Successful funding application ANZSRC data

To support researchers and future funding applicants better understand the New Zealand research landscape we release Australian and New Zealand Standard Research Classification (ANZSRC) data relating to successful funding applications. Currently this information is limited to Endeavour Fund successful applications only.

In our Endeavour Fund funding applications, applicants are required to specify the Australian and New Zealand Standard Research Classification (ANZSRC) Fields of Research (FoR) and Socio-Economic Objectives (SEO) research codes that classify their proposed research. 

The FOR classification allows R&D activity to be categorised according to the field of research. In this respect, it is the methodology used in the R&D that is being considered.  The SEO classification allows R&D to be categorised according to the purpose or outcome of the R&D as perceived by the researcher. It consists of discrete economic, social, technological or scientific domains for identifying the principal purposes of the R&D.

Both of these classifications follow a hierarchical structure.

  • The FOR classification has 3 hierarchical levels, namely Divisions (at the broadest level), Groups and Fields (at the finest level). The Division represents a broad subject area or research discipline while groups and fields within represent increasingly detailed dissections of these categories. Divisions, Groups and Fields are assigned unique 2-digit; 4-digit; and 6-digit identification (ID) codes respectively.

  • SEO is a 4 level hierarchical classification with Sector at the broadest level. While the Sector forms part of the hierarchical structure of the SEO, it is however used only for the grouping of divisions and for publication of R&D data, not for data collection. Divisions, Groups and Objectives form the next three hierarchical levels in the SEO in decreasing order. Divisions, Groups, and Objectives are assigned unique 2-digit, 4-digit and 6-digit identification (ID) codes respectively.

More information is available on our ANZSRC page on this website


For each successful Endeavour Fund application from 2017, this spreadsheet details:

  • The full name of the successful applicant’s Organisation
  • The investment process and funding year they applied for funding from
  • The start and end date of the funding contract with us (Contract start date and Contract end date)
  • The FOR and/or SEO ANZSRC classifications categorising their funded research and the degree to which it applies (ANZSRC Classification Type, ID2 Digit Code, ID2 Description, ID4 Digit Code, ID4 Description, ID6 Digit Code, ID6 Description, MBIE’s SEO Sector and Operational descriptions*)

*To enable analysis of where investments sit across the portfolio, ANZSRC SEO Sector classifications have been grouped according to the following six-digit codes (where ‘X’ can be any number) and these groupings are represented in the ‘MBIE sector description’ and ‘MBIE operational description’ columns.

MBIE sector description MBIE operational description Codes
Economic Biosecurity 180204; 180302; 180405; 180503; 180602
Economic Construction & Urban Planning 12XXXX; 190304
Economic Economics & Commerce 11XXXX; 15XXXX; 190303
Economic Energy & Minerals 17XXXX; 190305 to 190306; 190309; 25XXXX
Economic ICDT 190307; 22XXXX; 2404XX
Economic Machinery & Equipment 2412XX; 2415XX
Economic Manufacturing 190308; 2401XX to 2403XX; 2406XX to 2410XX; 2416XX; 249999
Economic Mitigation & Adaptation to Climate Change 190101; 190103 to 190199; 190301; 190399; 190502; 190504 to 190507; 190599
Economic Natural Hazards 1904XX; 190508
Economic Natural Resource Use 180304 to 180305; 180308; 180501 to 180502; 180603
Economic Postharvest Processing 2405XX; 2411XX; 2413XX to 2414XX; 2417XX; 2604XX
Economic Primary Production 10XXXX; 190302; 190310; 2601XX to 2603XX; 2605XX to 2699XX
Economic Transport 190311; 27XXXX
Environment Freshwater environments 180301; 180303; 180306 to 180307; 180399
Environment Coastal, Estuarine and Marine environments 180201 to 180203; 180205 to 180299; 180504 to 180599;
Environment Terrestrial environments 180601; 180604 to 180699
Environment Other environment 1801XX; 180401 to 180404; 180406 to 180499; 189999; 190102; 1902XX; 190501; 190503; 199999
Society Education, Development & Training 16XXXX; 2102XX; 2106XX; 2110XX
Society Heritage, Arts & Culture 13XXXX; 2104XX; 2108XX; 2112XX; 219999
Society Law, Politics & Social Services 2101XX; 2105XX; 2109XX; 23XXXX
Ineligible Research Objectives Defence 1401XX
Ineligible Research Objectives Expanding Knowledge 2801XX
Ineligible Research Objectives Health 20XXXX; 2103XX; 2107XX; 2111XX;
  • The remaining columns are not contract specific; they show the overall split of Endeavour funding by reporting year across the FOR/SEO classifications.
  • Data from funding rounds that used the 2008 ANZSRC codes has been mapped to the latest 2020 ANZSRC codes using the translations supplied by the 2020 ANZSRC working group.
  • By default, all ANZSRC code information will be released. However, some ANZSRC codes could be considered sensitive and could lead to the prejudice and/or safety of the person(s) and/or organisation(s) that submitted the data. If you require MBIE to mask or remove these sensitive codes, please contact your MBIE Investment Manager.
Last updated: 11 December 2023