Here you’ll find links to a range of resources including technical documents, reference documents and early material that we have produced about NZRIS. We’ve put them together on one page to help make them easier to find.


We have 1 brochure:

Information sheets

Our information sheets contain more information and detail than our brochures. They are similar in format to our brochures, but generally contain more content and in-depth information than our brochures.

We currently have 2 information sheets:


We have a range of infographics that help to explain different elements of NZRIS in a visual way. These include:

Technical documents

Data specifications and supporting material

The NZRIS data specifications set out what NZRIS requires from data providers and is for organisations that will be providing data to NZRIS.

To help in understanding and using the data specification, we have also published the following documents.

Public sector financial resource code sets(external link): This spreadsheet contains information from Treasury on appropriations to help you fill out the Public Sector Financial Resource section for your data

You can download machine-readable versions of all code-sets available from the NZRIS codesets Github page(external link). Each code set referenced in the NZRIS data specification V2.0 is available in Excel (xlsx), Comma Separated Values (CSV) format, Tab Separated Values (TSV) format, and JavaScript Object Notation (JSON). To download all code sets in all formats from this page, select the green “Clone or download” button and then select “Download ZIP”.

Early documents and reference material

Here you’ll find documents relating to the early development of NZRIS including the Research, Science and Innovation Domain Plan, and that have been produced with sector input and guidance, such as the conceptual model for NZRIS.

Last updated: 11 May 2021