Actions - Ngā mahi whānui

This is the start of our journey towards achieving our region’s vision

These actions will support all people who want to work or have sustainable employment that fulfils their needs and aspirations and contributes to their overall wellbeing. This action plan focuses on our five priority groups who are at risk of poorer labour market outcomes. For each of the key focus areas and actions there are a series of specific activities that together form a detailed action plan. The tables bring together many activities that are already going on across the region, allowing our efforts to be coordinated and prioritised.

Te Tai Poutini RSLG members’ commitment - Te Whakaūnga a ngā Mema RSLG o Te Tai Poutini

Te Tai Poutini West Coast RSLG has a pivotal role to play in helping to achieve the plan’s vision and making the actions become a reality. The RSLG members have identified 3 actions that they will focus on and play a pivotal role in implementing over the next year.

Te Tai o Poutini RSLG members commit to:

Support the establishment of a Conservation and Biodiversity Academy/Centre of Excellence across the Coast

Members will work with key stakeholders including the Department of Conservation, Poutini Ngāi Tahu, Tai Poutini Polytechnic, Development West Coast, local councils, and NGOs to establish a Te Tai Poutini Conservation and Biodiversity Academy/Centre of Excellence. The RSLG Members commit to being part of the discussions and solutions. We intend to start this work in the second half of 2022.

Address and overcome barriers to our people obtaining driver licences

Working with the key agencies, driver licence providers and schools in Te Tai Poutini and nationally, members will help overcome barriers to obtaining a driver licence. Not having a driving licence and/or access to a vehicle can limit employment and training opportunities. We intend to start this work in the second half of 2022.

Address the current lack of work ready/soft skills

Members will work with the Ministry of Education, local schools, Development West Coast, Ministry of Social Development, Tai Poutini Polytechnic, WestREAP, BullerREAP and industry to identify the skills and training required to develop employability/soft skills for our youth and others in our community who want to join the labour market and to do so successfully. This work is intended to start in the last quarter of 2022.