Implementing the action plan - Te Kōkiritanga o te Mahere Mahi

2 builders looking at a plan.

Photo Jules Anderson

Tracking progress

We will develop a monitoring approach by the end of 2022 to track the progress on our actions and specific activities. Monitoring will form the basis of regular reviews of the plan to make sure they are having positive impacts, and/or to identify where adjustments should be made.

We intend to ensure that the measures are useful for businesses, iwi, local and central government, and the education sector. It will also inform our work as we continue to update and review the plan.

Resourcing the plan

The implementation of the actions identified in this plan will be resourced through existing workstreams. If further funding is required, the RSLG and partners will work together to determine potential funding options. We anticipate that resourcing and funding requirements may also change as actions and activities are implemented and developed.

A living plan

The plan is a snapshot in time and developed during the Covid-19 pandemic, which has impacted our community and labour market in different ways. We will be reviewing the plan annually with a full review every three years. As actions and activities are completed, priorities change and new opportunities arise, the plan will be updated to ensure it is kept relevant for the people of Te Tai Poutini West Coast and our labour market.