270 Attendance at the Employment, Education and Training Ministerial Group 5 April MBIE
2122-3143 Future of Work Governance Group Meeting, 14 April 2022 8 April MBIE
2122-3382 Proposed Letters to ILO DG 11 April MBIE
2122-2589 2021-22 Supplementary Estimates 2022-23 Main Estimates Vote LM-WRS 12 April MBIE
2122-2981 Major Hazard Facilities - Advice on resetting fee and levy rates 13 April MBIE
2122-4047 Draft Cabinet paper for the Approval of COVID-19 Public Health Response (Vaccination Assessment Tool) Regulations Revocation Order 2022 19 April MBIE
2122-4069 Work Programme update - March 21 April MBIE
2122-4106 EMA Members Forum Discussion 21 April MBIE
2122-4126 FPAs - Proactive release of FPA Bill and Backstop paper 21 April MBIE
2122-4058 NZ Income Insurance Scheme Ministerial consultation on enabling legislation 21 April MBIE
2122-4032 Appointment of Advisors for FPA Bill - Select Committee 21 April MBIE
2122-4146 Event Briefing - PSA staff symposium 27 April MBIE
2122-2575 Briefing WorkSafe NZ's Quarter Two Report 2021/22 27 April MBIE
2122-4211 Employment Relations Authority: Approach to appointments 2022-3 29 April MBIE

March 2022

Tracking number Title Date received Author
2122-2909 Meeting with SageBush - WorkSafe Strategic Baseline Review – 3 March 2022 1 March MBIE
2122-2920 Fair Pay Agreements - Approval of design decisions made during drafting 3 March MBIE
2122-2800 Modern Slavery and Worker Exploitation - Key Messages for Cabinet 3 March MBIE
2122-2875 ER Education - March Course Approvals 3 March MBIE
2122-2728 Implementing the Holidays Act Taskforce recommendations March Progress update 4 March MBIE
2122-2883 Event Briefing - Ministerial Address for the 26th Annual industrial Relations Summit 8 March MBIE
2122-3012 Fair Pay Agreements - Final FPA Backstop Package for DEV 9 March MBIE
2122-2987 Meeting with Greg Harford from Retail NZ 10 March MBIE
2122-0640 Process for considering application relating to Home and Community Support Workers 10 March MBIE
2122-2864 Simpson Grierson Employment Webinar 10 March MBIE
2122-2755 Meeting with Mind the Gap 15 March MBIE
2122-3107 Fair Pay Agreements - FPA Bill package for CBC 21 March  16 March MBIE
2122-2863 Submissions Analysis: Pipelines Regulations 17 March MBIE
2122-3071 WorkSafe New Zealand's revised Statement of Intent 2021-25 measures and indicators 17 March MBIE
Labour Market Hearing - Post Hearing Questions  17 March MBIE
2122-31333 CTU seeking changes to the Active Choice Forms 18 March MBIE
2122-1373 2022/23 Letter of Expectations for WorkSafe New Zealand  21 March MBIE
2122-3205 Fair Pay Agreements - Talking points for FPA Bill first reading speech 23 March 2022 MBIE
2122-2968 Government Response to Petitions Committee report on modern slavery 24 March MBIE
2122-3026 Briefing - Contractors Key parameters for developing a government proposal 24 March MBIE
2122-3170 Meeting with Gareth Marriott, OCS Australia and NZ 24 March MBIE
2122-3162 Updating workplace guidance on vaccination and testing requirements to reflect current public health advice 28 March MBIE
2122-3279 Aide Memoire FPA Bill - Legislative Statement and Parliamentary paper 30 March MBIE
2122-3298 Letter to SC Chair on backstop paper 30 March MBIE
2122-3093 Proactive release on Modern Slavery 31 March MBIE
2122-3250 Discussion with Modern Slavery Advisory Group 31 March MBIE

February 2022

Tracking number Title  Date received by Minister  Author
2022-1033 Briefing - WorkSafe Annual Report year ended June 2021 3 February MBIE
2122-2486 Meeting with EEO Commissioner  4 February MBIE
2122-2571 Background information for (name withheld) meeting 10 February MBIE
2122-2539 Opening Remarks to APEC virtual Event-Social Dialogue 10 February MBIE
2122-2457 Etū Decent Work Summit Key Note Speech 10 February MBIE
2122-2248 LEG paper for Minimum Wage Order 2022 10 February MBIE
2122-2559 Industrial Relations Foundation - Financial Statements for the years ended 31 March 2018-2021 10 February MBIE
2122-2005 WorkSafe Board Member Appointments - Talking Points 15 February MBIE
2122-2329 Diversity Works NZ's Workplace Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Conference 17 February MBIE
2122-2735 Meeting with CTU National Affiliates Council 17 February MBIE
Quarterly Work Programme Update and key priorities 18 February MBIE
2122-2759 Meeting with Richard Wagstaff NZCTU  22 February MBIE
2122-2323 Jul-December 2021 six-monthly performance report 22 February MBIE
2122-2567 WorkSafe NZ Board - Finalising the appointment of new board members 24 February MBIE
2122-2776 WorkSafe Member appointment - Draft Cabinet paper 25 February MBIE

January 2022

Tracking number Title  Date received by Minister  Author
2122-2414 Minimum wage review - Talking points for CBC 25/1/22 21 January  MBIE
2122-2415 Response to Regulations Review Committee 27 January  MBIE
2122-2445 Update on proposed New Zealand Income Insurance Scheme 27 January  MBIE

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